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What are e-commerce, its types, and its benefits?

What are e-commerce, its types, and its benefits?

In this article What Is E Commerce, there is information about what is e commerce, types of e commerce and advantages of e commerce. E commerce is currently the online mode of business and most of the people are familiar with it. Online shopping is a part of e-commerce. E commerce is the buying and selling of products through the Internet. Apart from products, many types of services are also sold by this. An attempt is made to tell the advantages and importance of e commerce in this post “E Commerce Information”.

what is e-commerce

The first question is what is e-commerce? In simple words, e-commerce is called online internet business. A computer or mobile is required to use e-commerce. Apart from these, there should also be an internet connection. E commerce is the buying and selling of any type of products or services on a trading website on an online platform. The seller sells his goods to the customer through online shopping sites with the help of internet.

E-commerce means electronic business. Paying bills online such as mobile, DTH, electricity etc. also comes in e-commerce. Online taxi booking, ticket booking is also an example of this. Nowadays food ordering is being done online through Zomato. This is also an example of e-commerce.

For example, you must have heard the name of Amazon or Flipkart. These are e-commerce websites on which sellers sell their products. Many of you must have also shopped on Amazon or Flipkart. If yes then you have used e-commerce. In e-commerce, customers and merchants use online platform websites. Business in e-commerce is between Buyer and Seller.

What is e commerce and information e commerce –

Business in e commerce is B2C (Business to Consumer), B2B (Business to Business) or C2C (Consumer to Consumer). In e-commerce, apart from a product, a service is also bought and sold. Like you have bought a mobile from an online e-commerce site, then this is buying a product. If you book any kind of service, like let's say you have booked an electrician, then it is also E commerce. The payment system on e-commerce is also very easy. E-commerce sites provide customers with the facility of cash on delivery, e-banking, debit or credit cards.

Benefits of e commerce

1. Time Saving – Shopping through e commerce saves time. Like you had to go to the market to buy a mobile, but in e-commerce you do not need to go anywhere, you can buy mobile online sitting at home. You don't need to go to the shops. Almost all types of products are available on the same platform. There is no need to go to different showrooms to buy TV, clothes or mobile. E-commerce sites like Amazon or Flipkart provide all the products.

2. Buying products or services online is more convenient than offline. You do not need to go anywhere to make a purchase. All you have to do is open the website through the Internet and every type of product will be available for purchase in front of you. Online shopping is a better way for people who are generally busy.

3. Cheap Product and Service – When shopping with e commerce, the product or service is cheaper than others. Mobiles, shoes, clothes etc. are available very cheap on online shopping sites. Nowadays e-commerce companies are giving many types of discounts and offers to the customers. What is better than that easily available goods are also cheap.

Advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce

4. A lot of variety of items are available on e-commerce sites. You get many options to shop. As you get many brands of shoes at one place according to your choice. It is not possible to have so many brands in an offline shop.

5. Product returns and replacements are easily done on e-commerce. In case of poor quality or broken goods, they can be sent back within a given time period. Sometimes the product also comes wrong. For example, if you buy 7 number shoes and you get 10 number shoes delivered. It can also be easily replaced.

6. The same product is available on many online shopping sites. With this, you can easily compare the price of that product and buy from where it is cheapest. For example, mobile of a particular brand is available on many e commerce sites.

7. E commerce is also a good medium for the merchant. With the help of e-commerce, the merchant can sell his goods in any corner of the country and the world. The customers of an offline store are limited only to its area but the business of e commerce is unlimited.

disadvantages of e commerce

Along with the advantages of e-commerce, there are also some disadvantages. If you do not buy after testing properly, then there is a strong possibility of getting the wrong product. Sometimes wrong and bad product comes. Most of the advanced and trusted online e commerce sites offer product replacement and returns. It also has a disadvantage that the product takes time to arrive.

The purchase of mobile or any product from any offline shop is done instantly. Offline product delivery is also available instantly but in e-commerce the delivery of the product may take a few days. There is an issue of cyber security when making online payments in e-commerce.

Presently E commerce has changed the way of doing business. Due to its advantages more people are joining e-commerce. E commerce has come in India for the last few years but it has changed the meaning of shopping by reaching the customers directly. Major e-commerce websites include Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm, Mantra, Jabong, Alibaba etc.


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