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What is the 'black box' on board, and how does it work? | What you need to know about lithium ion and lead acid batteries

What is the 'black box' on board, and how does it work?

After all, what is the 'black box' on the plane? Why is it necessary to search for a plane crash? No matter how big a plane crash, why is there no damage to the 'black box'?

Today we are giving information about these topics related to 'Black Box'.

A black box in an aircraft is a device that stores flight data recorders and cockpit voice recorder devices. The cockpit voice recorder recorded the conversation between the crew members and the air traffic controller.

After the accident, the cause of the plane crash can be found through the air traffic control and the conversation between the crew (CVR-cockpit voice recorder) in the cockpit voice recorder secured in the same black box. Similarly, there is a flight data recorder in the black box.

It records every activity of the aircraft like the speed of the aircraft, the altitude the aircraft is flying at, how many degrees the aircraft has banked, how many degrees it has gone up or down, how much fuel is left, what is the temperature of the fuel, what is the condition of the engine, what is the temperature of the engine, the aircraft It stores information about the temperature outside and inside, where the wind is blowing from, and how fast the wind is.

Similarly, the flight data recorder stores important details such as how much gravitational force is exerted on the plane, how much air pressure is on the plane, how many RPM (revolution per minute) the propeller was rotating, and what was the condition of the landing gear.

The black box is usually placed in the tail section of the aircraft. Because in case of an accident, the rear part is less likely to be destroyed.

Both devices are made of strong and heat-resistant materials, designed to withstand extreme crash conditions.

Somehow, if this box falls into water, it can also float on it. And, the most important thing is that the color of the black box is orange, not black, so that the device can be identified in any accident or explosion.

The use of black boxes helps in the investigation of accidents and incidents in aviation. It gives important information about the cause of the accident. Considering such information, the deficiencies in it are corrected.

What you need to know about lithium ion and lead acid batteries

  In terms of rechargeable batteries, the most commonly used batteries are lithium ion and lead acid batteries. Both these batteries work the same. Both of them store electricity and provide the same electrical energy if needed. Although the work of both is similar, the working process, purpose and importance are different.

Today we are giving information about the difference between lithium ion and lead acid batteries, their importance and uses.

The main difference between lithium ion and lead acid batteries is the electrolyte used. An electrolyte is a substance that conducts electricity when mixed with water or any other solvent. For example, if we mix table salt (sodium chloride) with water, it conducts electricity. Therefore, salt is considered an electrolyte.

The main difference is the different electrolyte used in these two types. In particular, a liquid electrolyte made of sulfuric acid is used in lead acid batteries, while a solid electrolyte is used in lithium ion batteries.

The solid electrolyte used in lithium ion batteries is made from lithium cobalt or lithium iron phosphate. Different electrolytes used in these two batteries have different types of work and purpose. Lead acid batteries are relatively heavier than lithium ion batteries.

Especially the lead and acid used there make the lead acid battery heavier than the lithium ion battery. Energy density is low in such batteries. This means that lead acid batteries store less energy per unit weight. On the other hand, lithium ion battery is lighter and more compact than lead acid battery.

The energy density of such batteries is also higher than lead acid batteries. This means that lithium-ion batteries store more energy per unit weight. Another difference between these two batteries is the price and performance.

Comparatively, lithium ion batteries are more expensive than lead acid batteries. However, the size of the battery and the market demand also determine the price of these batteries. However, if the price is determined based on various bases and needs, the price of lithium-ion battery will be higher.

The energy density of lithium-ion batteries is higher than that of lead-acid batteries, which is why lithium-ion batteries are more expensive. Lithium ion batteries have the ability to store more energy in a small space. Apart from that, various studies have shown that lithium ion batteries are more durable than lead acid batteries.

Another reason why lithium ion batteries are expensive is their discharge rate. The charge/discharge rate of lead acid batteries is lower than that of lithium ion batteries. Due to the low charge/discharge rate, the lead acid battery takes a long time to charge. Also, energy flow is slow, so that lead acid batteries are not used for fast charging or fast energy flow.

Similarly, the cost and process involved in making lithium ion batteries is more than that of lead acid batteries. Likewise, the self-discharge rate of lead acid batteries is higher than that of lithium-ion batteries. As a result, the stored energy is wasted when not in use. That's why lithium ion batteries are expensive.

Lead acid batteries are generally more durable and less prone to physical damage than lithium-ion batteries. Lead acid batteries are also less likely to degrade performance due to charge and discharge.

Lithium-ion batteries are more prone to damage than lead-acid batteries. Due to frequent charging and discharging of such batteries, there is a possibility of deterioration in performance. Lead acid batteries are generally more resistant to extreme temperatures than lithium-ion batteries. It can be understood that lead acid batteries can work even in cold or hot places.

However, lithium ion batteries cannot withstand extreme temperatures. As lithium ion batteries are more sensitive to temperature, their capacity decreases when exposed to extreme heat or cold. Similarly, the lead acid battery is the oldest and the most widely used battery, where the lithium ion battery is a new type and has been used for the last few years.

Where are lead acid and lithium ion batteries used?

Lithium ion batteries are especially used in portable electronic devices such as laptops, cellphones, smartwatches, electric vehicles, etc. Likewise, lead acid batteries are used in various vehicles and places where large amounts of energy are needed to be stored.

Lead acid battery

1. automobiles

2. Backup power system

3. Alternative energy systems

4. Golf cart

5. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Lithium ion battery

1. Portable electronic devices – laptops, smartphones, smartwatches, tablets

2. EV – motorcycle, bus, car

3. Alternative energy systems

4. Medical device

5. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

  Which battery has the highest safety risk?

Lead acid batteries are more dangerous than lithium ion batteries. Because lead acid is more toxic, it affects the environment a lot. If the lead and acid used in the manufacture of lead-acid batteries are not properly disposed of, they can be harmful to human health and the environment.

That being said, it does not mean that lithium ion batteries have no negative effects. If materials such as cobalt and lithium cannot be managed during the manufacture of lithium ion batteries, it will have a negative impact on human health.

Similarly, lead acid batteries are easier to recycle than lithium ion batteries. The lead and acid used in lead acid batteries can be reused. Generally speaking, lead acid batteries are more reliable and cost less. However, this battery is useful for such industries. Which requires a large amount of energy.

Therefore, both types of batteries are equally important in their field. Although it is expensive in terms of price, lithium ion batteries have energy density, longer life, and excellent performance.


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