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After how many days of menstruation does pregnancy occur after physical contact?

After how many days of menstruation does pregnancy occur after physical contact?

Whether you are planning to have children or you are expecting children, you need to know about the pregnancy cycle. Especially, it can be decided whether or not to be pregnant based on the day of menstruation.

How many people get pregnant when having sex? Or may not know how to get pregnant. In this case, according to the menstrual cycle, at what period of intercourse will pregnancy occur and how to know?

Menstrual cycle and intercourse

If the menstrual cycle is regular, it can be determined on which day the pregnancy will occur. Menstruation every 28 days is considered to be a regular menstrual cycle. Some may have menstruation within 28, some 30 or 32 days. This is also called regular menstruation.

In this way, if the menstrual cycle is regular, it will be known exactly on which day the pregnancy will occur.

If the menstrual cycle is regular, the process of egg formation takes place 14 days before menstruation i.e. two weeks before. Therefore, if you have sex within 10 to 20 days of menstruation, there is a higher chance of pregnancy.

Menstrual cycle has a lot of influence on whether pregnancy will occur in any period. If menstruation is not regular, pregnancy is not decided.

What is not pregnant

It is known that pregnancy is not present within seven days after the fertilization of the egg and sperm after intercourse. But sometimes, if fertilization is delayed, it is known that there is no pregnancy within a week or two.

pregnancy symptoms

The first symptom of pregnancy is absence of menstruation. After pregnancy, the 'beta acid' hormone increases in a woman's body and symptoms such as vomiting and lower abdominal pain appear.

Irregular menstruation does not terminate the pregnancy

In the case of irregular or irregular menstruation, it is not determined that pregnancy will occur during intercourse. There is also the problem of not getting pregnant despite trying a lot in those who have irregular periods.

If that happens, the reason for the irregular menstruation should be treated. Then the problem is solved and the doctor gives medicine to regulate menstruation. It can be determined when the pregnancy will occur only after regular menstruation.

Sexual intercourse during menstruation and the possibility of pregnancy

Some have the possibility of getting pregnant even if they have sex during menstruation. If the menses are not regular, if there is late 'ovulation', such a person can get pregnant even if they have intercourse during menstruation.

Generally, egg is active for 24 to 48 hours and sperm is active for 48 to 72 hours. Which causes some women's menstruation to be disturbed. If their eggs are formed late or early, there is a possibility of pregnancy if they have intercourse during menstruation.

Correct timing of conception

The best time to conceive is 14 days before menstruation. Because the egg is formed 14 days before menstruation and during that time the egg and sperm are fertilized.


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