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Heart disease with diabetes? Follow the doctor's advice to stay healthy

Heart disease with diabetes? Follow the doctor's advice to stay healthy

If you have heart disease along with diabetes, then definitely follow the doctor's advice

People who have heart disease along with diabetes have special need to take care of their health. By following some simple tips, you can reduce both your risk of heart disease and your blood sugar levels. In this article, we will tell you 5 tips from the doctor. This advice should be followed by people with multiple diseases like diabetes and heart disease. For better information on this subject, we spoke to Dr. Seema Yadav, MD, Physician, Care Institute of Life Sciences, Lucknow.

1. Check the quantity before eating

According to the doctor, there is no harm in consuming all things in small quantities. But we often eat more due to which we gain weight. You should consume the right amount of fruits and vegetables. Include lean protein, whole grains in your diet. Reduce your intake of processed foods. Avoid consuming trans fats.

2. Exercise daily

It is important to exercise daily to keep the body healthy. Exercising daily provides enough oxygen to the cells of the body. It detoxifies the liver quickly. This is a good way to control blood sugar. Also, exercise for 50 to 60 minutes every day to avoid heart disease.

3. Lower sugar levels

According to the National Heart Association, about 70 percent of diabetic patients are at increased risk of heart disease. Diabetic patients are at the highest risk of coronary heart disease. To reduce the sugar level, remove the amount of sugar from the diet. If you have a craving for sweets, then you can eat fruits. But if you have diabetes, then avoid eating sweet fruits like banana or mango.

4. Reduce stress

Reduce stress. Taking too much stress increases the risk of heart disease. Diabetic patients should also control stress. Let us tell you that stress affects metabolic activity. This causes the release of many hormones that increase the blood sugar level. Reduce stress with the help of meditation and yoga.

5. Control your weight

Heart patients with diabetes should focus on weight control. Include yoga and walking in your routine to control weight. It is not necessary that you can lose weight only by going to the gym. Reduce portion sizes of food to lose weight. Reduce the amount of fast food.

It is also important to check the sugar level on time to control it. Take a note by going to the doctor or checking your diabetes at home. Follow a healthy diet and exercise daily to avoid heart disease.


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