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Photo Album: Missing Memories Network

Photo Album: Missing Memories Network

Earlier, when a visitor came to the house, it was customary to keep a photo album in front of the house along with tea and biscuits. The guests used to pass the time by looking at the photos taken by their family members in different eras.

Times have changed now. As soon as a visitor comes to the house, they have to give a password before any drink is served to them, of Wi-Fi. After Wi-Fi, the guests are also connected to their mobile phones. To some extent, it is not compatible to do normal good deeds.

Mobile in hand, camera in mobile. Well, you don't have to wait for a Sunday to take photos and collect them. The work is done in one click. In this era of digitization, the photo album is stuck in a corner. The trend of capturing a special moment on camera, printing the photo and carefully storing it is disappearing. Along with this, some moments of the distant past that are being forgotten are being erased in the past. The photos that refresh it have stopped being archived.

In the past, the equipment used to take photos, the technology used to wash photos, today has become like the story of Ekadesha. As soon as the festival came, the advertisement of 'Colorful Photo Wash Hikola' would start playing and it would bring a special excitement. It used to be necessary to take a picture after inserting a reel, take out the reel and wash it in ColorLab. In this way, only after a long process and time, one could see the whole photo that was printed, which always caused curiosity. It was a tradition to decorate the photos taken in this way and keep them carefully in an album.

I have been active in photography for the past 40 years. In my experience, photos used to have a distinct intimacy, emotion, inclination and curiosity. That is not the case now.

Now it has become easy and accessible to take and view photos. Can be viewed immediately. As much as can be drawn. This is the reason, I believe, that people's affinity towards photographs is disappearing.

I have the experience of waiting for six months to see a photo taken by my uncle. People had a separate 'attachment' to photographs at that time. The trend of looking at your photos many times, keeping them carefully, and showing them to your relatives and visitors is disappearing.

The rarer something is, the more valuable it is. In the past, it was not easy to photograph and get your hands on it. That's why it is my experience that people are more inclined towards photos.

Previously, it was difficult to see photos from studios or labs. Being able to see the photos brought a lot of excitement. No matter how you look at a photo now, you don't feel that way. There is no special curiosity in the current photo.

He used to enjoy looking not only at his own photos, but also at other people's photos. Because while flipping through the photo album, their past lives were also reflected. It felt like watching a movie.

In the past, a special occasion was captured in a photograph, which seemed very vivid. There was no artificiality in photos like now. Because in the past, photos taken like that said a lot. A lot of things were covered there. Nowadays, due to the many features of taking and editing photos, the naturalness has been lost in the photos.

When an old couple looks at the photos of their youth, how do they feel? When an adult looks at his childhood photos, what does it look like? Many such feelings were included in the photo and album. But today its practice has disappeared.

How was our past? Where and how were we at what moment? Who were our relatives? How was your friend? These things were included in the photo.

Some time ago there was a trend of digging up old photos and commenting likes on Facebook. Old photos carry that curiosity and emotion, which brings joy when you remember them.

If I find my old photo, I will still post it on social media. A special intimacy and feeling is connected with those old photos. Which makes it very cheerful and happy.

Photo was the best option and medium to remember time and event. It is a document of history, which can be seen and experienced at any time.

First photo album was not limited only as a bag for keeping photos. It was also a means of organizing the family, instilling love and spending time with each other. But now the practice of keeping photos in the album has disappeared. The old albums are starting to disappear.

It is important not only to take photos, but to be able to preserve them so that they can be seen in the future and to be able to explain to future generations the past lifestyle, environment, events and conditions.


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