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8 mistakes, which cause constipation

 8 mistakes, which cause constipation

There are hardly any people who do not suffer from constipation. Constipation is generally defined as having stools less than three to four times a week or difficulty in passing stools. Constipation is the problem of pain during defecation, delay in defecation, taking more time during defecation.

Some mistakes in our daily lifestyle are responsible for this problem.

Eating irregularly

Due to today's busy lifestyle, eating schedule is not regular. Sometimes eating one meal a day and sometimes four or five meals a day of heavy diet food causes a disturbance in the digestive process.

Do not exercise

Nowadays, many people are too lazy to exercise. They think that they should not do physical activity as much as possible. Such people sleep as soon as they eat. Which weakens the muscles of the digestive system and cannot easily digest the solid food eaten. Such a problem can happen to those who sit in a chair for a long time and sit idle in one place.

Eating in an unbalanced manner

We do not bring variety in the daily food. Also, we have a habit of eating more rice than vegetables. Rice is high in carbohydrates, which take time to digest. Fried food tempts the tongue, but in this way, the nutrients that should be in the fried food are destroyed.

Not only that, the amount of toxins in the said food increases. Along with this, bitter foods are also eaten more for the taste of the tongue, which is the main factor that causes constipation. These foods affect the digestive process.

Smoking and drinking alcohol

Smoking and moderate consumption does not stimulate the appetite for other foods. That's why I don't like to eat foods like fiber. If you get addicted to these things, it can damage the lungs and various parts of the body. Which weakens the digestive process.

Do not drink water

There should be a lot of water for the body, but many people have a habit of going without drinking water throughout the day. Water plays the role of taking out the waste elements that have accumulated in the body, delivering the nutrients to the blood and taking out the foreign elements in the body. But they do not consume water throughout the day due to busy work or other reasons. This can cause dehydration in the body. So you should drink three to four liters or 10 to 11 glasses of water a day.

Eating ready-made fast food

Now breakfast in the morning starts with ready-made food. Because chemicals are mixed in such foods, the amount of fat and sugar is high. Foods like biscuits, lentils, noodles, bread are made from flour. In which the amount of fiber is low, it is not digested quickly, and the waste accumulates in the stomach.

Eating poorly

We cook and eat many dishes at once, which is wrong. We eat fish, meat, milk, curd, sweets, fruits at the same time. All these dishes have their own nutrients, which are also necessary for the body. However, when all the foods are mixed together, the nutrients become more difficult to digest. Consuming such foods together is very dangerous for the digestive system.

Do not eat high fiber foods

There is a shortage of fiber-rich foods in the daily diet. Generally, it is not given much importance in daily eating. This makes it difficult for people to digest the food they eat daily. If a fiber-rich food acts as a brush. For example, vegetables and fruit salads are rich in fiber. It helps in making the stool easier.


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