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Best Educational Stories

Best Educational Stories

Educational Stories:- Here I'm sharing with you the top Educational Stories which are really amazing and awesome these Educational Stories will teach you lots of things and gives you an awesome experience. You can share them with your friends and family and these moral stories will be very useful for your children or younger siblings.


There lived a Vaishya, whose name was Vardhaman, in a town called Mahilaropya in the south. Vardhaman had created enough wealth in business in a righteous manner, but he was not satisfied with that much.


 Once lying down at night, he thought that he should do some other way to increase his wealth, because money is the only thing from which any thing in the world can be obtained.


He thought of ways to earn money. Wealth is obtained through six means- alms, royal service, farming, learning, interest and business. Of these six measures, he liked love the best.


Thinking all this, Vardhaman resolved to go out of his city. He got the tradable goods loaded in a bullock cart and after receiving the blessings of his teachers and the affection of the family members, he took two bullocks named Sanjeevak and Nandak in the cart and left for Mathura.


For security, he also took many servants with him. While walking on the way, when they reached the banks of Yamuna, the foot of a bull named Sanjeevak got stuck in the swamp. When he tried to move forward by force, the bull's leg was broken.


The Vaishya remained there waiting for the bull's leg to recover. When he had been lying there for three days and three nights, his servants explained that in this wild forest for a bull,


It is not right to lie which is full of frightening creatures like the violent lion and tiger. Because it has also been said that big things should not be lost for small things. The Vaishya was compelled to accept this advice.


He left two servants there to take care of the bull and proceeded with the rest of the servants with the help of a single bull.


He spent two days here and there and then went to the Vaishya and lied that the bull had died on the very next day and they had duly cremated it. The Vaishya was very sad to hear the news of the death of the bull.


But what could he do in front of the law of law? Taking satisfaction in his mind, he continued his journey. On the other hand, when Sanjeevak felt hungry and thirsty, he got up trying, then walking slowly and reached the banks of Yamuna.


 Due to the lack of grass-grazing animals on that coast, there was a lot of green grass there. Consuming that green grass and drinking the soft water of Yamuna, Sanjeevak became healthy within a few days.


In this way, while doing half-vihara, he became as strong as the Nandi bull of Shiva. One day when Sanjeevak was whispering ruthlessly while grazing on the green grass on the banks of the Yamuna, a lion named Pingalak came there to drink water.


When he heard Sanjeevak's cries from a distance, he got scared and hid in the bushes. By hinting, he made his strategy with his servants, bears, tigers, etc., who came with him, so that no one could reach him.


There were also two jackals with Pingalak. Their names were Kartak and Damanak. These two jackals were once the ministers of Pingalak, but they had to be deposed because of their wickedness.


Since then both of them used to try to get the lost position by pleasing their master. He often followed the lion and used to pacify his happiness by eating the prey left by the lion.


At that time, instead of drinking water, he was very surprised to see his master hiding in the bushes in fear. A jackal named Damanak said to his companion - 'Karatak brother.


Our king, despite being thirsty, did not go to the banks of Yamuna and sat here hiding in the bushes, what could be the reason for this? Kartak replied - 'Damanak brother! What do we do with it?


Educational Stories:- No work should be done out of curiosity without purpose. The person who does this is destroyed in the same way as the monkey who plucked the nail was destroyed.

teeth and teeth

In a city called Vardhaman, there lived a jewelery merchant named Dantil. Dantil had not only won the mind of the townspeople with his tact, but had also pleased the king there.


 There was no smart person like him in the city. By the way, the saying goes that the person who does the welfare of the king is inferior in the eyes of the society, and the one who is benevolent of the society,


 The king hates him but Dantil was an exception. Thus time was passing that the marriage of the daughter of Dil was fixed. On that occasion, Seth invited all the subjects and the royal servants and honored them.


 In that marriage, along with the king and queen, the employees of the Raj Bhavan also came. Among them was the Gorambh who sweeps the Raj Bhavan.


When the city Seth saw this, he was humiliated and expelled from there. This humiliation became unbearable for Goramba. He decided within himself that he would definitely repay Seth for this humiliation and would die only by making him fall in the eyes of the king.


One day, while sweeping the king's bedroom in the early morning, Gorambh started murmuring as if he was talking to himself - 'Look how corrupt the tooth has become that now even the queen has started to embrace.'


When the king heard this, he got up in a panic. He asked Gorambh - 'Gorambh! Did the heart really embrace the queen?' Gorambh said - 'Maharaj. I had been gambling all night, so now I am getting very sleepy.


I myself do not remember what I murmured in that sleep.


Maybe Gorambha has once seen the queen being embraced with Dantil, otherwise why would such a thing come out of her mouth! He began to think that there was nothing to doubt about women.


If they talk to one person at the same time, then another person is involved in their mind at the same time. It is very difficult to know the feelings of women's heart.


 In this way, many types of feelings started arising in the mind of the king about women. The result of which was that the king prohibited Dantil from entering the palace. The heart was deeply worried by this behavior of the king.


When he began to ponder, he found that who has seen or heard purity in a crow, truthfulness in a gambler, forgiveness in a snake, sex-peace in women, patience in a blacksmith, discretion in a drunkard and friendship in a king.


“I have never done any harm to him or any of his loved ones, yet why was this king displeased with me?


When Gorambha saw this, he said - 'Brother. Keep in mind, this Seth is a special favor of the king. Somewhere by making him angry, you too should not be thrown out like me.


He was convinced that the king had been provoked by Gorambha. He began to think that no matter how ignorant, foolish and disrespected by the king, the person appointed in the service of the king, he is respected in the world.


 He remembered the humiliation he had done to Gorambha. Dantil came back from the gate of the Raj Bhavan. At night he invited Gorambh to his house with respect and gave him a warm welcome.


When he asked for forgiveness of his past behavior while leaving, Gorambh said - 'Don't worry, Seth. Now see by the wonder of my wisdom how the king favors you.


Someone has rightly said that taxes are like the stick of the scales. Sometimes they rise above the slightest load and sometimes below.


Thus, on the second day, when Gorambh went to the king's bedroom early in the morning to clean, he started murmuring like before - 'Our Maharaj is also very strange, he keeps on eating cucumber even while defecating.'


When the king heard it, he said angrily - 'Start! What the hell is this doing? Have you ever seen me do this?


Then the king thought that he had never done such an act, yet this idiot took out such a thing from his mouth, then surely he must have said the same way about Dantil, as soon as this thought came, he started to repent.


He respectfully invited Dantil to the Raj Bhavan and gave him a warm welcome. Dantil started coming again in the Raj Bhavan.


After narrating this story, Damanaka said to Sanjeevak- 'That is why I say that one who does not welcome all the royal servants, big or small because of pride, has to suffer humiliation by being removed like a tooth.


Sanjeevak said - 'Friend! you are right I will act according to your words.' After that, Damanak appeared before Pinglak with Sanjeevak and bowed to him and said- 'Maharaj!


Sanjeevak is present at your service. Now do whatever you think is appropriate.' Sanjeevak also bowed to Pingalak and stood in front of him. Pingalak made him sit near him and said - 'Say friend! Are you a skilled seto?


 Where did you come from? After getting assurance from Pingalak, Sanjeevak stunned and killed him. Pingalak reassured him after hearing his story.


Then entrusting his administration to Damanak and Kartak, he himself started having fun living with Sanjeevak. As a result, the lion started being careless in hunting.


He would hunt for his needs. that But the dependent carnivorous creatures started starving, which became a matter of concern for them, it is said that the king who never delays in paying salaries to his servants,


His servants never leave him even after reprimanding him. But Pinglak was behaving in the opposite direction. So Damanak and Kartak, who were suffering from hunger, discussed each other.


They started thinking that when the snake wrapped around Lord Shankar's neck wants to eat the mouse of Ganeshji's vehicle and when the peacock who killed the snake wants to eat the lion, the vehicle of Parvati, then why are they doing this drama of non-violence?


 Damanak started saying - 'Brother Karatak! We are nothing in the eyes of the king. For him now it is only a sanjeevak. Due to lack of food, the remaining servants have already left the king's side. I think we should explain to the king.


This is our duty at this time.' Kartak agreed to his point and said- 'You have brought this green grass-grazing Val to the king, now you solve this problem.' 'You are right, brother.'


Damanak said - 'It is my fault. Our position is now the same as that of Shringal in the battle of rams. In doing the work of others, the condition of Dutee and Ashadha idol was almost similar to that of ours at this time.


A Vaishya started building a temple near the city limits. The laborers and artisans working in it used to go to the city for lunch in the afternoon.


 One day suddenly a bunch of vehicles roaming here and there came to that forest. Some of those craftsmen had left a nail in the middle of a log of a half-cut Arjuna tree.


 The monkeys reached there and started playing freely by climbing trees, houses, wood and logs. In those vehicles, a monkey out of curiosity sat on that half-cut log (poster) and started uprooting the nail stuck in it.


As soon as the nail came out, his testicles hanging in the middle of the stick got buried. Due to the pain, the monkey started screaming. The testicles did not come out, and the monkey died there screaming and crying.


 After narrating this story, Kartak further said- 'That's why I say that we should not do any work without any purpose just out of curiosity.


When we have got enough food to eat from the king's food, then what is the need to fall into vain delusions?' Hearing Kartak's words, Damanak said - You have to go, you live only for food, friend. .


This is not right, because wise people take shelter of the king for the benefit of friends and for the benefit of enemies. Everyone fills his stomach, but the meaning of living is not only to fill his stomach.


Even a crow lives for a long time without any merit and praise and keeps filling its stomach too. So can his life be called life? The person who has not done favor by himself or by the relatives of others,


 Didn't show mercy to both and didn't show sympathy to the servants, what is the benefit of that person's life to the world? It is futile to live like a crow just to feed.'


Hearing Damanaka's words, Kartak said - 'When our king has deposed us, then what is the use of warning us to know about the king? It has also been said that the fool,


In spite of being an official and deposed, he says something in front of the king, he is not only humiliated but also becomes an object of ridicule.


A man should use his speech only at a place where there is some benefit from its use. ' Hearing the above sentences of Kartak, Damanak said - 'No brother!


Do not say this, because a person who is ready in the service of the king also becomes the head, and if he turns away from the service of the king, the chief also becomes inferior.


 The servant who, knowing the basic principles of the king's anger and happiness, behaves according to them, he, when the occasion comes, he can subdue the dissatisfied king, scholar, ambitious,


 There is no other place of shelter for the skilled, brave and skilled people in the arts, except the king, no other person can give them due respect except the king.


 Annoyed at Damanak's words, Kartak asked - 'What do you want to say, friend? 'Our lord Pingalak is afraid today.' Damanaka said- 'I want to go to him and know the exact reason for his fear.


 After knowing the reason, I will try to make my work by resorting to any one of sam-daam-dand-bheda.' Kartak asked- 'How can you say that our king is afraid?


 For any other reason he may hide in the bush. Maybe he is hiding in the bushes for the purpose of ambushing a victim?


 Damanak said - 'The expression of a person's face, his eyes, his movements tell whether he is afraid or comfortable. I have come to know from Pingalak's efforts that he is afraid of someone.


 I will go to him and understand the reason for his fear and will control him by making him fearless with my intelligence. In this way, by adapting him to myself, I will get the post of minister again.


Kartak asked- 'What will you say first, after going there, please tell me this too'. .'


 Kartak began to say, 'Just as mountains are eroded due to being surrounded by horrific stones, violent lions, tigers and poisonous spawn etc., similarly kings cannot be easily appeased by being surrounded by sycophants, rascals and wicked.


Even kings are like crooked snakes, which can be accomplished only by mantras, like them, they are stunned.


'You say this rightly, but a person who has the same nature, can also be subdued by the same kind of behavior. All we have to do is to impress the owner with his desired behavior.


The king is the king, even the demons get subdued by behaving in a friendly manner. Hearing Damanak's words, Kartak said - 'If you want to go, then go. God will bless you but be very careful there,


Because my fate also depends on your fate. After getting approval from Kartak, Damanak took his leave and went towards Pingalak.


When Pingalak saw Damanaka coming, being in trouble, he asked his gatekeeper not to stop him from coming, let him come to me.


In this way, when Damanaka came, he did not face any obstacle in reaching Pinglak inside. Reaching near the king, he bowed down and sat down on the king's signal.


When he sat down, Pinglak asked- 'Is there skill, have you appeared today after a long time? which Are you coming from? Is there any special purpose?' Damanak said - 'There is no special purpose Rajan,


 Still, the servant should come himself to speak about the interest of the master. The king has all kinds of servants, good, middle and bad. For the king, everyone's purpose is to take the help of straws on time,


 What about the servant? There is also a reason for the exhortation you have given for coming after a long time, where instead of glass, gems and gems should be replaced with glass,


 Good servants do not stay there. Where there is no connoisseur, there is no value of rails. The master and the servant are mutually dependent. They should respect each other, the king is satisfied and gives only respect to the servant,


But the servant, being satisfied, even sacrifices his life for the king.' Hearing Damanak's words, Pinglak said in a relatively humble voice - 'Your words are fine. But what is your purpose in saying these things,


Tell it clearly.' Damanak said, being happy in his heart- 'Rajan, I have to make an important request to you.'


Looking at him looking at the guards of Pingalak, Damanak said - Rajan! Acharya Brihaspati has said that even if there is a small task from the king, then it should not be said in the public.


Therefore, it would be appropriate if you listen to me in private. When Pingalak looked at his councilors, understanding his intention, they all moved away from there. After their departure, Damanak approached the king and asked softly- 'Rajan!


You came here to drink water, but why have you come and sat here without quenching your thirst? Pinglak, hiding his fear, said- 'There is nothing special, we have just sat here to rest for some time.'


It's okay sir. Because it is said in the scriptures that there are some things which have to be kept a secret even from one's own sister.' Piglaka was impressed by Damanak's words.


He felt that Damanak seemed very intelligent, so he should explain the reason for his fear. So he said- 'Damanak! Are you listening to this roar that is being heard from afar?' 'I am listening, Rajan.'


'That's why I am thinking of leaving this forest and going to some other forest.' 'But why Rajan? Pinglak said - 'It seems, today some very frightening animal has come in this forest,


The one whose thunder is so fierce, he himself does not know how terrible it will be.' Damanak got the opportunity. He said- 'Maharaj! It is not proper for you to be afraid of thunder alone.


 Because just as a bridge is broken by the flow of water, due to unprotection the secret mantra (counseling etc.)


He is called a coward even though he is clever. It would not be appropriate for you to leave this forest acquired by the ancestors, suddenly only hearing the unknown roar. There are many different types of loud voices.


There are many Vaghas like Bheri, Mridang, Pathah, Shankh, Kahal etc. whose voice is very high. Who is afraid of them? They say. A jackal named Gomayu had at first thought that it would be full of blood and flesh, but later when he looked inside, he found nothing except skin and fuel.


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