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Children: Unloved leads to crime

Children: Unloved leads to crime

Dang. 2076 B.S. It is an event of the year. 12-year-old Rajan (name changed) from Lamhi in Dang arrived at the correctional center in Ghorahi. When his uncle found him smoking, he left him in the correctional center. But when her inner story is revealed, something tragic emerges.

He became lonely after his father passed away and his mother moved elsewhere. His grandfather and grandmother took care of him. He got support but not love. The lack of parental love was always painful. To find that love, he walked looking for friends. Association led him astray. Gradually, he learned to smoke cigarettes and khaini due to wrong association. And finally he was pushed to the path of Kulat at a tender age.

A 14-year-old boy studying in a boarding school in Dang stopped coming to school regularly. As his presence in the classroom became less and less, the school increased monitoring of his activities. One day, while following him to school, he was found drunk among his peers. The school immediately caught him and interrogated him. When he told his story to the teacher, even the teacher became emotional.

After the father did not return from foreign employment for five years, the mother left the house and started living in Mait. He stayed with his uncle and started studying after leaving school while living with his mother. After that, he also moved away from his mother's love. He has reached Aklin because he does not get the love of his mother and father. To get rid of that loneliness, he went to the company of his friends. In the excitement of the company, he became a smoker.


Three years ago, a 13-year-old boy and a 9-year-old girl from Dang Ghorahi found the scene on their mobile phone strange. In the film, two men and women climbed on top of each other and performed activities of climbing on top of each other.

The next day the girl felt pain in her genitals and told her mother. The incident came out after the mother inquired. After that, the girl's parents filed a police complaint against the child and the child was arrested. Finally, the Dang District Court ruled that the girl had been raped and that the child should be kept in a juvenile correctional home for three months.

In the past few years, such incidents that have been reported to the police have surprised even the police. Like the stories of the three representative children above, children have been moving towards the path of evil and crime for the last few years. A look at the police statistics shows that the involvement of children in drugs, theft and sexual crimes has increased every year. According to the data of District Police Office Dang, 59 children have been arrested for various crimes in the last one year. Among them, 14 were involved in extortion, 14 were involved in murder, five were involved in theft and robbery, and six were involved in a case against public peace. Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Mukunda Prasad Rizal said that most of them are children in the age group of 14 to 18 years who are involved in criminal activities.

He said that it is a matter of concern that even children are getting involved in crimes of various nature in the society. He said that children are turning towards crime due to lack of good parenting. "Most of the children accused in various incidents seem to have gone down the wrong path without getting love from their families," he said.

Psychologist Karuna Kunwar says that due to the lack of adequate love, support and protection from their parents at an early age, children unknowingly choose the path of evil and turn towards various crimes. She says that children who are growing up are very inquisitive, and due to lack of good parenting, many children unknowingly go down the wrong path while suppressing their childish curiosity.

Growing up is a very sensitive time. A young brain cannot distinguish between right and wrong', she says, 'at that age, if they don't get the proper time, love and support from their parents, negative psychology is formed in children. Ultimately, it leads them to various criminal activities or the path of evil.

Psychologist Kunwar says that parents who are not able to give time to their children, growing family fragmentation and the development of technology are the reasons behind the children who are growing up in the nature of enjoying themselves alone and participating in various criminal activities. "It is important what kind of environment children are growing up in," she says, "if a child is growing up in the middle of conflict, very difficult situations and family quarrels, then negative things will have a deep impact on him and criminal thinking will develop in him." Kunwar tells them that in time they lead them to the wrong path.


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