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Can Stomach Infection Cause Stomach Cancer? Know the doctor's opinion

 Can Stomach Infection Cause Stomach Cancer? Know the doctor's opinion

Can an infection in the stomach really increase the risk of stomach cancer? Let's know what is the truth.

Cancer disease is spreading rapidly. Different types of cancer affect people in different ways. One of these is stomach cancer. The exact cause of stomach cancer is still not clear. But some studies have linked diet and lifestyle to stomach cancer. Some people believe that stomach infection can cause stomach cancer. How much truth is there in this matter? Talked to Anil Thakwani.

Causes of stomach cancer-

Dr. Anil Thakwani said, "Stomach infection and stomach cancer are separate health conditions, although some infections can increase the risk of stomach cancer. Helicobacter pylori bacteria are a common cause of stomach infections and have been linked to the development of some types of stomach cancer."

Giving information about stomach cancer, Dr. Anil said that, "H. pylori infection can cause chronic inflammation of the lining of the stomach and can turn into cancer over time. While all H. pylori infections do not result in cancer. Other factors like genetics, lifestyle and dietary habits can also cause stomach cancer.”

How to prevent stomach infection from becoming cancer-

It is important to treat stomach infections promptly with the right treatment, as this can reduce the risk of developing cancer or other stomach-related problems. It is important that you get your stomach health checked regularly. Especially if there is a family history of stomach cancer or you have persistent stomach problems. By doing this, you can get information about stomach related problems early and you can get your treatment done at the right time.

Ways to prevent stomach infections -

Make sure to wash hands with soap before eating.

Do not forget to wash your hands thoroughly after defecation.

Avoid consuming raw foods.

In case of stomach infection, eat light food like porridge, khichdi.

Consume drinks like honey, turmeric milk to remove stomach infection.

Stomach infections do not directly cause stomach cancer. Some infections, H. pylori, may act to increase the risk. In order to prevent problems related to both stomach infection and cancer, it is important to contact the doctor on time and make healthy changes in lifestyle.

Tea Addiction: If you want to quit tea addiction, don't make these 4 diet mistakes

Tea Addiction: If you have a habit of drinking tea, then you need to pay attention to some mistakes. Let us know about these mistakes in this article.

Tea Addiction: Do you mindlessly consume 5 to 6 cups or more of tea a day? Do you get a headache from not drinking tea? If yes, this habit is called tea addiction. If we get addicted to tea once, then we start drinking tea without thinking about many cups a day. Many people are hungry all day, but they drink 10 cups of tea in the whole day. In such a situation, there is a risk of many types of diseases. So it is very important to reduce the addiction to tea. If you want to reduce your addiction to tea, then you need to pay attention to some mistakes. Let's know how to get rid of tea addiction? We spoke to Sanah Gill, a dietitian from Holi Family Hospital, Delhi, for better information on this topic.

1. Taking tea in large quantity - Avoid Wrong Quantity of Tea

Some people prefer to drink tea by the full glass. This is quite a bad habit, it leads to addiction to taking more and more caffeine. In this case, try to take a small amount of things containing caffeine like tea or coffee.

2. Don't Starve

Some people stay hungry for a long time and drink several cups of tea during work. In such a situation, we get used to being hungry. At the same time, one becomes addicted to drinking tea. If you want to reduce your tea addiction, then first have breakfast. Drink tea only after this. So that you drink tea in limited quantities.

3. Avoid boiling tea twice

If you are addicted to tea, if you like to drink boiled tea repeatedly or for a long time, then it can damage your health a lot. So try not to consume boiled tea frequently. The amount of caffeine in it is very high, which has a negative effect on your health.

4. Try Healthy Drinks Instead of Tea - Try Healthy Drinks Instead of Tea

If you want to quit tea addiction, then whenever you feel like drinking tea, first of all choose green tea or other herbal tea instead of milk tea. With this, you can control the addiction to drinking tea to a great extent.

Addiction to drinking tea is much worse. This has a very bad effect on health. In this case, if you have also got into the habit of drinking tea, then definitely pay attention to these mistakes.

Start the Year with a plant-based diet, learn the benefits from an expert

With the beginning of the year, you can also make a goal of following a healthy diet. Here we are going to talk about plant based diet.

In today's busy life, people are not able to pay attention to their diet, due to which the risk of diabetes and heart diseases at a young age has increased manifold. If you want to avoid diseases and stay healthy, then include such things in your diet that are rich in nutrients. New Year is about to start in a few days, so you can think about following a plant based diet with the New Year. In this article, Shivali Gupta, Dietician, Eccentric Diets Clinic, Delhi, will tell you what a plan-based diet is and what are its benefits.

What is a plant based diet? - What Is Plant Based Diet

Dietician Shivali Gupta said that a plant-based diet means food derived from plants, which includes legumes, fruits, dry fruits, vegetables, seeds and grains. If you are a non-vegetarian, suddenly you may have problems in following a plant-based diet, so you should gradually start adding plant-based things to your diet, this will make it easier for you. There are 2 types of plant-based diets, one in which people eat entirely plant-based foods and the other in which people eat a plant-based diet with other ingredients such as dairy and meat products.

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What Are The Benefits Of The Plant Based Diet - What Are The Benefits Of The Plant Based Diet

1. A plant-based diet consists of various types of grains, fruits, vegetables, pulses and nuts, which provide the body with the required amount of nutrients. It contains a good amount of fiber, vitamins, and minerals, which help in keeping our body healthy.

2. A plant-based diet can improve your physical health. The fiber present in it strengthens your digestive system, this diet can be beneficial for those who complain of fatigue and laziness. By following this diet you will feel light and energetic during the day.

3. In the new year 2024, if you are planning to control your weight, then definitely follow a plant-based diet. This can help you achieve your weight control goals.

4. Plant based diet is proven to be beneficial for the heart. The alpha-linolenic acid and folate present in it can help keep the heart healthy. You can control the level of cholesterol in the body with a plan based diet.

5. Plant-based diet provides the body with antioxidants and essential nutrients, which improves immunity. It provides a variety of nutrients including vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E, which can help you avoid diseases and infections during cold days.


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