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Short Inspirational Stories That Can Make You Successful 2022

Short Inspirational Stories That Can Make You Successful 2022

Here I'm sharing with you the best Short Inspirational Stories in Hindi, I'm sure it will change your mindset which helps you to grow in your personal and professional.

act with conscience

Tirthankar Mahavir said, 'All are free in doing work, but they are dependent in enjoying its fruits. The fruit of good deeds automatically comes and everyone has to bear the punishment of misdeeds.

Therefore every person should be inclined towards actions with conscience. The one who walks on the path of truth and non-violence, avoiding inauspicious deeds, gets salvation.

Giving a new dimension to non-violence, Lord Mahavir said, "Ideological violence is no less than physical violence. Therefore, one should observe the vow of non-violence with mind and word.

Explaining his point, he says, 'If someone spoke abusive words or showed anger by making your eyes red, then understand that you have become a partaker of the sin of violence.

Sometimes bitter words inflict a deeper wound than inflicting bodily harm, which never heals.'

That is why it is said in the scriptures of all sects that speech should be used to speak sweet words. Even if you disagree with someone's views, speak your mind lovingly.

Those who fight speech by losing patience and patience sometimes have to face dire consequences. When a person who is calm-non-violent by nature gets emotional and displays cruelty and violence,

So he destroys all the virtues of his life. That's why Lord Shri Krishna says, 'Only an action done according to religion is fruitful. An act done blindly in attachment becomes a misdemeanor and becomes destructive.

no lies

There lived a wealthy man in the area of ​​Bihar. He wanted his daughter Mangdia to marry a handsome and noble young man. One day when he saw Gautam Buddha, impressed by the brightness of his face, he proposed marriage to his daughter in front of him.

Gautam replied humbly, 'I have renounced the world. How can I get married? The girl was hurt by this. After a few days, Mangadia was married to King Udayan of Kaushambi, but even after marriage, he remained hostile towards Buddha.

One day Queen Mangadia came to know that Gautam Buddha was about to come to Kaushambi. Grand preparations are being made to welcome him. He could not bear it. He secretly propagated in the whole city that Gautam Buddha was a fraud. The propaganda had its effect and upon reaching the city the Buddha had to face humiliation.

Disciple Ananda said to the Buddha, 'Bhante, the humiliation of a Shramana like you cannot be tolerated. Buddha said, 'Ananda, a lie has no feet. The truth does come to the fore. Be patient.' The Buddha patiently stopped in the city.

King Udayana knew the greatness of Buddha. He was hurt that a saint had been insulted in his kingdom. He went to see Buddha with Queen Mangadia.

He apologized for the ignorance of the people. Buddha said, 'No one has insulted me. A monk should not aspire for respect. May the king and queen and the entire people be happy and prosperous, this is my blessing.'

Hearing these words of Buddha, tears of repentance flowed from the eyes of the queen. She bowed down at his feet.

very fickle mind

Arjuna used to reach Lord Krishna as soon as he got the opportunity to get the solution of his curiosity. One day he asked, 'O Krishna, this mind is very restless.

Keeps man astray. Just as air cannot be controlled, similarly I find it difficult to control the mind. Tell me the way to tame it.'

Shri Krishna said, 'Arjun, undoubtedly the mind is very fickle, it cannot stop - it moves, but it can be controlled by practice and dispassion. One who practices continuously, completely shunned by greed, attachment and affection, can certainly control the mind.'

The spiritual icon Anandamayi Ma used to say, 'The way to control the mind is to try to know the soul instead of the body and the world.

Keep the mind engaged in the contemplation of pure and noble thoughts. For this, control of the eyes, ears and tongue is necessary. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

If you see corrupted scenes with your eyes, listen to obscene talks with your ears, your mind will automatically get corrupted. That is why the scholars have tended to take some time in seclusion, to keep silence and to read and read the literature.

Aryan sannyasin Mahatma Anand Swami Saraswati used to say that the mind can remain pure only that which lives in a pure environment. Not only this,

The person who eats sattvik food obtained from the money earned by honesty and hard work, he can be able to keep the mind under control.

Bhamandal's arrogance

If there was a king named Bhamandal, he was virtuous, but he used to suffer from pride. He used to be eager for the satsang of saints and mahatmas every moment. The saint would say, 'You worship-worship,

Studying the scriptures is a good thing. Considering his old age, hand over the kingdom to the prince and spend the rest of his life in self-improvement.'

The king would answer, 'Maharaj, if I give up the kingdom, the queen will not survive in my separation and the subjects will also not be properly maintained.

Because of this apprehension, I am hesitant to give up this responsibility.' Once his guru came to the palace. He was aware that this godly king was not ready to spend the rest of his life in dispassion, falling in the trap of pleasures and aspirations.

The Guru quoted the scriptures and said, 'Bhamandal, a well-qualified prince has become fit to take over the kingdom. Now considering your age, entrust the responsibility of the state to him and take a firm resolve to abstain from enjoyment completely. If you do not do this, then you will become a partaker of the sin of pleasures.'

The king in arrogance replied, 'Gurudev, I have earned such virtues on the strength of yagya and meditation that even the most dreadful sins will be consumed in a moment.'

The Guru was shocked to hear this. He realized that the king's arrogance was giving an open invitation to death. A few moments later, the celestial lightning roared on the palace and the king was absorbed in the cheeks of Kaal.

It is said in the Padma Purana that no power can save one who challenges Yama by being crushed by power.

Kasturi Kundal Basai

Every living being born in the world wants to attain happiness. He keeps on trying new things to get pleasure. Considering the objects of the world to be pleasurable, he keeps on attaining them every moment.

One understands that happiness can be achieved in jugaad only by the use of wealth. One thinks that wife and son are sources of happiness. Some consider power and power to be the means of pleasure.

Most of the human beings keep spending their lives in their achievement considering the external resources as pleasurable. They go on wandering madly in search of happiness. Saint Kabir while taking a dig at those who find pleasure in worldly things has said

'Kasturi Kundli is settled, find the deer, become a month. There is such a lack of Ram, the world has not seen.

The deer wanders in the forest in search of the fragrance of musk, but it does not know that the fragrance is not outside, it is present in its navel. Similarly, true bliss in the form of Shri Ram is present in the soul.

Maharishi Yajnavalkya while preaching to Maitreyi says, 'True happiness does not come from wealth, property, wife and son. To wander in pursuit of happiness is to make life meaningless.

This bliss is always present in itself. The person who comes to know the soul and the Supreme Soul, he becomes blissful every moment.'

Swami Vivekananda has said in the Panchadasi scripture, Iam atma ecstasy param premaspadam yat. That is, this soul is the form of supreme bliss and asapad (place) of supreme love.


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