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These foods become toxic when mixed together

These foods become toxic when mixed together

Earlier, it was said that curd should not be mixed with fish and meat. Milk and meat were not eaten together. However, now there is a tendency to cook these foods together and eat them.

These foods may not be bad in themselves. However, when mixed with each other, these foods become toxic. There are many foods which are inedible when mixed with each other. However, we are not so concerned about the quality of food and the way we eat it. As a result, many diseases start spreading.

Even during festivals like Dashaintihar, we eat different kinds of food together. Eating in this way does not nourish the body, it causes disease. Foods like curd, milk, ghee, fish, meat, legumes are sources of protein. But when all these foods are mixed together, it becomes difficult for the body to digest. It's like carrying a heavy load on a person at once.

It is advisable for people who eat fish to eat only one piece of fish a day. It is important to have light and digestible food at night. We may know what to eat. But we may not know how and when to eat. It is said that people in the world are sick not because they can't eat, but because they don't know how to eat.

Therefore, in terms of eating, it is also very important that which foods should not be mixed with each other. Dietitian Dr. According to Raju Adhikari, these foods become poisonous when mixed with each other.

Foods that should not be mixed together

Curd and black lentils

It is customary to eat dal mixed with curd and mohi. But curd and black lentils should not be eaten together as much as possible. Mixing these types of foods can be toxic.

Fish, milk, curd and ghee

It is customary to eat sweets during the festival. Various foods are prepared together in the name of Sweet Masina. Like fish, milk, curd, ghee. All these are high sources of protein. When we eat all these foods together, it affects the digestive system. With milk and curd, fish meat is disguised as not being eaten.

Mushrooms and meat

In the name of making many dishes, mushrooms are also cooked along with meat. Especially, meat and mushroom are not compatible dishes. It is not advisable to eat these foods together.

Milk, yogurt and fruit

Some people eat fruits after meals. The custom of mixing fruit with curd and eating it is also widespread. Fruit mixed in this way is unhealthy. Milk should not be mixed with fruits. Or these foods should not be eaten together. Likewise, it is not appropriate to eat eggs, fish, meat, lemon with milk.

Cucumber and radish curd

Some people also mix curd with cucumber, radish etc. to make salad. It is not good to mix like this.

Ice and hot drinks

It is not good to eat cold and hot food together. It is customary to give cold drinks or hot tea coffee to the guests who come to the house. Along with these drinks, hot or cold foods are given, which are not compatible with each other. Thus, eating very hot and very cold food at the same time or within a short period of time is very harmful.

 Foods that should not be mixed together

Now people are learning how to cook food from YouTube etc. And they are practicing cooking different dishes in their own kitchen. Learning cooking is not bad in itself. However, when learning to cook food indiscriminately in this way, one must know which foods to mix together or not.

Some people mix curd or cream to make meat gravy. Such a mixture can be harmful. It is not proper to eat mushrooms and meat together. According to the quality of the food, one should know what kind of food should not be mixed with each other. If you cook and eat foods that are incompatible with each other, there is a fear of indigestion, food poisoning, blood poisoning, skin diseases and even cancer.

Do you eat fruits or sweets after meals?

Nowadays, the trend of eating sweets or fruits after meals is also increasing. It sweetens the mouth but makes the stomach upset. It is better to eat salad before meals if possible.


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