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How to keep lips soft in winter?

How to keep lips soft in winter?

In winter, the weather is dry, it is more cold, due to drinking less water, the lips become dry, chapped, and chapped. In such a situation, many products including lip balm are available in the market to maintain the beauty of the lips or make them soft. Which of these beauty products available in the market is more effective? How does it keep the lips soft?

Lip protection in winter

The color of the lips may vary from person to person. Soft and soft and pink lips are considered healthy and attractive.

To preserve the beauty of the lips, it is advisable to use lip balm, drink enough water, and use a mask when walking outside the house, especially when traveling on a bike.

Similarly, very cold or very hot food also affects the lips. Smoking is also bad for lips. Lips can be protected by taking care of these things.

Use of lip balm

Lip balms of different companies are brought in the market especially for winter. But because some are harsh and chemical, it can affect the beauty of the lips. So a good brand of lip balm with glycerine and more moisturizer is effective. Nivea, Lotus brand lip balms are good. Generally lip balm above 300 rupees is the standard.

It is better to use a lip balm with sunscreen. Because at this time, the effects of the hot sun can affect the lips as well as the skin. Lip Balm It is important to apply lip balm at night before going to bed, after washing your face in the morning and before applying makeup.

Choice of lipstick

A moisturizing lipstick helps to make the lips soft and beautiful. But you should not use only matte lipstick. It makes the lips darker. It is advisable to use semi-matt as much as possible.

It is necessary to apply lip balm before and after applying lipstick. It does not cause chapped lips. Helps keep lips soft. When using lipstick, you should use cream and moisture.

Home remedies to soften lips

We can use honey on the lips to keep the lips soft. It does not make the lips black. Nauni also makes the lips beautiful. Applying it at night before going to sleep makes the lips soft.

It is important to take care of what we are eating to keep our lips healthy not only with external products. Therefore, to keep the lips soft and healthy, you should drink enough water and eat more fruits.

Chapped lips and chapped lips

Cold air, environmental effects such as sunlight, using low-quality lip color, drinking less water can cause chapped lips and chapped lips. If your lips are swollen, you should not lick them continuously. Because this process can cause more dryness.

Home Remedies for Lips in Winter

Gheekumari: Gheekumari helps to keep the lips soft and supple.

Honey: Honey is said to be a wonderful moisturizer. It has healing and anti-bacterial properties to treat chapped lips. Make a mixture of honey and glycerin and apply it on your lips and leave it overnight.

Roses and milk: Take some fresh roses and soak them in raw milk for a few hours. Now applying this milk on your lips at least two to three times a day is effective. Milk and rose have a moisturizing effect, which helps to make your lips pink.

Sugar: Sugar works as a scrub, which helps in removing dead skin from the lips. Makes them look soft and supple. Take some honey and mix it with sugar and scrub it and massage it well on your lips. It is better to keep it for a while, wash it off with lukewarm water and then apply a natural lip balm.

Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is one of the best natural moisturizers. Massage your lips with coconut oil to protect your lips.


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