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Risk of blindness in children due to premature birth, know how to prevent it

Risk of blindness in children due to premature birth, know how to prevent it

Newborn Baby Blindness Causes: Premature birth increases the risk of blindness in babies, know prevention.

Newborn Baby Blindness Causes: Birth of a baby before 9 months of conception is called premature birth. Premature birth of children is considered very serious. Due to this, children are also victims of many kinds of problems from birth. If born prematurely, the risk of blindness in children also increases a lot. In every case, different reasons are responsible for premature birth. Premature birth means the risk of blindness in children increases due to premature delivery of the baby. According to a research, the main cause of blindness in young children is premature birth or retinopathy of prematurity (ROP). Let's know about this situation in detail.

Risk of blindness in newborns - Newborn Child Blindness

Due to premature birth, the problem of blindness in newborns has increased very rapidly. Dr. Sheikh Zafar, a pediatrician at SCPM Hospital, says that the development of a child in the womb takes place within 9 months. After completion of 9 months in the womb, all the necessary organs are developed in the child's body. When a baby is born prematurely due to some medical condition or other reasons, its body parts are not able to develop properly. Such children who are born before 9 months, their body weight is also very low and eyes cannot develop properly. The retina of the eyes of such children does not develop properly, due to which they have to face this condition.

Causes of blindness in newborns

The leading cause of blindness in children due to premature birth is failure of the eyes and retina to develop properly. This problem is also called retinopathy of prematurity. Research and studies say that the development of the eye and retina of the baby in the womb takes place within the 20th week to the 40th week of pregnancy. In this case, if the baby is born before 40 weeks, then the risk of blindness increases.

How to save?

To save children from the problem of blindness from the time of birth, it is most important that expert doctor's advice is taken at the right time. If the expert doctor's advice is not taken at the right time, the baby's condition becomes very serious. In most cases, due to lack of awareness and lack of further information, children remain victims of this problem until birth. First of all, you can save your child from this problem by screening prematurely born children to detect this condition and then by taking treatment under the supervision of an expert doctor.


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