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Very hot food affects the intestines | The color of urine indicates that the body is not getting enough water | What is the treatment if the child's teeth are eaten by worms or crooked?

Very hot food affects the intestines

In winter, the taste of eating hot food is doubled. After drinking hot tea, spit, coffee, tea, the life becomes tight. Sometimes we need so much hot food that our mouth cannot bear it.

But does very hot food have any effect on the mouth, tongue, esophagus, stomach? We have asked these questions, stomach and liver disease specialist Dr. With Legislative Fund Paudel.

Does it affect the digestive system?

Homeostasis brings balance to whatever food we eat. The function of homeostasis is to bring it to 37 degrees Celsius regardless of eating cold or hot food. Therefore, eating very hot food can cause immediate health problems rather than long term ones.

As soon as hot food enters the mouth, the skin of the mouth burns. It is difficult to swallow hot food and regurgitation is also done. Food up to a certain temperature can be tolerated by the tongue. But the gums or the skin inside the mouth is very sensitive and gets irritated by heat.

Such food cannot be kept in the mouth for a long time, we swallow it. Now it can affect the throat. There is a fear of burning or making a wound. The surface of the esophagus, stomach and large intestine becomes softer and more sensitive. Eating too much food can affect all of these.

A kind of acid is also produced in the stomach for digestion. If this acid is too much or if the food is not balanced, there is a risk of stomach ulcers or ulcers. Therefore, eating very hot food does not heat up the body.

Dr. Legislature Paudel

How or what temperature to eat?

In winter, coffee, tea, soup, thukpa etc. are eaten very hot. Eating hot food that burns the mouth is harmful. As much as possible, you should eat as hot as your mouth can tolerate. It should also be swallowed after playing it in the mouth for a moment.

Does very hot food affect the teeth?

Yes, teeth are also very sensitive. Very cold or very hot food directly affects the teeth. Whatever food you eat, it affects your teeth.

Very hot drinks or foods can destroy the natural enamel of the teeth. Due to this, the teeth may gradually weaken, wear, and grind.

How does the tongue tolerate very hot food?

As soon as you eat hot food, the first thing that hurts is the tongue. The skin of the tongue may be inflamed and irritated. You can experience it yourself, after eating very hot food, the tongue will tingle. This situation may last for a few days.

Is it difficult to digest very hot food?

There is no special problem for digestion. Because it takes a long time to reach the state of digestion. The temperature of the food is balanced as it passes through the mouth, throat, esophagus, and stomach.

Food stays in the stomach for five hours. By then, the body has made a balance that can tolerate heat or cold. However, too much hot food causes gastric problems.

Is there any amount of hot food to eat?

The normal temperature of our body is 37 degrees Celsius. Foods with a temperature of 37 to 50 can be eaten chilled or warm.

The color of urine indicates that the body is not getting enough water

 Have you noticed how many times a day you urinate? What is the color of urine? Its calculations also tell about some of your health conditions.

It is not normal to urinate too much or too little. How many times a day is actually normal or healthy to urinate? What should be the color of urine? Why do you urinate frequently in winter? What kind of problem can be caused by urinary retention? Dr. urologist on this matter. Edited excerpt from conversation with Ravin Bahadur Basnet:

Urinate a little more in winter. Why does this happen?

Urine is formed after the kidneys filter the water and loose substances we eat. The harmful substances that we eat are removed by the body through various means. The kidneys excrete solutes and water through the medium of urine, the skin through sweat, and moisture through defecation and breathing.

Since the temperature is cold in the winter months, the skin produces less water through sweat. The water and loose matter that we eat has to be removed from the body by some means. Urine is more in winter because it is less excreted through sweat.

In winter, the muscles are contracted to maintain body temperature. In order to save the temperature, the muscles of the urinary bladder also contract, so that the function of the bladder is a little less and because of this, more urine is required in winter. These are the two main reasons for frequent urination in winter.

How many times a day is considered healthy to urinate?

It is normal for an adult and healthy person to urinate once every two hours during the day. It is also considered healthy to urinate twice a night.

If you urinate more than twice at night and eight times during the day, it is not considered normal.

What should be the color of urine?

The color of urine should be transparent like water. If we put urine in a transparent bag and put a newspaper under it, the color of urine should be such that the newspaper can be read.

Does the color of urine indicate more or less water in the body?

The color of urine indicates that the amount of water in the body is more or less. If the amount of water in the body is reached, the color of urine is transparent like water. If the amount of water in the body is low, the color of urine is yellow.

After urinating a lot in winter, there will be a lack of water in the body, right?

Even if you urinate a lot in winter, there is no shortage of water in the body. Because the body does not get rid of water through other means, there is a lot of urination in winter. Therefore, excessive urination should not lead to lack of water. A healthy person should drink two and a half to three liters of water a day.

How to replenish body water in winter?

Many people drink less water than in summer because of the cold in winter. In this case, you can consume hot soup, milk, dal and bagged food to make up for the lack of water in winter.

Like, even if they have to urinate in winter, they can urinate lazily. Due to this, there is an increase in urinary problems in this season?

In the winter season, many people urinate lazily and urinate. As a result, problems related to urine and bladder increase in the winter season. Holding urine for a long time can lead to urinary and bladder infections.

What kind of problems can occur when you stop urinating?

The habit of urinating causes discomfort and pain in the lower abdomen. Also, when you stop urinating, it stays in the bladder for a long time, which can lead to urinary and bladder infections.

Elderly men whose 'prostate' is enlarged, if they have a habit of urinating, the bladder becomes swollen and cannot be squeezed, and there may be a situation where a pipe cannot be passed without being able to urinate on its own.

People who have a habit of holding urine for a long time may develop urinary tract infections and later urinary leakage.

The tube that comes from our kidneys to the bladder is called the ureter. Urine accumulated in the bladder does not go back to the kidney through the ureter. But if the urine is stopped for a long time, the ureter may become swollen and the kidneys may become damaged in the future.

What is the treatment if the child's teeth are eaten by worms or crooked?

Dentists say that 90 out of 100 children's teeth are damaged in some way if they look at the child's mouth. Children's teeth are especially affected by insects, rotting, chipping and crooked teeth.

It is not normal to have bad teeth like this. Teeth are not only related to the beauty of the face, but also to overall health. All the nutrients needed by the body are the food we eat and the teeth must be strong to chew and break it. If the teeth are bad, it not only affects the digestive system, but also the necessary nutrients may not be properly supplied to the body.

This means, the teeth must be strong and correct.

Three main problems seen in children's teeth

Most of the children's teeth seem to be eaten by worms. The problem of crooked teeth is not less. Similarly, gum problems are seen in many people now. Swelling of the gums is common due to mouth dirt or fever. These are the three main problems seen in children now.

The problem is not the chocolate, but the hygiene

It is often heard that children's teeth are damaged by eating chocolate. But you can't blame the chocolate for being confused. Foods that stay on the teeth for a long time or stick to them will damage the teeth. Therefore, it is important to wash and clean the mouth properly after eating food.

It is a good habit to rinse after eating any food. If this is not done, the food gets tangled or sticks to the dental plaque, which activates the germs in the mouth. It produces acid by eating the same food. This acid causes tooth grinding. This causes damage to the calcium and minerals of the teeth.

The effect of this is that the teeth become loose and small holes that are not visible to the eye begin to form. As this process continues, the teeth become weak and may break easily. It is called cabity.

When teeth decay

After the worm eats the tooth, it is necessary to know in which position it is. In the first stage, it affects the tooth enamel. It does not have veins, so when it affects the enamel, the tooth appears swollen. It is not necessary to do additional treatment for this, it is enough to take good care of it. Like eating right, cleaning properly after eating, rinsing, brushing at the right time.

Medicines can also be used for this. This condition becomes normal after taking medicine like fluoride. But if care is not taken at this stage, teeth will grind and cavities will start. At that time, there is only one option left, tooth filling. If the teeth are not filled, the food will remain in that place and the process of grinding will increase.

If the tooth is not treated during this period, it will start affecting the branch of the tooth's nerves. When you go to that branch, you will feel tingling and pain. In such a situation, the tooth is treated with strong medicine and the decayed vein can be extracted and filled with medicine. If the roots are eaten, pulpectomy is done.

What to do if a child has a toothache?

If you have a toothache, first of all, you should check whether the food is stuck or not. Food may also be stuck in the gums. It hurts when something presses on the vein of the gum.

Therefore, the food should be removed with a toothpick or dental floss. If not, rinse with lukewarm water.

In the past, cloves were used for toothache. It works as a stick. Sometimes even if it kills the nerves, a problem that can be cured with a small treatment, the effect of clove may require a major treatment.

Complications in toothache

If the child has unbearable toothache, there is no option to bring him to the hospital. If the cheeks become swollen, it becomes difficult to breathe, the eyes start to close or pus comes out, you should see a doctor immediately.

If the pain is tolerable, paracetamol can be given at home. No more painkillers should be given. A toothache is caused by an impact on the nerve there or after the nerve has died. Blood flow will spread the pain. It is best to treat it so that it does not reach the nerve. Although painkillers provide temporary pain relief, they are not a long-term cure.

If another tooth is to be placed

If for some reason a tooth erupts, another tooth is placed. If the wisdom tooth is erupted, it will not do much and may not require another tooth. If other teeth are erupted, braces should be fixed in the empty area.

If the teeth are crooked, some teeth may have to be removed during the adjustment process. The same tooth can be taken out and put back together. But if the teeth in the same place are erupted, then false teeth should be kept.

Especially for children, temporary teeth should be inserted, which are easy to remove and keep. Because the child's bite is not yet balanced. In this case, the age of 20 years should be reached to have permanent teeth.

Chances of another tooth erupting are minimal

If a child's tooth has to be removed for some reason, another tooth will not grow in the empty space by itself, this is a very rare thing. Similarly, if a person should have 32 teeth, they can have 33. This is also a rare thing.

If the child's teeth are crooked

When the child's teeth are crooked, the bite cannot be adjusted and the food cannot be chewed properly. Friction between unnecessary teeth can occur and the teeth wear down. Brushing such teeth does not clean properly. As a result, the teeth deteriorate.

Similarly, if the teeth are crooked, it reduces their self-confidence. You may have to cover your mouth while talking or laughing. It causes mental problems in them.

Because the teeth also adjust the pattern of the child's face, if the teeth are bad, some mistakes may appear on the face.

Mistakes made when removing teeth

Our teeth change during childhood. The first tooth, which we colloquially call a milk tooth, erupts and another tooth grows. When we pull out such a tooth, we do something wrong. Like taking off before time, shaking badly. Teething has its own time.

When a tooth is removed prematurely, the surrounding teeth get space and tend to lean towards that place. As a result, the next tooth coming from inside becomes crooked.

The root of the baby tooth is being eaten away from the inside by the next growing tooth. As the root grows, it becomes smaller and starts shaking. After eating too much, the liriliri starts to shake, only then should it be taken out.

At the age of 7-8 months or when the four lower and four upper teeth grow, it is possible to estimate what the child's teeth will look like later.

If a child's bones are small, 32 teeth can't fit and it will be crooked. The reason why the teeth do not come straight is also hereditary. When the tooth is extracted, the doctor will set it, if the treatment can be done in a planned way after examination beforehand, the tooth can be corrected quickly.

Dental treatment method

First, after examining the condition of the teeth, X-rays are taken to measure the teeth and pictures taken outside or inside the mouth, and based on that, treatment is planned according to the complexity of the teeth. Teeth with orthodontic problems are fixed with braces and wires. Teeth are adjusted by placing braces on the outer part of the teeth. Some teeth may need to be removed when the teeth are adjusted.

As the treatment technique done in this way is visible from the outside, it may not be possible for some people. For this, the inner surface of the tooth can be treated with a brace on the tongue side. It may take two to three years for the teeth to come together. In nine months there is a process of fixing it. It is also possible to align the teeth without the use of another brace, which is called clear aligner therapy.


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