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Ncell is a leading telecommunications company in Nepal.

Ncell is a leading telecommunications company in Nepal. It was established in 2004 as Mero Mobile, and rebranded as Ncell in 2010. The company is a joint venture between Axiata Group Berhad and Telia Company, and it is the first private sector company to provide GSM-based mobile services in Nepal.

The history of Ncell can be traced back to 2003, when the Nepalese government issued a license to Mero Mobile to operate a GSM-based mobile network in the country. Mero Mobile began operations in 2004, and quickly became popular among Nepalese consumers for its affordable and reliable services. In 2010, the company was rebranded as Ncell and began expanding its network and services.

Today, Ncell is the leading telecommunications company in Nepal, with over 16 million subscribers. The company offers a range of mobile services, including voice and data services, as well as mobile banking and other financial services. Ncell has also been at the forefront of introducing new technologies and services in Nepal, such as 3G and 4G services.

One of the key objectives of Ncell is to provide affordable and reliable telecommunications services to Nepalese consumers. The company is committed to investing in its network and infrastructure, and to providing high-quality services to its customers. Ncell also has a strong focus on corporate responsibility, and is involved in various social and environmental initiatives in Nepal.

In conclusion, Ncell is a leading telecommunications company in Nepal, with a rich history and a strong focus on providing affordable and reliable services to its customers. The company has been instrumental in bringing new technologies and services to Nepal, and is committed to investing in its network and infrastructure to support the country's economic growth and development.


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