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Best Stories for Story Telling Competition

Best Stories for Story Telling Competition

Here I'm sharing with you the top best stories for the storytelling competition these Stories are actually very useful and interesting because these stories I also use in my Story Telling Competition when I was a Kids it helps me a lot and I won the competition you can also use these Stories for your competition.

take a walk

There lived a lion named Madotkat in a forest. His three servants were the tiger, the crow and the jackal. One day he saw a camel named Katanak which was roaming here and there in the Takkar forest with his convoy.


Seeing him, Singh said - 'Hey! This is some strange creature. Go and find out whether this is a wild animal or a villager?' Hearing the lion's words, the crow said - 'O Lord! The name of this creature is camel. He is a villager.


you killed it. Singh said- 'I do not kill a guest who has come home because it has been said that it is not proper to kill an enemy who has come to his house trusting and dependent.


If anyone kills him, he incurs the same sin as killing a hundred brahmins. So you bring him here by giving apay-daan, so that I can ask the reason for his coming here.'


Hearing the order of the lion, his attendants went to the camel and respectfully brought it to the lion. The camel bowed to the lion and sat down.


When Singh asked the reason for his wandering in the forest, he introduced himself and told that he had strayed from his convoy.


When Singh heard this, he said to him- 'Kathanak! Now you do not need to go to the village and carry the load again. Stay with us in this forest and enjoy grazing green grass.


 Thus from that day that camel also started living with them. A few days later, Madotkat Singh had a fierce battle with a frantic elephant. The lion was stunned by the sharp tusks of the elephant.


 Due to this condition of Singh, his followers started starving. Because when the lion used to hunt, his hunger was satisfied only by the food left by him. The lion himself also started starving.


Seeing this plight of himself and his followers, one day Singh said - 'You guys should find such a creature, whom I can kill even in this condition and arrange food for all of you.


Following the orders of the lion, his followers went out in search of prey. When no prey was found, the crow and the jackal discussed each other. What is the use of wandering here and there?


Why not kill this Kayanak camel today and feed it?' The crow cried - 'You are right, but the lord has given him abhaya-daan. How can he be killed in such condition?


 The jackal said, I will do such a way, so that the lord will be ready to kill him. You guys stay here, I request Swami himself.' The jackal then went to the lion and said - 'Swami! We scoured the whole forest,


 But the animal did not touch. Now we have become so hungry and thirsty that not even a single step goes ahead. Your condition is also similar. If allowed, kill the narrator and quench his hunger with his meat.


 After listening to the jackal, Singh said angrily - 'Sinner! If I ever take this thing out of my mind, I will take your life at that very moment. Don't know that I have given him Abhay-daan?


Godad said - 'Swami! I am not asking you to break your promise. Do not kill him yourself, that if he himself comes with an offering of life in your service, then there is no fault in his killing.


 If he does not do this, then we will all come to your service with an offering of our bodies to pacify your mind. What is the use of those who are not useful to the master of life? When the master perishes, his followers themselves perish.


His religion is to protect the lord.' Hearing this, Singh got into thinking. Then he said after some thought- 'If this is your belief, then I have no objection.'


 After getting assurance from Singh, the jackal came to his other companions and took them with him and appeared before Singh. The jackal informed him of his plan on the way.


First of all the crow said to the lion - 'Swami! Eat me and save your life so that I may find a place in heaven because the one who sacrifices his life for the lord goes to heaven, he becomes immortal.'


Then the jackal said oh crow! You are so small that eating you will not satisfy the master's hunger at all. How much meat is there in your body that anyone will eat? I offer my body to the lord.'


When the jackal wanted to present his body to the lion, the tiger removed it and said - 'You are too small. Your nails are so poisonous that the one who eats it will get poisoned.


 That's why you are 'indecent'. I will offer myself to the master, so that his hunger can be satisfied.' Hearing the words of all those people, the camel thought that all these sweet things have made their place in the eyes of the master,


 So he should also make the same request. Having decided this in his mind, he said to the tiger - 'Sir! You are right. But you are also a creature with sharp nails. You are the kin of the lord.


How can you eat your meat lord? Because it has been said that a person who wants evil for his caste even with his heart, both his worlds are destroyed. So you go ahead. Let the lord surrender his body to me.'


 The tiger was waiting for this opportunity. He immediately withdrew to one side. The camel went ahead and requested the lion - 'Swami! All these are 'Abhakhya' for you,


Therefore, by eating the flesh of my body, satisfy your hunger so that I may attain salvation. The camel said so much that the tiger He broke down on him. He tore the camel apart.


Everyone, including the lion, broke down on the dead body of the camel and immediately licked it. After narrating this story, Sanjeevak said - 'Friend! That's why I say that after hearing the words full of deceit, one should not easily believe it.


This king of yours is also surrounded by petty creatures, I have come to know this very well. It seems that he has become angry with me only because of filling the ears of a wicked member. What should I do in such a situation, please tell me.


Damanak said - 'It is better to go abroad than to serve such a master.' Sanjeevak said - 'In such a condition, when my master is angry with me, I should not go out.


Now I am not able to think of any better solution than war.' Hearing this, I felt oppressed thinking that this wicked looked ready for war.


If it strikes the lord with its sharp horns, it will be a disaster. 'But it is not right to have a fight between a master and a servant.


Because without knowing the power of the Shu, he who increases enmity is humiliated and defeated in the face of the enemy in the same way as a titihare did to the ocean.'

silly turtle

Once upon a time there lived a turtle named Kambugreeva. Two swans named Sankat and Vikat were very affectionate with him. He used to sit on the banks of the water reservoir and had a chat with the tortoise and many sages,


After narrating the stories of Maharishis, they used to return to their abode at sunset. After a few days, due to the drought there, the pond started drying up gradually. Because of this the tortoise started getting worried.


Saddened by the tortoise's misery, the swans said to him- 'Friend! This pond has dried up. Now only mud remains in it. How will you survive without water?'


The tortoise filled with tears in his eyes and said - 'Friend! Now this life is not long. Without water my end is certain in this pond. If you have a solution, do it.


Patience comes in handy in adversity. All works are accomplished with Yala. After much thought it was decided that both the swans would bring a bamboo stick from the forest. The tortoise will catch the middle part of that stick by the mouth.


It will be the job of the swans that they will fly to the other pond by holding the stick firmly from both the sides. After this was decided, both the swans said to the tortoise - 'Friend! We will take you flying like this to another pond,


But keep one thing in mind. Don't leave the wood in the middle. Don't try to speak with your mouth all the way through. And don't even try to look down out of curiosity or any greed,


Otherwise your body will be torn apart by falling down. Understand this is a difficult test for you.' Then the swans picked up the wood. The turtle caught him by the mouth from the middle. The swan took him away.


While flying, he found the people in the city situated below, looking at him astonished. The tortoise was very playful. Although the two swans had persuaded him before he could walk, he could not stop asking what kind of clamor it was, as soon as he opened his mouth the wood had lost its grip.


He fell from a height and the citizens cut him to pieces. After narrating this story, Tittimi said- 'That's why I say that a solution should be taken for the future.


The person who thinks about the future and measures it. He is always happy and the person who thinks that whatever is written in destiny has to happen, or 'what will happen, will be seen'

As the saying goes, it soon perishes. The fish named Yadbhavishya and his family were destroyed because of this.

  be distant

Three matsyas (fishes) lived in a reservoir, whose names were Anagat Vidhata, Pannamati and Yadbhavishya. One day in the evening some Maare came out towards that reservoir and looking towards the pond started saying - 'Hey,


 This pond is full of fish. Till today we have not even seen this. Let us go. Today's work has been done and now there is no time, tomorrow morning we will come here and catch fish.


But when the Anagat creator heard this, his senses were blown away. He called all the fish and said - 'You people have taken the matter of those fishermen. Today we have


 Therefore, one should leave from here and go to some other reservoir, because the weak should run away from the front of the strong and save his life.


 He said- 'Friends. Your decision is not right. Being frightened by the conversation of those fishermen, it is not proper to leave this lake of your ancestors and leave.


If destruction has to happen due to loss of income, then it will surely happen elsewhere, who can avert death? That's why I won't leave here. Do whatever you think is appropriate.


Knowing this determination of the future, Anagat Vidhata and Pratyutpanmati went elsewhere with their families and followers. The future remained there. The next day the fishermen came.


 They cast a net and caught all the fish, including Yadbhavya and his family, and left the reservoir devoid of fish. Hearing this story, Tittim said - 'So are you understanding me as well as the future?


Now you see my intelligence. I dry up this sea with the power of my intelligence.' 'What is the difference between the ocean and you?' Tittimi said - 'Your enmity with the sea is not fair. What is the use of getting angry with him?


 One who is ready for battle without knowing his strength and the power of the enemy, he himself perishes like a moth moving towards fire.


 Okay. If this is your determination, then force other birds also, because if there is a group of disabled people, it is more powerful.


Even a strong elephant is tied with a rope made of ordinary grass straws. Not only this, even a mighty elephant was killed by a combination of a bird, a woodpecker and a fly and a frog.'


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