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How is the child's mind sharp?

 How is the child's mind sharp?

Human brain changes with age. Lifestyle, diet, physical and mental exercise make a difference.

Are children born with good brains?

No child is gifted from the mother's womb. Being in the mother's womb has some influence on the physical and mental development of the child. Like, the mother's diet, habits, and lifestyle have an effect on the unborn child. But from the womb, no child comes with a sharp mind, and no one comes with a weak one. A child is not gifted from the mother's womb.

According to neuroscience, everyone has the same brain. But later, the lifestyle, work-behaviour, practice-tools he adopts will develop the ability of the mind. What kind of place we grow up, what kind of environment we get, what kind of food we eat, what kind of routine we adopt also affects the development of the mind.

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Therefore, those who do more brain work, practice, their brain capacity increases naturally.

Brain exercise

Just as we do physical exercise, we should also exercise the mind. Brain exercise also affects our memory, way of thinking and understanding, ability to judge and analyze.

In general, it is to activate the neuron to make the nerves of the brain communicate with each other. If a person sleeps most of the time, is not active in any work, then the movement of that person's mind slows down. But if a person is active, agile, works a lot, is active in social work, happy, then the human mind is working very well.

If there is stress, depression and anxiety, the movement of the mind is weak.

Reading a book is also an exercise for the mind

According to the research so far, reading a book is a good exercise for the brain. A person who reads more and more books makes his mind work very well. Apart from that, people who play brain games and puzzles are getting good brain exercise.

Head shape and mind game

The size of the head does not make any difference whether a person has a sharp mind or not. If this happens, the head of a man is two hundred to three hundred grams more than that of a woman. But are men relatively sharp and more memory capacity?

Whether the mind is sharp or not depends on the activity of the mind. How much work has a person put on his brain, how has he used it? Accordingly, his brain capacity will increase.

Diet also plays a role

Good mental ability is also linked to diet. Especially a balanced diet has a good effect on it. Healthy, balanced and digestible food is also important for the brain.

Why am I saying this, if you look at the mind of a smoker, a drunkard and an ordinary person, there is a world of difference. The memory power of a person who drinks alcohol, the ability to make decisions is reduced or weakened.


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