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How to make the child's teeth good and strong?

How to make the child's teeth good and strong?

Children's teeth start to change between the ages of 6 and 7. Before that, baby teeth grow, which gradually fall out and new teeth start to grow. In this way, the teeth after the milk teeth are replaced are permanent, and if they are damaged again, there is no possibility of new teeth coming.

Therefore, it is necessary to take special care of the teeth at a young age. But they don't care how to keep their teeth clean, how to make them strong. Parents should take care of their children's teeth.

Then how to take care of the child's teeth? How to prevent insects from eating, rotting, breaking, rotting?

It is also necessary to take care of milk teeth

It should be cleaned from the beginning of the baby teeth rather than after the teeth change. Some parents do not clean after the baby teeth come out, thinking that good teeth will come. Because of this, at a young age, children can get tooth infections, get worms, and even affect the roots of permanent teeth. If pus accumulates in the baby teeth, it will affect the development of permanent teeth, pus will accumulate in the gums, and the color of the teeth will change.

From what age to brush?

Children should be brushed twice a day after the milk teeth come. Meanwhile, dental floss can also be given to the child. The habit of seeing the dentist once a year and rinsing after eating sugary foods will not cause problems with tooth decay.

The permanent teeth, which should last a lifetime, should be kept clean as well. It is said that brushing should be done for at least three minutes. But some people brush their teeth well before three minutes and some people do not clean their teeth properly even after three minutes. Therefore, the teeth should be clean by reaching all the surfaces of the teeth and brushing well before time.

What kind of manjan and brush to use?

Young children are more likely to swallow fluoride (an ingredient in toothpaste) while brushing their teeth. Which is harmful for children's health. Therefore, for them, manjan with less fluoride or manjan without fluoride as much as possible is appropriate.

These manjans can be easily found in the market. When the children are able to spit and they know that manjan should not be swallowed, fluoride-containing manjan can be given.

Likewise, babies who don't have teeth. After giving them some food, the gums of the teeth should be cleaned by soaking them in warm water with a soft handkerchief. A pediatric brush can be used for babies who can open their mouths. A soft adult brush should be changed after the baby teeth and permanent teeth are mixed. So that there is no wound in the gums.

What diet to make the child's teeth strong and attractive?

Eat more fiber rich foods to keep your teeth healthy. Today's foods that are low in fiber can also damage teeth. Acid is more in processed food, junk food. At home, pulses, rice and vegetables should be introduced and allowed to be eaten from a young age. Which can supply fiber and vitamins.

Causes of crooked teeth

If the teeth move for a long time, the teeth will become crooked. Therefore, as much as possible, while the new tooth is coming in, if the first tooth is sitting there, it will grow elsewhere without finding a place.

If some parents don't pay attention, the children's teeth are loose and the other teeth start to come in, which causes tooth decay. Parents should check their child's teeth to see if they are loose and remove the teeth if they are loose.

What to do to prevent tooth decay?

Baby's mouth should be cleaned with warm water from three months after birth. Even if only one or two baby teeth have erupted, do not forget to clean them properly. Brushing in the morning and evening and rinsing the mouth after eating food, dental floss should be done if the food is stuck.

If the child's teeth are eaten by worms, the gums will become swollen and ripe, if the teeth are not clean, the gums will bleed. Therefore, children should be taught to clean their mouth and teeth.

Children's gums should be massaged

Baby's gums need massage. When we brush our teeth, when the brush touches the gums, it is massaging itself. For small children, clean gently in a circular motion. There is no need for a separate massage for the gums.

How effective are home remedies to clean teeth?

Many people also use home remedies to clean their teeth. It is specially cleaned with salt, oil and turmeric. When cleaning the teeth with ingredients like salt, turmeric and oil, the teeth wear away and the enamel also disappears. The harsh substances present in it erode the teeth and destroy the natural enamel.


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