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Which method is most effective for removing armpit hair?

Which method is most effective for removing armpit hair?

Beauty conscious women remove armpit hair. For this, some people use blades and some use hair remover cream.

What are the methods of removing armpit hair? Which of the popular methods is more effective? What to do if the skin of the armpit is black?

The best way to remove armpit hair

The best method for removing armpit hair is waxing. Hair does not grow for a long time after waxing. The skin also remains soft. Waxing not only prevents the hair from growing for a long time, but also thins the new hair. The reason for this is that the root of the hair is removed during waxing.

Some people have very sensitive skin. Waxing is the best option for those with such skin. Waxing works like an exfoliator. It removes sunburned skin, removes dead skin cells and makes the skin smooth and soft.

It is better to use a chemical-free wax for waxing. Italian Recavax in the market is considered very safe for the skin. When using this wax, the pain is less than others. It removes small to large hairs at once.

Walk at home

Waxing can also be done at home. But you have to know how to do it. You have to know how to put it in which place. If used incorrectly, it can affect the skin.

We use pre-vax gel when using RitaVax. It makes it non-sticky. We heat the light wax and apply it on the skin at a moderate temperature. After keeping it for some time, we take it out with the help of a chip. After extracting well, the oil will come in the wax, it should be applied. Other vaccines are applied in the same way.

You can take the help of others while walking. But Brazilian wax can be applied by yourself. Apply wax cream once for this. It dries in a few minutes. And the hair should be removed by hand.

other methods

Most people use the razor method to remove armpit hair. Hair remover cream can be applied along with it. Underarms can be cleaned by threading. Hair can also be shaved with a blade.

Cleaning with blades and razors can leave black spots or ingrown hairs. Most of the people rush to clean with a blade. Even if it is quick, it may cause problems later. It also absorbs the sensitive first layer of the skin, especially when shaving. This is why the skin becomes black. When shaving, the hair is cut only at the root, so when the hair grows back, it becomes thicker. There is also fear of skin injuries when using blades and razors.

How good is the hair remover?

Hair remover cream is not considered as effective. It should not be used not only under arms, but also in private parts. Remover cream does not remove the hair at all. Removes hair only on the visible surface.

Often, during hair growth, there may also be a problem of pus entering the skin. When applied to sensitive areas, it causes burning and skin problems. Its side effect is rapid hair growth. Also, the hair will be thick.

From what age?

Underarms should not be cleaned from this age. Young girls do not have a habit of cleaning. Those above 18 years of age come to clean their underarms. However, after 14 years, if necessary, cleaning is done. Because there is a separate wax for sensitive skin. It is advisable for them to use aloe vera flavored wax. Chocolate wax should be used for dry skin. It keeps the skin glowing.

Cleaning once a month

The armpit hair is shed during the month of the day. But because some people have fast hair growth, they can clean it according to their condition.


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