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Risk of ear infections, lacerations in the baby

Risk of ear infections, lacerations in the baby

Children are often at risk of ear infections. When taking a bath, water gets into the ear, and the right posture for feeding the milk causes the ear to dry. After the baby's ears are ripe, some people also apply home remedies.

Ear infections are one of the common problems in children. Young children are more prone to colds, so ear infections are more common in them. Because there is a kind of pipe connecting nose and ear. which manages the air pressure in the ear. Nose, ear and throat specialist Dr. Dhundiraj Paudel says.

Also, there is a risk of ear infection when children are fed milk while sleeping. Paudel says, "When feeding milk while lying down, the nasal and ear tubes are straightened and the milk can go to the ear through the upper throat and cause infection."

Not only due to these two reasons, children's ears can also get infections due to other reasons, some children can have ear infections from birth. After the baby is born, putting oil in the ear, rubbing the ear to clean it, having a lot of runny nose and running the nose, there is a risk of ear infection and middle ear infection.


Children cannot express their problems like adults. Therefore, parents should take care of some symptoms. Paudel suggests. If children have an ear infection, they hold their ears and cry. If they have a fever, refuse to breastfeed, cry when feeding other foods and find it difficult to swallow food, they may have an ear infection.

It can also cause long-term problems

If the child cries because of an ear infection, the mother puts the child to sleep and feeds milk to see if the child is crying because of hunger. As a result, the infection increases. Paudel says that if the ear infection persists for a long time, the problem of tearing the eardrum may occur.

If the problem of ringing in the ear is repeated or persists for a long time, it becomes a complicated problem due to an infection in the bone of the middle ear. This infection reaches the middle ear and causes pus to flow and hearing loss. If the problem gets complicated, the infection can spread and reach the brain.'

He says that if the ear infection is not treated in time, the eardrum may rupture and the child may suffer from complex problems such as poor hearing, crooked mouth, and pus flowing in the brain.

What to do to prevent infection?

If children have ear infections and ear problems, they should not pick their ears randomly. Also, do not put oil or other liquids in the ear. Especially if the child is prone to colds from time to time, caution should be taken. The mother should not breastfeed the baby while sleeping, should pay attention to cleanliness and nutritious diet. Paudel suggests.

If the pus continues to flow from their ears, they should apply vaseline ointment on cotton and close the ears with squeezed cotton while taking a bath. If children have an ear infection, they should not apply random medicines at home. This can lead to more complications. After infection, treatment should be done according to expert doctor's advice rather than home treatment, says Paudal.

If the ear is ripe or there is an infection in the ear, it is also wrong to bring medicine from the pharmacy and put it in the ear. Since the medicine should be used only after finding out what kind of infection has occurred, Dr. Paudel suggests.


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