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These things are necessary to keep the newborn baby completely healthy after birth

These things are necessary to keep the newborn baby completely healthy after birth

The health of a newborn baby is delicate, due to a little carelessness, his health can deteriorate, with the birth of a newborn baby, diseases can relate to him and to protect him from diseases, you should follow some important tips to keep the baby safe. should do. In this article, we will talk about 6 such simple tips that you can follow to ensure good health of the child.

1. Vaccination for newborn

To take care of the health of the newborn, you have to vaccinate both the newborn and the people around him. The baby is vaccinated after one month after birth and the doctor also gives the card of the next vaccination so that you do not have any problem in remembering the date. Get the newborn baby vaccinated from a trained technician only. Apart from this, vaccination is also necessary for the family members of the baby or the people living near him, such as parents and other members, if you have missed any dose, then definitely get it done.

2. Hydration is essential for the newborn

Take care of the hydration of the baby. If the hydration is good, then the child's respiratory track will also be good. Whether you feed the baby breast milk or formula milk, the hydration of the baby should be good. In a day, you should change 4 to 6 nappy of the baby, so much hydration is necessary.

3. How to protect newborn baby from infection? 

Try the necessary tips to protect your baby from infection-

Even if you do not bathe the baby daily, clean it with a sponge.

You have to keep the nappy area dry and clean it daily with the help of lukewarm water and cotton towels.

You also have to clean the teeth and mouth with clean water after the baby is breastfed, this will not cause the problem of rashes.

4. Importance of breastfeeding for newborn will get immunity

According to the World Health Organization, breastfeeding should be done for 6 months. The benefits of breastfeeding are numerous for babies. By consuming breast milk, the health of the child remains good and the mother's body also gets antibodies. If you want to protect the baby from the risk of diseases, then definitely get him breastfed.

5. Observe the physical growth of newborn

Keep tracking the health of the newborn, keep in mind whether the baby is underweight or is able to see properly with the eyes or is paying attention to you or not, you have to keep these things in mind . You also have to take into account the immunity of the baby, make him breastfeed so that the immunity of the child increases and he gets the strength to avoid diseases.

6. Maintain the temperature of the newborn

You have to maintain the body temperature of the baby. Do not keep the baby in a very hot or very cold environment, it can cause problems to the baby. You should lift the baby cotton blanket during the night as well as avoid using artificial air like such or cooler during the hot days to prevent sweating otherwise the baby may feel cold.

By following these simple tips, you can take care of your baby, keep checking with the doctor from time to time for his growth.


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