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Fear in dating: How important is it to set an age limit?

Fear in dating: How important is it to set an age limit?

It is not surprising to have a love relationship at a young age. While in a love relationship, it is not rare to meet and talk sweetly about love and longing. Because love is such an emotional stage, which every person goes through.

It is said that love has no limits.

However, in terms of dating, how many countries in the world have set certain limits and conditions. In order to avoid possible sexual abuse, rape or crimes, especially on the pretext of dating, there is an age limit.

Therefore, in most countries of the world, dating is allowed only after 18 years, and in some countries after 16 years. In other words, it is said that only after a certain age, you can make a decision for your own life.

But there is no such definite provision in our law.

While in 1989, Nepal has also signed the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) as a party state. In that 'CRC', those below 18 years of age are called 'children'. Therefore, since children are not mature physically, mentally, emotionally and socially, it is said that parents, society and the state should also protect them.

If any kind of violence, mistreatment and crime happens to them, the government itself becomes the defendant and fights the case on their behalf and gets justice. This means that even though the government has not set an age limit for dating, it has expressed the intention that this age is not appropriate.

How important is the age limit in dating?

The kind of incidents that are starting to appear on the surface now show that minors are putting themselves at risk by falling under the influence of others. 16-17-year-old girls are being sexually abused. Emotional games are going on. Unwanted pregnancy, abortion, rape, murder, suicide are the consequences of this.

This is the age of wandering. Believe what others say. Believe in what others do. Accept what others teach. Therefore, they can quickly fall under the influence of others. They can get caught up in the interests of others.

This is such a raw age, when they don't have the ability to take care of themselves. What are you doing to yourself? What is happening to you? Is it right or wrong? How to counter it? They are not able to decide. Therefore, they are at risk of falling into the trap of love and dating.

In order to avoid such possible risks, age limit is necessary in dating. After a certain age, people understand the value of life along with social scope, legal provisions. Therefore, it is important to set an age limit for dating. It helps to discourage dating and relationship-related sex crimes.

Setting the age limit does not mean that this type of criminal activity will be completely stopped. But it brings an awakening, awakens consciousness. Comply with legal requirements. Therefore, possible distortions are gradually controlled.

Fear of dating

Children under the age of 18 are not physically, socially, mentally and emotionally mature, so they cannot make any decisions. Therefore, they can be attracted to each other and have physical contact. Consensual sex under the age of 18 is considered rape by law.

Also, if you date at a young age and get married at a young age, there may be a problem of incompatibility later when you mature. Dating at a young age also increases the risk of miscarriage, violence, abuse and crime.

Who will monitor it?

If we look at the practice of the world, the police administration also monitors it by creating a mechanism. But more than that, legal awareness is necessary. The teenage generation should know that dating is forbidden at this age.

They can learn this kind of thing from family and school. They should be informed about the risks and accidents that may occur under the pretext of dating.

At first glance, this may be a matter of laughter for many, but for some it is trivial. But some of the sexual acts that are happening under the pretext of dating are disturbing the society now. Therefore, caution is necessary.


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