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Beware of such people on social media | Do you want to 'break up' with Facebook? Don't forget this | How to view locked Facebook profiles?

Beware of such people on social media

For the past few days, individuals/criminal groups have been misusing technology and adopting various trends through social media to commit online fraud day by day. In view of this situation, the Cyber Bureau has been requested to be aware of such cheating trends.

The bureau has requested people to be aware of people who are lured by a friend who is only known online to send them a gift and who ask for money under the pretext of tax to receive the gift. Similarly, if you get an online lottery ticket in your name, you should be careful of those who ask you to pay tax to get the said lottery ticket.

You should also be wary of people who gain access to the social network account and identify the close friends of the social network user and demand money under various pretexts. Also, as there are some people asking for OTP by saying that they have sent the necessary code number from the social network of their friends, and withdrawing money from the account of the respective account holder, he has requested them not to give their OTP code even if asked.

In the situation where the cases of keeping goods for sale cheaply online and sending the same, not collecting the money and not delivering the goods in advance, and opening bank accounts under various pretexts through social media and taking details such as ATM card, OTP, etc., one should be aware of such people. There are also people demanding money on social media saying that they will make the video viral on various platforms. The bureau has asked not to trust any such unknown person.

In addition to this, the bureau has also requested people who ask for money to be aware that if they invest in cryptocurrencies or bitcoins, which are banned in the country, the financial benefits will double immediately.

Do you want to 'break up' with Facebook? Don't forget this

Almost all of us are trying to delete our Facebook account in one way or another. However, we are not able to. To use Facebook, some aspect of it is influencing us. Whether it's to connect with friends or relatives, remember birthdays, read news, or watch funny content, we can't get away from Facebook. Not only that, but some of the services of that platform do not stop us from using Facebook.

Facebook has so many features that we can't stay away even if we want to. If you are looking to delete Facebook. However, if you have not been able to get away from this platform, this article may be suitable for you.

First download the data:

The main reason why you can't delete Facebook is the data stored in your account. So if you download the data, you can safely delete the account. Follow the below procedure to download Facebook data.

- First open the Facebook app.

- Then tap on the three lines at the top right.

- And go to Settings and Privacy option and select the setting option that appears at the top.

- Then search for 'Download your profile information' in the search bar above.

- There is an option to download profile information. Tap on it.

- After doing this, what files you want to download on Facebook will be separated. Deselect the data you don't need by tapping on the tick option next to it.

- And, tap on Create File option at the end.

- Then it will take some time to prepare all your files. After some time the download option will appear. You can download your data by tapping on download.

Manage Facebook memories

Every year, Facebook reminds you of what you have posted in the past through memories. You might not be able to get away from Facebook because of this feature. But when all your data is downloaded, such old photos and videos are also downloaded. Due to this, you don't have to worry much about the contents coming into your memory. If you have downloaded your file, Facebook will manage the photos and videos you have uploaded in the same file. So that even after deleting Facebook, you can get all those files through your downloaded Facebook data.

Check where Facebook is logged in

We have logged into many apps using Facebook account. Some of them may have our important files stored in specific apps (Photoshop, e-commerce site, video editing site, game like PUBG or Freefire). Also see how important the sites you are logged into are. Go to the settings of Facebook and select the 'App and Website' option to see which site the account is logged into. If there are unnecessary sites, log out of your account on all of them.

Stay in touch with your family and friends

As much as you can connect with relatives or friends through social media, you can connect with other means as easily. Because social media makes you interact with your relatives or friends in one way or another. However, if you delete your Facebook account now, you have the option of making an appointment or making a phone call to stay in touch. If possible, meet in person, if not, keep in touch by calling.

Go back to old times

Before the advent of social media, we enjoyed the physical world more. Now social media has reduced our physical work and made it virtual. When you get away from Facebook, you have to go back to the old days. Write down your important tasks in a diary. Make more use of the physical calendar. Note down the birthdays of your friends or loved ones. Give good wishes by visiting or calling during your birthday.

Delete the account, not deactivate it

Once you have made a plan to stay away from Facebook, you should not deactivate it. Because if the account is deactivated, it is desirable to return to that platform again. So delete it immediately. Then disappear for a month. If you do not cancel 'Account Delete' within one month, your ID will be deleted forever. Follow the below procedure to delete the account.

- First open the Facebook app.

- Then tap on the three lines on the top right.

- Then go to Settings and Privacy option.

- After doing this go to 'Privacy Shortcut'.

- After scrolling down, tap on the option 'Delete your account and information'.

- Then select the delete account option.

- Then, tap on the Continue to Account Deletion button.

- After doing this, tap on Continue to Account Deletion button again.

(You can also download all your Facebook details by going to the Download Your Information option here. If you have already downloaded your details, follow the steps below.)

- And, tap on the delete account button. Type the password in the box where you are asked to enter your password.

- Then finally tap on Continue button. Then your account will be deleted.

How to view locked Facebook profiles?

Some users keep their profile locked on Facebook.

Photos of such profiles cannot be viewed normally.

We all wonder who the person who locked the profile is. Clicking on the profile shows that 'This profile is locked'.

But it is possible to know who the person of such locked profile is.

For this, first go to the locked profile where you want to see the photo. Then right click on the profile photo and inspect it.

After inspecting in this way, click on Select.

Then point the mouse cursor to the profile photo.

Copy the corresponding element of the photo that appears on the side when pointing it.

Paste the copied element in any text editor (Notepad, Msword).

Then delete the text before https.

Copy the deleted text again and paste it in the browser.

After doing this, it will show you the respective person's photo in a separate tab.

This way you can see the locked profile photo. However, it is better not to look at locked profiles as the subject of privacy has been raised.


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