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What is MAC Address?

What is MAC Address?

If you know the basics about computers, then you will know that the network is not only developed through the computer but also many other networks are connected to a device which helps the network to work easily. does. Many problems are faced in identifying one device in front of another device, to solve these problems and to identify different devices, they are given a different number and that number is currently known as physical address. is These physical addresses are known as MAC addresses in the language of computers and networks. In this article, we are providing you complete information about this MAC address.


It is a unique number which is allotted to a network device. These numbers are installed in the memory of any device by the manufacturers company or through any other method. This address is allocated to the NIC or network interface card of any network and it is different in each device. This MAC address can be used in any other sub networks of IEEE 802 network such as bluetooth, wifi ethernet etc. You will hardly know about this that there are 2 other parts of the data link layer of this IEEE 802 in which the first logical link control and the second access control are included in it.

Each device connected to any network has a different MAC address ie Universal Unique. This MAC address only determines the identity of this device. Media access address is the full form of MAC and this device is called the physical device. Other names of MAC address are Networking Hardware Address, Burned-in Address (BIA), Ethernet Hardware Address (EHA) etc.

Configuration of MAC ADDRESS

It is very difficult to count the number of networks these days because it is very large and the main reason is that each network device has to be assigned a different MAC address. A MAC address is a unique code of 12 digits in 48 bits which is divided into 2 separate parts ie 6-6 digits. In a MAC address, 6 digits out of 12 digits are the manufacturer's identification, and the remaining 6 digits are a code assigned by the IEEE registered authority committee.

Some important OUI identifiers and their names



CC:46:D6 – CISCO


00:14:22 – DELL





FC:CF:62 – IBM

In this MAC address, the remaining 6 digits belong to the NIC network interface card, which the manufacturer company allots according to its convenience.

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Mainly there are 3 types of MAC address –



Broadcast etc.

How to detect network devices

If you need to find out the MAC address associated with a mobile or computer, then you can easily follow this process in which you can find out the MAC address of your computer or mobile.

Find MAC address in Windows operating system

Step 1 – First of all, click on the start button on your computer screen. You can also open the start button by pressing the window key with the keyword.

Step 2 – After clicking on the search button in the window, you click on cmd after which a console screen will open. If you press window key + r button then run program will be opened after which you can open console option by typing cmd in it.

Step 3 – You have to do this command in the console screen (ipconfig/all) making sure that there is no mistake in the spelling.

Step 4 – After that, as soon as you press the enter key, you will be shown a list of the MAC address of the device connected to your computer on the same black console screen.

Find MAC address in Android device operating system

Tracking or finding the MAC address from mobile is quite easy for which you have to follow some simple process.

Step 1 – First of all, open the setting option of your mobile. Every mobile has different setting options, so follow the steps carefully according to your mobile.

Step 2 – After coming to the setting option, you have to go to the about phone option. Each mobile has a different setting option and about phone option, so follow the steps carefully according to your mobile.

Step 4 – After coming to About phone, you have to go to status open.

Step 5 – Here you will see Wi-Fi Address or WLAN Address. This is the MAC address of your smartphone. You can also check other information of your device here.

In this article you have been given information about MAC address. In this you will know what MAC address is and what it is used for. How is the MAC address created and how many parts are there? Information about how to search MAC address on computer and mobile phone has also been given.



Ans: This is a unique number which is allotted to the networking device in your computer and mobile. This is a unique number.

Q: What is the full form of MAC ADDRESS?

Ans: Media access address is the full form of MAC and this device is called the physical device. Other names of MAC address are Networking Hardware Address (NHA), Burned-in Address (BIA), Ethernet Hardware Address (EHA) etc.

Q: How many types of MAC address are there?

Ans: Mainly there are 3 types of MAC address which includes Unicast, Multicast, Broadcast.

Q : What is MA-L, MA-M, MA-S?

Ans: MAC address is a block of 3 different sizes, whose FULL FORMS are MA-L (MAC address block large), MA-M (MAC ADDRESS BLOCK MEDIUM), MA-S (MAC ADDRESS BLOCK SMALL).

Q: How to find MAC address?

Ans: You can find the MAC address in the computer through CMD, CMD is a command in which you have to search by writing IPCONFIG/ALL.


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