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Best Animal Stories

Best Animal Stories

Here I'm sharing with you the top Animal Stories with Moral which is really amazing and awesome these Stories In Hindi will teach you lots of things and gives you an awesome experience. You can share them with your friends and family and these moral stories will be very useful for your children or younger siblings.

intelligent rabbit

There lived a lion named Bhasuraka in a forest. Being powerful, he used to kill many wild animals every day. Still he could not find peace. All the animals in the forest were very worried about him.


 One day all the creatures of the forest reached him together and requested him - 'Vanraj, what is the use of killing many creatures every day? Your diet is complete with one organism,


 Therefore, let us make such a promise to each other that you can get your food while sitting here. Every day one of us animals will come to you in order of caste.


In this way you will continue to live without hard work and there will be no mass destruction of us because the king who is kind to the subjects attains continuous growth and the destruction of the world leads to the destruction of the king too.


 Singh agreed to his point. Since then the wild animals started living fearlessly. In this sequence, a few days later a rabbit's turn came. The rabbit walked towards the lion's den,


 But his feet were not rising due to the fear of death, he wandered here and there in the forest to postpone the clocks of death for some more time. At one place he saw a well.


Seeing him, a thought came to his mind that why should not Bhasurak be thrown into this well by showing his shadow in the name of another lion in his forest? Thinking the same way, he reached Bhasurak Singh after a long time.


 At that time the lion was licking his lips, being bereft of hunger and thirst. The clocks for his meal were running out. He was thinking that if no other animal comes for some time then he will go on his prey and will irrigate the whole forest with the blood of animals.


At that very moment the rabbit reached to him and bowed down to him and sat down. Seeing the rabbit, the lion roared with red eyes in anger and said - 'Hey rabbit! One, you are so small and then you have come after taking so long.


By killing you today, I will kill all the animals of the forest from tomorrow. I will destroy their lineage. The hare politely bowed his head and replied - 'O Lord! You are getting angry in vain.


It is neither my crime nor that of other animals. Before taking any decision, listen to the reason for my coming late.' The lion growled - 'Whatever you want to say, speak quickly.


I am very hungry. May I not chew on you before you say anything. The thing is that all the animals had sent me and the other four rabbits for your food after meeting today and thinking that I am too young.


We five are coming to you that on the way another lion came out of his cave and said - Hey, where are you all going? Remember your deity last, I have come to eat you.


I told him – we all go to our lord Bhasurak Singh for food, then he said – who is Bhasurak? This forest is mine. I am your king. Tell me whatever you want to say.


Bhasurak is a thief. If four of you rabbits remain here, one rabbit should go to Bhasurak and call him, I will deal with him myself. The one who is stronger among us will be the king of this forest.


I have come to you by somehow getting rid of him, my lord. That's why I got late. Go ahead, do whatever the lord wishes. ' Hearing this, Bhasurak said - 'If it is so, then quickly take me to that other lion.


Today I will satisfy my hunger by drinking his blood. The interference of any lion other than me in this forest is unbearable to me.' The rabbit said- 'O lord! It is true that fighting for one's self is the religion of warriors like you.


But the second lion is sitting in his fort, after coming out of the fort, he blocked our way. It is very difficult to conquer the enemy living in the fort. An enemy sitting in a fort is considered equal to a hundred enemies.


A fortified king becomes weak like a toothless snake and a headless elephant.' In response, Bhasurak said - 'You are right, but I will kill the lion sitting in that fort too. The enemy should be destroyed as soon as possible.


I have full faith in my strength. If you do not destroy it soon, then later it will become like an incurable disease.


Saying this the hare took Bhasuraka to the same well where he had bowed down and saw his own shadow. After reaching there he said - 'Swami! What I said happened. Seeing you coming, he has hidden in his fort.

Come, let me show you his face.' Sure. Seeing that low, I will fight him by going to his fort.' The rabbit took Bhasurak Singh to the ridge of the well. When Bhasurak bowed down, he saw his own shadow.


He understood that this is the second lion. Then it roared loudly. In response to his thunder, a double echo was heard from the well. Considering that his opponent was the thunder of the lion, Bhasurak jumped into the well at that very moment and died there by drowning in the water.


 The rabbit defeated the lion with his intelligence. After returning from there, he went to the meeting of wild animals. Knowing his cleverness and hearing the news of the death of the lion, all the animals danced with joy.


After narrating this story, Damanak said - 'That's why I say that the powerful is the one who has the intellect. On the strength of your intellect, if you wish, can I create enmity between Sanjeevak and Pinglak too?'


 Kartak said - 'If you have full faith then go, may God fulfill your wish.' After walking from there Damanak came to Pingalak. At that time Pingalak did not have Sanjeevak.


 Pingalak, indicating to Damanak to sit, said - 'Say Damanak! Did you see after a long time? Damanak said - 'O Lord! Now you have no purpose from us, so what is the use of coming here?


 Nevertheless, I come to you to speak about your interest. The matter of interest should be said without asking.' Pinglak said - 'Whatever you want to say, say it fearlessly. I promise you peace.


 Sanjeevak is not your friend, he is Vaari. One day he told me in solitude that I had seen the power of Pingalak, there is no special power in it. By killing him and making you a minister, I will rule over all the animals of this forest.'


 Hearing those thunder-like words from Damanaka's mouth, Pingalak felt as if he had got a mustache. When Damanak saw this condition of Pinglak, he thought, Pinglak has a strong affection for Sanjeevak.


Sanjeevak has kept it under his control. The king who thus becomes under the control of the minister, he perishes. Thinking this, he made a more determined determination to erase the magic of Sanjeevak from the mind of Pingalak.


Pinglak came to his senses and somehow, having patience, said - 'Damanak! Sanjeevak is my very faithful servant. There can be no animosity towards me in his mind.' In response, Damanak said - 'Swami!


What is a confidant today becomes a betrayer tomorrow. The greed of the state can make anyone's mind fickle. There is no such thing as an accident. Pinglak's doubts did not go away even after Damanak said all this.


He said – Damanak! I never had any hatred towards Sanjeevak. Loved ones are not abandoned even if there is a lot of hatred. One who is dear remains dear. Sanjeevak is also my favorite.


Damanak said- 'Maharaj! This is bad for the governance of the state. Whoever you make a worthy of affection, that will become your darling. There is no specialty of Sanjeevak in this, but the specialty is yours.


If you have made him your favorite, then he has become, otherwise what is the quality in him? If you think that his body is very heavy and will be your helper in the destruction of the enemy, then it is your mistake.


He is a grass-eating creature. Your enemies are all non-vegetarians, so with their help, the enemy cannot be controlled. Today he wants to rule by killing you by deceit.


It is better that he should be killed before his conspiracy is hatched. 'But Damanak.' Pinglak said - 'What we have adopted as virtuous earlier, how can we call it Nirguna in Rajya Sabha today?


Then only at your behest, I gave him a promise of fearlessness. My mind says that Sanjeevak is my friend, I have no anger towards him. Even if there is any animosity in his mind, I do not hold any animosity towards him.


Is a tree planted by one's own hands also ever cut down? The clever Damanak immediately replied - 'Swami! This is your sentiment. Rajdharma does not order this. Forgiveness to a person who has hatred is folly from the point of view of politics.


 Because of his friendship, you have forgotten the whole state religion. The other animals of the forest have turned away from you because of your dislike for the kingdom. The truth is that friendship between you and Sanjeevak is not natural.


You are a non-vegetarian and he is a non-vegetarian. If you make the one who eats grass as your friend, then other animals will stop cooperating with you.


It will also be bad for your kingdom by living with him in your nature. Even those bad qualities will come which are in vegetarians. You will also become disinterested in hunting.


You should be with the animals of your nature only. That is why sages leave the company of the lowly. One who was killed because of giving shelter to a bedbug.

result of mismatch

In some place there was a very beautiful dormitory of a king. Here, in the clothes used by the king, between the seams of two clean clothes, lived a yuka (h) named Dim Visarpini, drinking the blood of the king, was spending his time with great pleasure.


One day a bedbug named Agnimukh, roaming from somewhere, came there. Seeing him, he said with great regret - 'Oh Agnimukh! Where did you come to this place? Before anyone sees you, you run away from here immediately.'


Khatmal said- 'You shouldn't say that no one scolds the guest who comes in the house, no matter how much he prays. It has also been said that even if a lowly person comes as a visitor,


 So it is the duty of a gentleman to give him respect with due respect and respect with love. The same has been said in the scriptures.


Xu said - 'But when the king falls asleep, then slowly sucks his blood. You are fiery and agile by nature. If you can control yourself, then it is another matter.


Otherwise run away from here immediately.' Khatmal said - 'I will do as you say. I say on the oath of my deity and guru that I will sit quietly until you are satisfied with the taste of the king's blood and do not give me orders.'


But a bed is a bed bug, where is the patience in that? For a few moments when the king was lying down, he waited for him to sleep, but when it became unbearable for him to wait more, he started sucking the king's devotion.

One's nature cannot be changed by preaching. No matter how much water is boiled, it does cool down after some time after coming down from the fire. Just as soon as the bed bugs hit the country, the king got up with a smirk.


He said to his servants- 'Look, is there any bedbug hidden somewhere in this bed?'


And when the servants began to look carefully at the bed, a louse named Dima Visarpini appeared. What was it then, a servant caught him and crushed him to death.


After narrating this story, Damanak said- 'That's why I say that the person whose nature is not known, he should not be given shelter.


Because the person who abandons the intimates and empowers other outsiders by making them intimate, he is cut like a fool's shredder and gets death.'

colored jackal

There lived a jackal named Chandakh in a forest. One day, being distraught with hunger, he went to the middle of a city, on seeing him, the dogs surrounded him and barked loudly and barked at him.


With his sharp teeth, he bit the chandakh from place to place. To save his life, the jackal entered the first house which appeared nearby. The house belonged to a washerman.


The washerman had mixed indigo in a large pot to put on clothes. The jackal, frightened by the dogs, jumped into the same gorge. When he came out of Nand, his whole body had turned blue after being painted in indigo.


Chandakh also ran wildly towards the forest and died in the middle of the forest. When the colored Chandakh reached the forest, all the animals were amazed to see him. He had never seen such a colored animal before.


Seeing such a strange animal, what is an ordinary wild animal; The lion started running here and there in fear till the cheetah. It was natural for him to be afraid, because it is said that one who does not have knowledge of his nature and power,


Its better to stay away from him. Seeing the wild creatures being frightened in this way, the jackal addressed them and said - 'You people do not need to be scared like this after seeing me. Don't be afraid of me


 Prajapati Brahma, while sending me here today, has ordered that there is no king of wild animals at this time, so he is handing over the kingdom to me. Now you guys enjoy living under my umbrella.


By the name of Maharaj Kutum, I have become known as the king of animals in all the three worlds. On hearing this, all the wild animals like lion, tiger etc. made him lord, lord,

Addressing etc., started hovering near him, then he engaged the lion to be his minister, the tiger to be the keeper of the bed and the panther to the paan.


 Appointed the wolf as the gatekeeper, but he did not even talk to the indigenous jackals and drove them out of his kingdom. For some days his kingdom continued peacefully, but one day a great disaster happened.


On that day, Chandakh heard the sounds of horses 'huan-huan' from afar. Hearing those voices, Chandakh's hair blossomed and he too naturally started expelling the sounds of 'Huahua' from his mouth.


When the lion-tigers etc. heard the sound of jackal emanating from his mouth, they understood that this is not a messenger of Brahma, but a minor jackal.


Chandakh also understood that now his pole has been exposed and now it is difficult to save his life, so he ran from there. But where would he go after escaping from the lion? In an instant Singh broke it to pieces.


After narrating this story, Damanak said- 'That's why I say that one who reproaches the souls and embraces the strangers, he gets annihilated.


He asked- 'What is the proof that Sanjeevak is rebelling against me? .


Tomorrow if you see him ready for battle in the court, his eyes red, his lips twitching, sitting aside and looking at you cruelly, then you will believe my words.


After provoking Pingalak, Damanak approached Sanjeevak. Seeing him in a nervous posture, Sanjeevak asked - 'Friend! Whats up ? Came after a long time. Is it skill? Damanak said - 'I have called you my friend, so I will tell.


The thing is that Pinglak has got a feeling of sin towards you, today he has called me in complete solitude and asked him to kill you tomorrow morning and satisfy the hunger of his and other carnivorous creatures.


 Sanjeevak was stunned on hearing Damanak's words. He fainted. When he became somewhat conscious, he said in dispassionate words - 'Surely the living beings living near Pingalak have provoked him against me out of jealousy.


There is always a competition among the servants to get the happiness of the master. They cannot bear each other's growth.' Damanak said- 'Friend! If this is the case then you have nothing to fear.


He will be pleased with you because of your eloquence even if he is angry with the scolding of others. There is no such thing.


 By one means or the other, they kill that gentleman. It has also been said that when many cunning, petty and elusive creatures gather together, they do something or the other. whether it is right or wrong. Similarly, small creatures like crow etc. together killed a big camel.'


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