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"Homework hinders children's physical and social development"

"Homework hinders children's physical and social development"

5-6 am,

Children wake up. They don't learn well, they are in a hurry to go to school. Washed hands, ate breakfast, dressed, carried heavy bags. ran

7-8 am,

The school bus-van has already arrived in front of the house or in the square. got into the car. Jumped.

9-10 am,

Must have been present in the school premises. stood in a row. Did light exercise. And entered the classroom. Really started to read the article.

4-5 pm,

School holidays. He returned home like that. They don't get to pack their bags, homework becomes a chore. Had to do homework for every lesson read in the classroom. After completing the homework of 5-7 lessons, it is almost evening. Now we have to start eating and sleeping.

The more it is taught in the classroom, the more appropriate it is for the child. Children should be taught tradition and culture at home. Homework should be taught.

This daily schedule of school going children shows that they don't have time to play-jump-walk around. Studying is definitely not in vain. However, at this age, reading is enough for their overall development?

Why this question is important is that along with intellectual development of children, physical, mental, emotional and social development is also necessary. For all these, they have to play, jump, jump, have fun with their friends, and have fun with their family. But in the rush of studies, these children are not taking part in extra activities.

Children who spend about 7-8 hours in the classroom do not have time to socialize with family and friends after returning home. Not only that, during festivals like Dashain-Tihar, winter or summer holidays, they are also burdened with housework. Does it not affect their physical and social development? How much time do they need to play and jump? Online journalist Sumitra Luitel's conversation with Principal Navraj Baskota in this Serofero:

Is it compulsory to give homework to children? How effective does it make their reading?

It is not mandatory to give homework to children. Because homework kills a child's creativity, socialization and relationship with family. Homework should not be given to children. Homework doesn't make their reading more effective, it spoils it. When they spend all their time on homework, they hardly have time to study.

How much has the child's reading and writing improved from homework? Have you evaluated this?

Research says that homework is revision work. Revision work is necessary, but today's children have many things to learn at home. When I was a child, I knew how my parents used to talk to the guests who came to the house, I saw it, I learned it. But now, if a guest comes to the house because of homework, if you call the child saying, "Come, father, Nanu, I will introduce you," he comes angrily and greets with only one hand and runs back to do homework.

Reading, writing, knowledge and dealing with the guests who come to the house are equally important in his life. Therefore, there are many other things to be done at home, reading and writing should be done at school and revision work should be given, but it should not be given as a homework burden.

What do parents say, homework is not appropriate or necessary?

Most parents are busy these days. They say give me homework because my child jumped. It is desired that the child should not be tied down by homework. We have to give homework. If we don't give homework, we won't be allowed to work. They say they don't let us use the phone. That is because they do not know how homework affects the child.

What has benefited other schools is that homework has become a way to check how the school's teachers are. A good teacher is one who gives more homework. It has become easy for the teacher to evaluate that the student who has completed his homework is a good student.

There are very few parents who research the benefits and harms of homework to their children.

Is it appropriate for children to spend all their time studying?

It is not appropriate for children to spend all their time in reading. They should also spend some time with their family and friends. You have to be able to play. You should learn something from society and family. If they spend all their time in studying, they become distant from society and family.

Rather than telling children to do their homework, it is more appropriate to say, "Babu, Nani, Tu read, I am listening." This will develop their habit of growth. Nowadays, it is a practice to give so much difficult homework to children that many parents complain whether this homework is for the child or for us.

When the child wakes up in the morning, they start preparing for school. They spend 6-7 hours in class. As soon as you return home, homework starts. They don't have time to play, jump, have fun. Don't you think it hinders their overall development?

Children spend most of their time busy with school and school work. They don't get time to play, jump and have fun. This hinders their overall development. Because school work takes up all their time, they don't get to mix well with family and society. They are not physically active when they cannot jump to play. They are also mentally stressed due to school work.

The school has given a lot of homework. If the child does not do that homework, he will not go to school on the second day. Therefore, the child should be freed from the stress of homework.

Don't you think they don't get time to spend with family, help with household chores, play with friends when they are busy with homework?

Yes, they do not get time to spend with family, learn household chores and play with friends when they are so busy with homework. Therefore, even if school work is done at school and allowed to teach them social things at home, spend time with family and play with friends, it will help their development.

Even during Dashain Tihar, it is wrong to do homework while other members of the family are having fun, but the child is doing homework. Schools should also remove the practice of giving a lot of homework during the festival.

Children are also stressed while carrying the burden of homework, right?

Homework puts so much stress on the child that it affects the child's ability to learn. Whenever they are stressed about doing homework, they can't spare time for reading and learning.

Homework necessary for children to play, jumping compatibility?

We say that children should not be given homework. Children learn a lot by playing and jumping. Education should be developed as a culture. Do not carry the burden of homework. If the parents want to keep the child busy, they can read a book that interests them.

When assigning homework, is the estimated time required to solve it determined?

Some schools estimate the amount of time a child will need to complete homework. But some schools give homework of many subjects on the same day. They have not even estimated the time to solve it. As a result, children are very hard to complete their homework.

What if homework is not given? Is the student's learning weak?

After not giving homework, the child is free. They get time to read and learn. That makes their studies better. They also get to learn practical knowledge beyond books. If homework is not given, the next day the child comes to school happy.

What is the practice of countries like Finland, which is considered ideal for education? Do they give homework like we do?

In Finland, a country considered ideal for education, there is no practice of giving homework. There is no practice of taking a written exam up to class 5. I have traveled to many countries in connection with various programs. Many of these countries have not prioritized homework.

As much as is taught in the classroom, is it not enough for the child?

The more it is taught in the classroom, the more appropriate it is for the child. Children should be taught tradition and culture at home. Homework should be taught.

Rather than sending them home with heavy homework, they should be given revision work at school. A child's young mind cannot carry too much weight, so they should be taught slowly with time.

How can a child cover 6-7 lessons in one day? Can their brains absorb so much text?

According to the curriculum of the Nepal government, now a child has to study 7 subjects in one day. The curriculum is not bad, but instead of covering all 7 lessons in 7 classes, the important things in the lesson should be taught.

Their brains cannot absorb so many lessons in one day. Therefore, practical knowledge should be given priority and taught to the child. It is appropriate to teach them only as much as their brain can absorb.


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