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These study tips will prepare you for the exam

These study tips will prepare you for the exam

On hearing the word "examination", many students must be tensed. This question keeps in your mind how to prepare for the exam. Study tips every student wants. Now the exam is about to come, students must have many worries about the exam. So let us share with you some tips so that you will be on top by scoring good marks. Many times it happens with us that we prepare well for the examination but due to small mistakes in the examination we are not able to get good marks and become sad. Let us know in detail in this blog how to do Study Tips.

Be sure to choose a target

First of all choose a goal for yourself, and after that think about how to prepare for the exam. Because when you don't know what to do? If you want to get the percentage of marks then you will find it difficult to study accordingly. So first set a goal for yourself.

always give regular self-examination

Start a new campaign, and try to give your a self-test every day. Whatever you have read throughout your day, write it down in small dots in your own book, then try to write it without looking at the set questions. Then take the test with the help of your friend or teachers, if it is not possible then you check your answer sheet. By doing this, you will know where you are making mistakes, and pay special attention to this thing not to repeat these mistakes again in the future.

Don't depend on studies before exams

Whatever is taught in the school, he should come home on the same day, do not keep it till the examination. By doing this, whatever you have been taught in school is understood on the same day, if you have not come, then you can go to the next day and ask your teacher about it. If you do this thing every day at home, then you will be relaxed and calm during the exam.

always keep calm

Always keep your mind calm during the exam It has been found by research that a calm mind can remember four times more things and can do better. So always keep your mind calm during the exam.

Save time for reservation in the last days of the exam

During the last days of the exam, time should be kept for revision. At the time of this revision, only what you have read should be read, by doing this you can get a good grasp of what you have read and in the end, it gives good results.

create time table

Although everyone makes a timetable, to achieve any goal, only through the time table, you can do your studies with a good strategy. Everyone should make the right timetable, this means that in the new year, before the start of the new class, you should prepare a better timetable for yourself.

participate in class discussion

By participating in the class discussion, each person explains the answer to the question in his own way, by doing this we pay attention to the point of other people and we remember those things quickly.

Take a break while studying

Make sure to take a rest in between while studying, by doing this you can remember what you have read quickly. Due to continuous study, the mind starts feeling burdened and we forget what we have read.

Don't be shy while taking someone's help

Not everyone is smart in every single subject, so if we don't know any subject then we should not be shy to ask someone else. By doing this we strengthen our subject very well. If we are shy then we will not be able to remember the subject well there and it can create a dilemma in the mind at the time of examination.

Make a timetable before studying

Always the important thing before studying is that we should make a timetable. By making a timetable, we can divide different subjects at different times. By doing this, we can study every single subject well, it is very important to make a timetable at the time of examination.

don't make studies a burden

While studying, it should always be kept in mind that we should never make it a burden, if we make studies a burden, then we can never remember that subject. If we want to get the top number, then we should study studies with interest and try to give our best by putting our minds into it.

try doing exercises in a group

Two heads are better than one head and three are better than two heads. This means that we should always try to do studies in groups, by doing this we can solve the most difficult subject easily.

How to study for a long time?

For Study Tips, information has been given about how to study for a long time-

self-confidence is important

If you do not have faith in your mind to do any work to study for a long time, then how can we do that work in a better way and with dedication? Therefore, first of all, for the work we want to do, create confidence in our mind that yes we can do this work now. In the same way, you should first make up your mind to study this. Apart from this, making such determination, bring this faith in mind that we want to study for 15 hours to achieve that goal and want to achieve it.

save time

We get only 24 hours in a day and in these 24 hours we have to manage 9 hours to study for that 15 hours, so we have to make a list of all those tasks and set time for all the work that at what time what work has to be completed and at what time We have to complete that work on the stipulated time.

get up early

If you want to study for more time and want to make good use of your whole day time and night time, then try to get up between 4:00 and 5:00 then only your target will be fulfilled otherwise you will not fulfill it. will do. Waking up early in the morning makes you fit to prepare for the exam.

Select target to read in the week

Do not study for 15 days in a whole week, do it for at least 2 or 3 days because if the body is healthy then only we will be able to concentrate on our studies in a good way if you study for 15 hours all day and 7 days in a week If you want, you will read but you will not be able to remember it clearly, so you should set aside 3 days in a week, study 15-15 hours in these 3 days.

never sit like this while studying

Follow the work-study tips given below-

Never read lying down.

Avoid studying in a noisy place.

Do not move your feet while reading.

Do not read sitting in the wrong direction.

Don't do too many things at once.

Instead of cramming, focus on understanding.

Study Hacks and Tips for Reading

Study hacks and tips for Study Tips are given below-

At the time of reading every topic of your book, understand well, and if you do not understand then definitely clear your dilemmas at the same time.

Practice your subjects regularly.

Must take a practice test every day, every 7 days, 15 days, and 30 days.

At least 2 full examinations must be given at the end of the course.

Don't forget to note or underline important information.

Keep updating your book from time to time, doing so will make it easier for you to revise at the end.

Tips to prepare for the exam by topper

The points of how to study Study Tips Toppers are given below:

regular fixed hours

learning new

smart study

making notes

Understand each topic concept wise

to revise

never hesitate to ask questions

Solving Mock Tests / Model Papers

Don't waste too much time on tough questions in the exam

focus on health


How to do a study plan?

A study plan can be done like this: Freshen yourself before starting studies, try to solve easy questions, consider the teacher's words during studies, set goals for studies, and always study according to the timetable.

How to Revise?

Prepare a detailed revision timetable including notes that you will need to go through. Stick to it as much as you can. Effective revision does not mean continuous revision. Taking breaks during revision gives the brain more chance to remember what you have read.

How to study without coaching?

This is how you can read without coaching: Pay special attention to mental health, try to share your thoughts with others, keep a timetable, try to solve practice sets, include newspapers in your study, etc.

What should I do before studying?

You have to get at least 8 hours of sleep before studying. You should sleep at least 8 to 10 hours. So that your mind is fresh and you do not face any problems while studying.


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