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What is the website and its definition?

What is the website and its definition?

If you want to get knowledge on any subject, then you open the website. There is also a website to see the result of the exam. To listen or download songs, you have to log in to the website. The website is also opened to book movies, train tickets. To create an email account or send email messages, a website is required. There is also a website for online shopping. The website is on a usage and function basis.

Website is a treasure trove of online information. All types of information are available on the website. A website is made up of one or more web pages. A website is a group of webpages. The information is on these webpages only. There are types of files like text, images, audios, videos etc. on the website.

Website web pages are made in HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). Apart from this, web pages are also made in php, java etc. The programmer or website developer creates these webpages. The website available online is hosted on a hosting. In simple words, all the content of the website is in online storage which is called web hosting.

what is website

Web hosting is hosted on the server. It is also called web server. Hosting provider companies like HostGator, Blue Host, Go Daddy host the content of the websites. There are mainly two types of files in website hosting. One directory file and the other database.

A web browser is required to open the website. Apart from this, there should also be internet. Websites are accessed by opening a web browser on a computer or mobile. Each website's webpage has a unique address called a URL (Uniform Resource Locator). You can open the web page by inputting the URL in the address bar.

The domain name is unique in the URL of the website. Through this name the user is able to open the website.

To create a website, there should be web hosting, domain name and theme. Hosting and domain name are both free or paid. Free hosting is available on blogger. Paid hosting is the best of WordPress. It is best to buy a domain name. You can buy domain names from Go Daddy.

A website is like a book which has pages in the form of a webpage. A book contains data and information, just like a website does. The information available on the website is accessible 24 hours a day.

There are three types of webpages in a website

Home Page – The first page of any website is called Homepage. All the pages of the website are linked to this. This is the main page of the website.

Static Web Page – The information on this type of webpage never changes. Such as About Us, Contact Us pages.

Dynamic Web Page – The information content of this type of webpage keeps on changing. Such as a product page or blog post of a shopping site.

Website Type

There are mainly two types of website. Static Website and Dynamic Website. There are many types of website depending on the function. Main types of websites –

1. Search Engine Website – This type of website is used to find other websites. Such as Google, Yahoo etc. are search engine portals. All types of information can be obtained from search engines.

2. Information Website – This type of website gives different types of information to the user. In these, news portals come which do the work of giving news. Education portal also comes under this. The information website itself is the stock market website, live score website etc.

3. Social Networking Website – Twitter, Facebook etc. comes in social media only. The user has a social networking account on this type of website. Here friends are made and posts are made. The information is also shared on various portals.

4. Company Website – The website of a company comes under this. This includes company's about, contact, service etc.

5. Blog – This is a personal website. The blog serves to give knowledge on various subjects. There are types of blogs like technology blog, fashion blog, motivational blog, science blog etc. Knowledge box is also a blog. Creating a blog is a very easy task.

6. Online Shopping Websites – This type of website is used to sell or buy a product. Apart from the product, service is also provided in this type of site. Amazon.In, Flipkart.Com, Snapdeal.Com etc. are famous shopping websites. These are also called e-commerce websites.

website information

Examples of some famous websites are Google, Amazon, Yahoo, YouTube, Wikipedia, Facebook etc.


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