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Drink jaggery and basil mixed with milk at night, health will get many benefits

Drink jaggery and basil mixed with milk at night, health will get many benefits

Health benefits of Tulsi Jaggery and Milk: Drinking milk containing basil, jaggery daily also relieves from normal headache or migraine.

Health benefits of Tulsi Jaggery and Milk: In our country, the tradition of drinking milk at night has been going on for centuries. If it is winter season, the mother puts turmeric in milk, and sometimes feeds jaggery with milk so that the body can become strong from inside. If there is a problem of cough, cold, then the mother feeds basil leaves by boiling them in milk, so that the immunity is strong. Till date you must have drunk many things mixed with milk, but today we are going to tell you about the benefits of drinking jaggery and basil mixed with milk.

Drinking jaggery and basil mixed with milk not only strengthens the immunity of the body, but it also works to make the skin glowing. So let's know today about the benefits of drinking milk mixed with jaggery and basil at night.

Benefits of Tulsi, Jaggery and Milk | Health benefits of Tulsi Jaggery and Milk

Provides relief from headache

Vitamin C, calcium, zinc and iron are found in basil leaves. When Tulsi leaves are boiled with milk and jaggery, apart from calcium, many nutrients come in it, which prove to be helpful in relieving headache. The problem of headache can be relieved by drinking basil, milk and jaggery before sleeping at night.

is healthy for the heart

Drinking basil, jaggery and milk at night is considered good for heart health. Jaggery is rich in calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium and phosphorus. At the same time, basil is a good source of vitamin C, calcium, all these things are important for heart health.

respiratory diseases

People who have any disease related to mother-in-law, then they should also consume this milk. You will get a lot of relief by drinking it.

stress and depression

To get rid of stress and depression, it is advised to drink basil, jaggery and milk before sleeping at night. The nutrients in basil, jaggery and milk can help fight against mental stress and symptoms of depression.

Cold problem will be solved

You can take basil when you have cough or cold, but if you mix basil in hot milk and consume it, then your cold will disappear soon.

How to make jaggery and basil milk?

To make this, boil 2 glasses of milk in a saucepan.

Add 2 to 4 basil leaves to the boiled milk and cook.

When the milk and basil are cooked properly, then add jaggery or jaggery powder and mix it.

Cook it for 1 minute and filter it in a glass with the help of a sieve.

Consume it only when the milk is slightly warm.


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