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Commode or pan toilet: Which is better for defecation and health?

Commode or pan toilet: Which is better for defecation and health?

The use of commodes for defecation is increasing. A commode has become a must in modern toilets. While in the past, pan seat was the only choice. Does this changed style in the toilet affect health, especially the digestive system and the spine? Which of these is more appropriate in terms of health? why

Pan toilet or commode?

In terms of physical health, both commode and pan have their own characteristics. When using a pan toilet seat, not only the hands are used, but also the feet, due to which the body gets an exercise condition and sweat also comes. As we sit on the pan, this position improves blood circulation and also helps in exercising the arms and legs.

The use of pan seat toilet is also beneficial for controlling colon cancer and other diseases related to the stomach. Sitting on the pan seat helps our body to completely remove the stool from the colon. Thus, it helps to reduce the chances of constipation, appendicitis, colon cancer and other types of diseases.

The use of pan sit helps to completely remove the waste material from our body. It puts enough pressure on the body, so that the stomach is cleaned properly. Various studies have also shown that constipation and other stomach problems can be eliminated by using such a seat.

It is better for pregnant women to use the pan seat. Using a pan toilet prevents pressure on the uterus. Using a pan toilet helps pregnant women to give birth naturally and to make delivery easy and safe.

Cleanliness after defecation is very important. After using the pan, we clean our parts with water and then wash our hands with soapy water. It also protects against various types of infections.

A commode for the elderly and those suffering from joint pain

Nowadays, the number of people using commode toilet seats has increased a lot. This also has some benefits. Commode seats are comfortable to sit on.

By using it, no tension is felt in any type of muscle. The commode toilet seat is especially convenient for the elderly. It is useful for knee pain, pinched veins, paralysis patients and people who have recently undergone surgery.

Sitting position during defecation

Sitting position affects defecation. Most people sit in a 90 degree position when sitting on the commode. Some people sit upright even when sitting on the pan. But sitting in a position of 90 degrees like this does not defecate properly. Therefore, even if you sit on a commode or pan j, you should sit in a position of 35 to 45 degrees. By sitting in this way, defecation is good and the stomach is clean.

Which is more effective in terms of cleanliness?

If the toilet is the thing to clean, then the commode is easy to clean. But in terms of mental health, the use of pan toilet seats is more effective. Because defecation is done sitting on the commode. If a person has an infection and uses the toilet, the infection spreads when the other person sits on the same commode again. It is better to have a public toilet with a pan seat.

Water is used in pan toilets. After defecation, hands are washed with soapy water, which is effective from the point of view of health.

Duration of defecation

It is normal to have bowel movements one to three times a day. If we talk about the time period, it is better to spend five minutes at a time in the toilet for defecation. Problems such as constipation and piles may appear after spending a long time in the toilet.

The best time for defecation is in the morning. The time between 5 am and 7 am is suitable for defecation.


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