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The suicide tendency among children in Nepal is alarming

The suicide tendency among children in Nepal is alarming

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. The day is being celebrated with various programs in Nepal with the slogan 'Asha Jagaoun, Jeevan Bachaoun'. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately seven million people commit suicide every year. According to the WHO report, one person commits suicide every 40 seconds.

15 to 29 years of age are considered as high risk. Suicide is the second leading cause of death in this age group. In Nepal, even among children, suicidal tendencies have increased alarmingly. According to police statistics, an average of two children commit suicide every day. Seven hundred and nine children have committed suicide in the financial year 078-79.

According to police data, 2,830 children have committed suicide in the last five years. According to the National Mental Health Survey, it has been found that 60.5 percent of people in Nepal have suicidal thoughts and plans. According to the Nepal Police, 6,830 people committed suicide in the financial year 2078/79. Which is an average of more than 18 people a day.

Statistics show that older people commit suicide due to depression, but children commit suicide in an immediate reaction to an incident. There are also reasons for suicide due to conflicts, disaster, violence, abuse, loneliness etc. Experts say that the problem is increasing day by day due to the lack of attention of concerned agencies in suicide prevention. They say that parents should be the most aware of this.

Psychiatrists say that one of the reasons for the increase in suicide among children is also related to the wrong use of social media. Statistics show that children who do not get good parenting commit suicide. Similarly, some children have committed suicide due to parents scolding them, failing exams and love relationships.

Similarly, in Nepal overall, there are more men than women who commit suicide. However, at a young age, the number of girls is twice as high as boys. In the last financial year, 256 boys committed suicide, while the number of girls is 456. Similarly, in the last fiscal year, 2,261 women committed suicide while the number of men was 3,860.

In the previous financial year, the number of women who committed suicide was 2,449 and the number of men was 3,928. Psychiatrists say that close relatives, friends and people around can save those who are thinking of committing suicide due to mental problems. Similarly, they suggest that the government should organize initiatives to increase self-reliance and counseling by collecting data on suicide attempters.


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