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How is bubble tea, which is preferred by the young generation, made? | How to sit?

How is bubble tea, which is preferred by the young generation, made?

Good atmosphere, delicious food and special drinks attract anyone. Nowadays, new cafes have opened in the city to fulfill the same desire of the customers. Apart from the cafe, a 'bubble tea station' has also been opened.

"Bubble tea" is a drink that is being preferred by the young generation recently. Even people who have never tasted bubble tea may have heard about it. It is characterized by the inclusion of chewable grains in the drink.

This tea is also known as pearl tea, black pearl tea and boba tea. Bubble tea is a Taiwanese tea that became very popular during the Covid period. Since then, this bubble tea craze is increasing.

Bubble tea usually contains small grains of sago (boba) 'tapioca pearls' that are used to chew with tea. Which is imported from Taiwan. After it is cooked in brown sugar, its color becomes black. Bubble tea is prepared by mixing boba with milk shake and other flavored syrups. There are many types of bubble tea. It usually includes black tea, coffee and milk. Also, a smoothie is prepared by mixing both ice cream and fruit.

Bubble tea is made of liquid, which helps to keep the body hydrated in hot weather. Bubble tea contains caffeine, which gives an instant energy boost. Bubble tea is high in sugar. Consuming too much of it can lead to weight gain and type 2 diabetes. Therefore, it is not advisable to consume too much of it.

How to make bubble tea

Place the tapioca balls in a pot with water. Add brown sugar and cook for 30 minutes. After that, when it is cooked well and sticky like bubblegum, it should be removed from the gas and left to cool for 30 minutes. You can buy tapioca balls in the market.

Now put the cooked tapioca beads in a glass. You can coat the inside of the glass with syrup as per your preference. Then put milk and cream in it. You can also put any fruit flavor you want in it.

How to sit?

How long do we stay at home or office during the day? Perhaps we have never noticed this. Under the pressure of work, we complete our work by sitting in one place or one chair for hours. Call it habit or compulsion. But it can cause serious harm to health.

Neck and back pain is common when sitting for long periods of time. We don't know how to live. Sitting is a normal thing, but if the sitting position is not right, our body is afraid of becoming sick. It is said that one should know how to sit.

The medical journal "JAMA Oncology" conducted a study on about 8,000 people for four years. In it, the lifestyle of the person was evaluated. Research has found that people who sit for long periods of time and are physically inactive have an 82 percent higher risk of dying from cancer.

Acupuncturist Sudarshan Basnet, the president of Suswatsha Hospital, says, "90 percent of Nepalese people are not sitting in the right way and position." If so, how should they sit?

Basnet tells us that if we are going to work in one place for a long time, we should pay special attention to how we sit. When sitting in any place, you should sit with your back straight. We should not lean forward or back too much," he says. "When we sit on a chair, if possible, we should put a cushion behind the waist. It is better to have a cushion to fill the gap between the chair and our waist.

Now most of the tables do not have a 'food rest' i.e. a place to put your feet. But Basnet says that 6 to 8 inches of foot rest should be kept for foot support. Keeping the computer and laptop in such a way that the neck is bent causes the problem of neck pain. Therefore, Basnet suggests that the computer and laptop should be kept in such a way that the eye label is straight.

Do not stay in one place for a long time

Basnet says that one should not stay in one place or in one position for more than an hour. If possible, if not every half an hour, at least once in an hour, you should get up and walk a little. The body should be stretched and light exercises should be done," he says.

In the same way, do not apply upper legs and tighten the shoulder blades. When sitting in this way, there is a problem in the 'sacral joint', the joint that connects the upper and lower spine. Basnet says that if you sit for a long time wearing upper legs and tight pants, the problem of knee pain will also appear.

Constantly sitting in the same position can lead to joint pain and bone diseases. Difficulty walking. Acupuncturist Basnet says that sometimes patients may need surgery.

"Staying in the same position for a long time can also cause the problem of vein compression," he says. This causes the legs to flicker and sleep problems.

Something to note

- Instead of sitting in one place for a long time, one should get up every hour and bend left and right to stretch the waist a little.

- When stretching the body, jerking should not be done. You should bend forward and backward and rotate the waist.

- We sit and bend to one side, bend our neck a lot and use mobile phones. This causes the problem of pinching neck veins.

- We work sitting on the sofa for a long time. Sitting on a flexible sofa does not support our waist and causes back pain. Therefore, you should not use a very flexible sofa.


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