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Top Akbar Birbal Story with Moral 2022

Top Akbar Birbal Story with Moral 2022

The story with Moral:- Here I’m sharing with you the top Story with Moral which is really amazing and awesome these Story with Moral will teach you lots of things and give you an awesome experience. You can share them with your friends and family and these moral stories will be very useful for your children or younger siblings.

dream interpretation

One day, Emperor Akbar was sitting in a very serious posture in the court, contemplating a problem. Some astrologers were sitting near the king's seat and engaged in consultation.

Tension was also visible on their faces. Just then, Birbal entered the court. Seeing the scene there, they understood that the matter was somewhat serious. Reaching the emperor, he greeted him and asked, “Jahanpanah, what is the matter? You seem very worried today.

  You tell me Maybe I can ease your worries a bit." “Birbal, yesterday I had a very bad dream. I noticed that all my teeth had fallen out except one.

I have called all these astrologers to explain the meaning of that dream. The king told "Good good!" Birbal understood everything.

Then the king asked the astrologers, "Yes, whether there was any result of your multiplication or not." "It's out, Hazur. All of us astrologers have come to the conclusion after consultation among themselves that all the relatives of Jahanpanah will die before him.

That is the meaning of this dream." An astrologer spoke. Hearing that astrologer, all the courtiers present there were stunned. There was silence in the court and all the people were looking at the emperor with trembling.

  They were afraid that the emperor's sorrow might turn into anger. The condition of the astrologers was getting worse. The king's forehead had fallen and his fists were clenched.

Birbal immediately decided to handle the situation. He said to the emperor, "Hajre aala! I also know a little bit about the science of interpreting dreams.

I think these astrologers have misinterpreted your dream. If allowed, may I also apply for this dream?"

  "Speak, Birbal," the king's face lit up somewhat, "what do you think the meaning of my dream can be?" “Bandaparvar, I think your dream means you have a long life.

You will live longer than all your relatives and this empire will continue to shine under your rule.” Akbar's face brightened after listening to Birbal and he started smiling.

  Birbal had changed the whole atmosphere by interpreting his dream from a new perspective. The emperor not only rewarded Birbal, but also sent off the astrologers with due respect and reward. All the astrologers went to their homes praising Birbal's wisdom.

horse pay

Once a horse dealer came to the court of Emperor Akbar. Greeting the emperor, he said, "Shahenshah of Hindustan! I have brought some horses of selected breed especially for you from Arabia.

You are requested to have a look at those horses once. Akbar was very fond of horse riding and he was very fond of horses of good breed.

They immediately went to see the horses with the merchant. The merchant told them in detail about each horse. The emperor liked those horses so much that he bought all those horses at the same time and also gave advance money to the merchant to bring more such horses.

  The merchant went on with all the money. Months passed, but the merchant did not appear again. He had disappeared from the Mughal sultanate like a horn from a donkey's head.

The talk of Birbal's king giving advance money to an unknown merchant did not go well, but he remained silent. The emperor had no shortage of wealth.

  Gradually they completely forgot about the merchant and the money given to him. One day the emperor was in a joking mood. In his own enthusiasm, he asked Birbal to make a list of all the men of Agra.

This was a good opportunity for Birbal to draw the attention of the emperor to his mistake. He prepared the list and sent it to the emperor in the hands of a servant.

With great interest, the emperor started reading the list from the servant. Suddenly he was shocked and lines of anger were drawn on his forehead. He immediately ordered a servant to call Birbal.

In no time Birbal came there. "Birbal," the king said angrily on seeing them, "why have you put my name at the top of this list?" "Seeing, the king is safe, how easily that cunning horse dealer has deceived you!"

Birbal bowed his head and said. "what do you mean? If that merchant took advantage of my straightforwardness, does that mean I'm an idiot?" The king said.

“But sir, was it okay to trust a stranger merchant like this? At least you could get him thoroughly examined before paying him.

You are the emperor and nothing is impossible for you." Birbal clarified his point. "And if that merchant returns...?" The king asked.

"Then I'll remove your name from this list and put his name on it." Birbal replied as soon as he left. The emperor remained silent, as he had realized his mistake. He decided that in future he would never make such haste.

Birbal's wisdom

Emperor Akbar often used to test Birbal's intelligence by asking strange questions. Once he went out for a walk in the garden of the palace with Birbal.

That's when he thought of taking a test of Birbal's intelligence. He drew a line on the ground and said to Birbal, “Know if you shorten this line without erasing or cutting it.

Otherwise why should we consider you Birbal?" Birbal immediately drew a longer line beside that line, which automatically shortened the line drawn by the emperor.

The emperor was surprised to see Birbal's intelligence. But this time he had brought a quiver of questions with him. "What is it that the sun cannot see?" The emperor asked another question.

"Darkness, dude!" Birbal replied immediately. It didn't take even a moment for the answer to come. "What is the difference between truth and lie?" The next question was the emperor.

“There is only as much difference as there is between seeing and hearing. What a man hears may be a lie, but what he sees is the truth. Birbal said.

The emperor was very happy to hear Birbal's answer and, praising Birbal's intelligence, he gifted him a Naulakha necklace.

stairs and bangles

After disposing of the official business in the court for the whole day, Emperor Akbar was erasing his fatigue by joking with Birbal. In a few words, he asked Birbal, "Birbal, tell me how many bangles does your wife wear in her hands.

You are aware of everything. So I'm sure you know that too." Birbal could not immediately answer this question of the emperor,

Because he had never counted his wife's bangles. Anyway, he had no dream that the emperor would suddenly ask him such a question.

"What is this, Birbal? You don't even know such a small thing about your house. By the way, you roam around being very smart." The king said with pleasure. Today he got a chance to pull Birbal after a long time.

But Birbal was few and far between. It was not a matter of anyone's bus to keep them wonderful for a long time. He also asked the question, "Jahanpanah, can you tell the number of soldiers in your army?"

"Why not? Two lakhs,” the emperor also replied promptly. "Can you tell the number of gems in your court?" Birbal asked another question. "Nine," replied the king.

  "Can you name the number of steps in your palace?" Birbal had a third question. Hearing this question, the emperor started peeping, because he had never counted the steps of his palace.

“Jahanpanah,” Birbal continued, “you climb the steps of your palace every day, but still you do not know the number of steps. Whereas you know very well the number of soldiers or the number of gems in the army.

  Why so?" The king remained silent. He had no answer to Birbal's question. “The reason for this is that man always remembers only the important things.

How many bangles my wife wears is not important. That's why I never counted bangles." Birbal finished the talk. Chatar Birbal was once again overshadowed by the emperor. The emperor accepted Birbal's intelligence.

Persia lion

There were very friendly relations between the emperor of Persia and Akbar. Both often used to send each other precious gifts. They also sent puzzles to each other to test the intelligence of the courtiers.

One day, the messenger of the King of Persia came to the court of Emperor Akbar with a gift. After subduing the emperor, he told him the message of the king of Persia and then asked for permission to present his gift in front of him.

On getting permission, that gift was brought to the court. Seeing that gift, all the courtiers were stunned. It was actually a big cage, in which there was a lion.

After some time the courtier understood that it was not a real lion, but an idol. The idol was so alive that anyone looking at it, for a while, would consider it a real lion.

Just then, the messenger from Persia conveyed another message from his king, "After the lion has been taken out, my cage should be returned."

“There is no difficulty in this,” said Emperor Akbar, “open the cage door and take out the lion statue and return the cage.”

But when the courtier reached near the cage, he was surprised to see that there is no door in the cage. All the courtiers looked at each other when there is no door in the cage, so how to get the lion out?

Some courtier said that the lion should be taken out by breaking it into small pieces. But some said that the lion must have been made of some strong metal and thus it would not be easy to break.

Emperor Akbar and all the courtiers were lying on their foreheads and they were trying to find the meaning of this riddle but even after thinking for a long time they could not find any solution.

On the other hand, the messenger of Persia was smiling in his mind seeing the condition of the courtiers standing on one side silently. When no solution could be found for a long time, the emperor called Birbal.

When Birbal came, he said to him, “The king of Persia wants this lion to be taken out without breaking this cage. Now tell me whether it is possible to do this."

After listening to the king, Birbal started inspecting the cage very closely. Then he looked at the lion intently. After thinking for a few moments, he started scratching the lion and looking at it.

They understood that the lion was made of wax. Only a thin layer of metal was coated on it to confuse the onlookers. “It will be done, Jahanpanah.

But give me time till tomorrow for that." Birbal said. His eyes were shining. "Time is not a problem. You just solve this problem."

Saying that the emperor ended the court of that day. The next day Birbal came to the court with some iron rods with wooden handles. He ordered the servants to heat those sticks to red. When this was done, they started inserting those sticks into the body of the lion. Emperor Akbar and all the courtiers were watching Birbal very carefully while doing all this. The wax started melting as soon as he put it in the body of the hot big lion.

Soon all the wax came out of the cage. Emperor Akbar was smiling. The puzzle which he considered very difficult, Birbal had solved it very easily with his intelligence.

Birbal had foiled the plan of the king of Persia to show himself as superior. The emperor praised Birbal's intelligence and showered him with precious gifts.


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