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How to sleep?

How to sleep?

Rest is as essential as food and exercise. The body needs a certain period of complete rest. That's why we feel sleepy. Deep sleep itself is considered as nausea.

How to get deep sleep? There has been a lot of research and practice on this. In addition, the way of sleeping, let's say posture, is also inquired about. How to sleep?

It seems normal, but our body can't function properly when we don't sleep properly. Cannot experience complete relaxation. So you should also know how to sleep. Some other processes and organs of the body are active during sleep. For this, the right type of sleep is necessary. Then how to sleep? Where to go back to sleep? What position to keep the arms and legs and head?

Head south

It is said that you should turn your head to the south while sleeping. Gastric patients are also said to sleep in this direction. But you don't have to turn and sleep in this direction. Even if you lie in a position that is easy for you, facing in any direction.

Colte to the left

It is considered better to sleep on the left side. When sleeping like this, the functioning of the internal organs can be done properly. It is best to keep the spine in a straight position. It is not good to sleep curled up.

Also, it is better to sleep in both upright and bent postures. But when sleeping in an upright posture, one should not stretch too much and sleep in a slouched position. It is better to sleep in a position and posture that is comfortable for you, whether you are sleeping on your back or lying on your side. You should sleep in the right position by placing a pillow that covers the 'gap' of the neck.

If some people have spinal problems and pinched nerves, the sleeping position may be different from that of normal people.

Effects on the spine and nerves

In this way, sleeping in the right position benefits the spine, nerves and other organs. Also, sleeping in the right position will benefit the internal organs of the body as well.

Ease of circulation and respiration

Sleep is also good when you sleep in a different position. It prevents problems such as spinal cord injury and nerve compression. Sleeping in the right position also helps in blood flow and respiratory activity.

Flexible bedding harmful

Previously, it was customary to sleep in a gundri using a thin dasna. Nowadays, it is customary to sleep using a very thick flexible mattress. It is better not to sleep on too soft thick bedding. This can lead to the problem of bone erosion of the spine. Otherwise, if the mattress and mattress are of the right thickness, both of them can be slept on.

middle pillow

The pillow should not be too big, soft and too thin. If it becomes too big and heavy, it can cause the problem of the brittle bones of the neck. Similarly, if it is too thin, neck pain can also be a problem. You should use a pillow that is thick enough to cover the gap between your head and neck.

Risk of vein rupture

If the sleeping posture is not correct, the problem of pinched nerves and bone fractures can be seen. Many people come to the hospital with the problem of broken bones and torn veins due to improper sleeping posture.

Such sleep is fatal

If you get the right sleeping position, you can get good sleep and avoid various health problems. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the position and sleep. Wrong positions such as sleeping straight with too much stretching and sleeping with too much hunched back are fatal.


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