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What are Whatsapp and its history?

 What are Whatsapp and its history?

In this post What Is WhatsApp, what is the information, history, and WhatsApp of WhatsApp? There is information on these topics. WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app in the current world. The popularity of WhatsApp can be gauged from the fact that nowadays WhatsApp is used instead of SMS service.

This messaging service has become a part of our daily routine. Everyone who uses a smartphone definitely uses WhatsApp. Millions of people use this app all over the world. WhatsApp has made communication easy. WhatsApp shows all the numbers in your contact list. In a way, it can be said that WhatsApp configures your contact list.

The name of WhatsApp also comes in the popular application used in mobile phones. Will discuss questions like what is WhatsApp” and who invented WhatsApp.

what is whatsapp

WhatsApp is a user friendly "Instant Messaging App". Messaging through WhatsApp has become easy. With its help it is very easy to send message to any user. Apart from this, files like videos, images, documents etc. can also be sent with the help of WhatsApp. You can chat with your friends using WhatsApp on mobile phone. WhatsApp also provides free video calling facility along with audio calling. Along with this, WhatsApp also provides text message service. WhatsApp cannot run without internet. The sender must be online to send any file.

No other user can see the files or messages sent on WhatsApp. The reason for this is WhatsApp's work on end-to-end encryption. This feature makes WhatsApp more secure than other messaging services. Groups can also be created on WhatsApp in which you can do group chatting with friends. Photos or videos can also be shared through WhatsApp. Blocking any user is also easy.

WhatsApp can now be accessed through the website as well. Apart from the mobile app, it can also be run on desktop. Android users can download this messaging app from Google Play Store. Whereas iPhone users can download WhatsApp through the Apple App Store. There is also a version of WhatsApp available for Windows Phone. It is mandatory to be registered to use WhatsApp. To register, a mobile number is required on which the process of sign up is completed by verifying the OTP.

the invention of whatsapp

Who invented WhatsApp (WhatsApp Ka Avishkar Kisne Kiya)? This question will always come in your mind. How did WhatsApp Messenger start and what is its relation with Facebook. WhatsApp was invented in the year 2009 by Jon Kom and Brian Acton independently. The developer of WhatsApp was named Igor Solo Manikov. The logo of WhatsApp was also the brainchild of Jon Kom and Brian Acton. He named WhatsApp after the English word "Whats Up".

Before creating WhatsApp, John Kom and Brian Acton used to work in the Yahoo company. After leaving Yahoo in the year 2007, he tried to get a job in Facebook too but he was not considered worthy of this job. See the custom of the world that this same Facebook had bought WhatsApp. The initial investors of WhatsApp were his 5 friends who invested around 2.5 lakh dollars.

history of whatsapp

What Is WhatsApp In Hindi – His motive behind inventing WhatsApp was to create an Instant Messaging app for people. After leaving Yahoo, John Kom thought of creating a messaging app for the Apple iPhone. He created an app called and set up his office in California. John's friend Brian Acton also joined, investing $2.5 million. Initially, WhatsApp was only available for the Apple iPhone. Later its Android version was launched.

Initially WhatsApp was not free. Some money had to be paid to use it. Gradually WhatsApp became popular all over the world and it also had many millions of users. It was a big deal for Jon Kom and Acton. The initial version of WhatsApp made for Apple used to crash frequently. But he did not give up and continued with WhatsApp.

The biggest achievement for WhatsApp was its acquisition by Facebook. On February 19, 2014, Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19 billion.

interesting information about whatsapp

India has the largest number of users of WhatsApp. In the year 2019, the number of users of WhatsApp in India is 400 million.

There is no advertisement of any kind while using WhatsApp. This is also one of the reasons why WhatsApp is so popular.

Initially, this service was paid for WhatsApp users as WhatsApp had to pay for each text verification. After the acquisition of Facebook, WhatsApp was made free for users.

Through this service, it has become easy to send any type of file like Excel, Word, Powerpoint, PDF etc. to any member of your contact list. WhatsApp works just like an email service.

Username and password is not required to login to WhatsApp. Only mobile number is enough to use it.


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