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Best Inspirational Stories

Best Inspirational Stories

If you are searching for the best Inspirational Stories then you are at the right place Here I'm sharing with you the best Inspirational Stories, I'm sure they will change your mindset and helps you to grow in your personal and professional.


A Seth was very pious. He used to spend a large part of his income in religious works like service, charity, for many generations, the immense grace of Lakshmi was on his family.

Once it came to the mind of Goddess Lakshmi that she has lived in one place for several hundred years, so why not leave this family and go somewhere else.

One day Lakshmi said to Seth in a dream, 'I have become bored living with you for generations. Staying here for a long time is also not considered good.

So now I want to leave your house. Since you all have kept me bound in your love, I want to give you one boon as I go. Think carefully and ask me any one boon of your choice.'

Seth started deliberating on this by calling his family members. Somebody said to Seth, ask Goddess Lakshmi for unlimited money, then someone wished to ask for precious diamonds and jewels from her.

Seth's old mother was extremely pious and contented. He said to Seth, 'Son, ask Mother Lakshmi this boon that everyone's goodwill and goodwill always remain in our family.

Seth asked for this boon from Mother Lakshmi. When Lakshmi heard this, she said, 'You are a very clever man. Tell me the truth, who advised you to ask for this boon?'

On taking the mother's name by Seth, Lakshmi again said, 'He asked for everything in one boon. Where there is good wisdom and there is love, there should be self-righteousness, truth and faith.

Your experienced and true godly mother has asked for heaven in a single boon. Where will I go now leaving such a divinely virtuous old lady?

magic of words

Seth Anathapindaka was the great lover of Lord Buddha. He hoped to find a solution by presenting all his thoughts and pains without hesitation in front of him.

One day, seeing the sad face of Anathapindak, Tathagata asked him, 'Seth, because of what problem are you worried?'

He told, 'I am very upset due to the behavior of new daughter-in-law Sujata. He is extremely proud. Talks insults her husband. disobeys us, so there is discord in the family.'

Tathagata said, 'Send Sujata to us. We will try to bring him on the path by preaching.

Sujata knew the importance of Lord Buddha. She came for the satsang and humbly bowed down to him and sat in front. The Buddha said to her, 'Daughter, there are four types of women, Badhikasma,

Chorasama, Matrisama and Bhaginisama. Which of these categories do you fall into? Sujata said, Lord, I could not understand their meaning. Please explain clearly.'

Buddha said, 'The housewife who is always angry, is ready to insult her husband, she is called Badhikasma in the scriptures. The one who does not make good use of the property and brings it only for his own consumption, he is called Chorasama.

The woman who treats other members of the family with respect is called matrisama. The one who treats everyone like a dear brother is called Bhaginisama.

The words of Lord Buddha destroyed Sujata's pride. Apologizing to them, he said, 'Lord, you have faith, not a single bitter word will come out of my mouth in future.

I will respect everyone with humility. Matrisama will be my behavior.

compassion and love

In a town in South India, there lived a pure hearted learned Brahmin named Tiruvishanallur Ayyavayar. He studied the scriptures and concluded that compassion and love are the essence of religion.

Once it was the day of Shradh of his father. The preparations for the brahmbhoja were going on. The food offered to a Brahmin on the occasion of Shradh is called Vishnu Bhojan.

The Brahmins were about to come to perform Shradh and Tarpan when Ayyavayyar went to the backyard of the house to collect the Doob (the grass used in the Shradh). He saw that there was a man standing there with hunger.

Seeing Ayyavayar, he said, 'Have not eaten anything for four days. Life is being lost due to hunger. Save my life by giving whatever food is left over.

He went inside the house and brought the shraadh material which was kept on the leaf and presented it to the hungry person.

When the priest saw this, he got angry and said, 'You have committed a grave sin by giving things to a low caste beggar without any enjoyment.

Now you will have to make atonement, only then we Brahmins will eat food.

Then suddenly the priest saw the Lord preaching to Ayvaiyar sitting on the seat, 'Your father is pleased with your compassionate spirit. They have got food.

Seeing this, the priest bowed down at the feet of Ayyavayar and said, 'Blessed are you, the one who sees the Lord in hunger is the only true virtuous soul.

the divine in the creature

One day Maharishi Sanatkumar and Devarshi Narada were doing satsang. Sanatkumar asked, 'Devarshi, what scriptures and disciplines have you studied?'

Naradji told him that he has studied Vedas, Puranas, Vakovakya (logic), Devology, Brahmavidya, Nakshatra Vidya etc., but his knowledge is only bookish. Naradji humbly requested the Maharishi to impart knowledge of Brahmavidya.

Maharishi Sanatkumar while preaching said, 'The fifteen elements like speech, mind, will, chitta, meditation, science, life etc. should be known. Spiritual happiness is attained by attaining the knowledge of Truth, Mati (intellect), Karmanyata (purushartha), loyalty and Kriti (devotion to duty) etc.

He further said, 'True happiness is attained only after realizing the omnipresence of God. On having this realization man accepts that the whole world is his family - Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.

When our outlook becomes broad, then we have a vision of our Supreme Soul in the mere being, and behave like a kind heart towards all.

It is said in the scriptures, 'God is everywhere. He is omnipotent. He is eternal, pure and a symbol of love. One who starts feeling the infinite unconditional love for God,

His heart and mind become devoid of worldly attachments. When a living being gets tired of wandering in the worldly desires and momentary attractions, then he attains supreme peace and happiness only by taking refuge in the Supreme Soul.

Restraint in speech

The scriptures place great emphasis on restraint of speech. It is said in the Manu Smriti, ‘Parushyamanritam chaivam paishunyam chapi sarvashah. Unrelated talk and verbal talk are of four kinds.

That is, harshness of speech, lying, describing the faults of others and making up vain things–these are the four faults of speech. A person who avoids these faults is always happy and satisfied.’

Some poet said, 'The taste in the tastes is the taste of condemnation.' Many devotees go to hear the story of the Lord, go to pilgrimages and satsangs, but even there by tasting the taste of condemnation instead of being satisfied with the unique love taste of Bhagavan Leela Don't hesitate.

They take the opportunity to condemn and blame others. In Sanskrit, seeing the faults of others is called ‘Paishun Dosha’.

In the scriptures, among the five types of Chandalas, a man with paishuna is also considered to be a type of Chandala. A Sanskrit verse states that one who sees faults in another person,

A person who describes the faults of others, does not remember the good done and keeps anger in his mind for a long time falls into the category of a Chandala.

Inspiring to conquer the pashun dosha by the austerities of speech, the Maharshi says, ‘Uttering speech free from anxiety, speaking truthful, pleasant and beneficial words,

To study the good literature and chant the name of the Lord without wasting time in unreasonable conversation is called the austerity of speech. Therefore, it is only beneficial to take every word out of speech thoughtfully.

give up ego

The daughter of the state treasurer of Rajgriha, Bhadra was a genius since childhood. She married a young man against the wishes of his parents. After marriage, he came to know that he was an addict and a criminal.

One day the young man took possession of all the jewelery of Bhadra and tried to kill him, but Bhadra tactfully saved his life. This incident instilled in him a feeling of detachment from worldly pleasures.

She became a nun. Within a short span of time he studied the scriptures and he became famous among the learned sages. Bhadra became arrogant that he was the greatest scholar. He started challenging the pundits for debate.

Once she reached Sravasti. He came to know that Agarshavak Sariputra is considered to be a great pundit. Bhadra challenged Sariputra to debate.

He asked many questions to Sariputra, to which Sariputra answered. Finally Sariputra asked him, 'What is that truth, which is acceptable to all?'

Bhadra was stunned on hearing this. For the first time he surrendered to a scholar and said, 'Bhante, I am in your refuge.' Sariputra replied, 'I am in the refuge of Buddha, take his discipleship.'

Bhadra approached the Buddha. The Buddha while preaching to her said, 'Devi, any form of arrogance erodes the merits of all good deeds. Adopt only one verse of Dharma in life that I am not knowledgeable, I am ignorant.' Tathagata's words made Bhadra completely egoless.


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