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Now only individual accounts can advertise used cars on Facebook Marketplace

Now only individual accounts can advertise used cars on Facebook Marketplace

If you want to buy a second hand car, Facebook Marketplace and other platforms have made it very easy. On such platforms, dealers and users put the car for sale along with its price and features. From there you can buy the car you like.

However, in recent times, the influence of dealers on such platform is increasing. The plan to attract customers is to set the price of the car at $1. In this situation, Facebook has prepared to ban dealers from keeping information about old and second-hand cars.

According to the new policy of Facebook Marketplace, from next year i.e. January 30, 2023, dealers will not be allowed to sell second hand vehicles from their business pages. Maybe Facebook is looking for an additional way of its income. It is estimated that the company may be planning to buy marketplace ads for the business page.

However, the new policy has forced dealers to use personal profiles without allowing them to sell second-hand cars. This makes it more difficult to ensure that the cars on sale in the marketplace are official and good.


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