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What is the problem of ADHD in children?

What is the problem of ADHD in children?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a developmental disorder most commonly seen in childhood. This can be seen as problems with concentration, fidgeting, fidgety behavior, or similar. This problem is seen not only in children, but also in young people.

It is important to know a few things about the ADHD problem, even though it may seem normal and it can last even into youth. If a child cannot concentrate on one task for a long time, if he is doing one task, then he leaves that task and starts another task in a moment, loses things, forgets, then these are symptoms of attention deficit.

If you are very restless, don't stay in one place for a long time, can't wait your turn, don't have patience, if you have too much energy, this is a symptom of hyperactivity disorder. Some children have symptoms of both attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, while some have only symptoms of attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder.

Symptoms of ADHD begin to appear from the age of three to four. In children under 6 years of age, hyperactivity is more common in behavior such as fidgeting, not sitting still, and running around.

Attention problems such as not being able to concentrate, losing things, and forgetting things are more common among school children and teenagers.

Causes of ADHD

There are two main causes of various mental illnesses including ADHD, one is biological and the other is environmental. 70 to 80 percent of the causes of ADHD are biological, inherited from birth. The development of the brain is not well developed, if the front part of the brain develops late, this problem is seen in children. The front part of the brain does the job of giving us patience and concentration. When it does not develop properly, the problem of ADHD appears.

If there is this problem in the family members, there is a possibility of this problem in the child of that family. Also, if the child is born prematurely, the child's weight is very low, then this problem is more likely to appear in such children.

If a pregnant woman has consumed cigarettes and alcohol during pregnancy, there is a possibility that this problem will appear in the unborn child. If the home environment is not good, there are constant fights, the child's caregivers are changing and if the child is abused, such children are also likely to develop ADHD.

How to find out if a child has ADHD

Parents should be aware that the child has ADHD if he/she is unable to concentrate on any task, fidgets unnecessarily, talks more than necessary, and talks without thinking.

In such children, problems such as being easily distracted, forgetting more, starting one task without completing it, and having difficulty learning new subjects are seen. There are also symptoms such as giving answers without completing the questions and easily getting confused. Which has a direct impact on his studies.

There is also the problem of not being able to play together with friends. Such people also interfere in the work of others.


Psychiatrists and psychologists diagnose this problem based on symptoms, not by examining them.

If treated in time, this problem can be completely cured. You have to take medicine for this. Medicines like 'Stumilant' and 'Atomoxetine' are used. But in Nepal, "Stumilant" is not found in Nepal, only "Atomoxetine" is found. Along with medication, families, schools and teachers are taught how to deal with children, how to respond to them. For example, instead of teaching for a long time at one time, you can teach for 15 minutes and give a five-minute break.


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