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How to express your feelings to the person you like?

How to express your feelings to the person you like?

Human nature is different. Their behavior depends on this nature. Some can confidently express what they feel, while others cannot speak their mind at all.

Although many express their feelings, they hesitate to express their feelings in matters of love.

You also want to tell someone about your feelings and innermost thoughts, but if you are not able to, then express your thoughts in this way.

Take the initiative to be a friend

If you want to express your feelings to someone, first of all you have to make an effort to make him your friend. It is good to make friends because you can express your feelings openly with friends.

As the relationship deepens, you can tell him what you want. Many can understand without expressing anything as the relationship deepens. What do you mean? What are you thinking? And what do you feel? Many people get the trick without saying that.

Go on a coffee date

If you like someone, you can propose them for a coffee date. You can make a heart shape in coffee to attract the person you like. By doing this, he will easily understand your feelings. Apart from this, a surprise can also be given. So that he can easily understand your feelings.

Give a greeting card

You can also express your feelings through greeting cards. If you like someone and are afraid to express your feelings, it is appropriate to express your feelings by giving a greeting card.

Greeting cards can be given on occasions like festivals, celebrations and birthdays to express your feelings to the person you like and share your thoughts about him. Chocolates can also be given with the greeting card. By doing this, it is easy for him to understand your mood.

Taking care of likes and dislikes

If you like someone, you should pay equal attention to his likes and dislikes. If you want to impress someone, if you care about the things he likes, his trust in you will increase.

What does the person you want like to do and what not to do? What kind of food do you like and what kind of food do you not like? What does he prefer? By paying attention to such things, he can understand your feelings. It strengthens the relationship and also increases the affection towards each other.

Find an excuse to talk

If you love someone, you should find an excuse to talk to him. You should try to know and understand more about him. If you express that you like to spend time with the person you like and that you want to be close, he can understand your heart.

Always accompanying

No one wants to see someone they love in pain. If a person you like needs help, you should help him. If you do this, the other person can easily feel the care and love you show. Not only feelings are seen in it, love is also being expressed.


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