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What is Telegram App and how to download it?

What is Telegram App and how to download it?

There will be many such people among you who must have used Whatsapp but maybe you do not know about what Telegram is. Yes friends, like Whatsapp, Telegram is also a Messaging App.

You can use it to chat with your friends and relatives just like Whatsapp. But it has some features that make it better than Whatsapp.

By the way, the functions of Telegram messenger are almost like all messengers, but people like it more only for some features and more safety.

Where earlier Whatsapp used to charge $0.99 to use its services, Telegram is free from the beginning and will always be so, its founders say. It would not be wrong to say that Telegram has given a new direction to the world of instant messaging.

Where there used to be some limited features in Whatsapp, then Telegram has given tough competition to Whatsapp by coming into the market. It has become more popular due to its amazing features. That's why I thought why you people should get complete information about what is Telegram app and how to download it so that we have the option in front of us so that it is easy for us to choose better.

Then without delay let's start and know more about what is telegram and how to download the telegram app.

what is telegram

Telegram is a could-based instant messaging service. This is a messenger from which you can chat online with your family and friends.

Like you do in Whatsapp Messenger. You can say this is a great alternative to Whatsapp. It is available on all platforms such as Android, IOS, and Telegram for PC, etc.

Telegram is very easy to use, reliable and safe, and secure as compared to its competitors.

Telegram is an Instant Messaging and Voice over IP (Internet Protocol) service (Mobile and PC App) based on Cloud. Cloud here means that the data of your Telegram App is stored in Telegram's server instead of your device.

Telegram has many features that differentiate it from others such as Telegram Groups, Telegram Channel, Telegram Bots, Telegram Stickers, etc. This was a little information about telegram app info in Hindi. Stay with us for the more such great information.

So let us now try to know further about all these features.

History of Telegram

Do you want to know who is the inventor of Telegram? If I talk about the history of Telegram Messenger, then Telegram was first launched in 2013 by two brothers Nikolai and Pavel.

If I talk about their previous achievements, then both of them had first launched the Russian social network VK, and later they left VK when it was taken over by Group.

While talking about Telegram, Nikolai Durov created the MTProto protocol which is the basis of messenger, while Pavel provided financial support and infrastructure in this project from his Digital Fortress fund which he is a partner of Axel Neff and who Later his second co-founder also became.

Telegram Messenger says that its main objective is not to make a profit, so they have made it a non-profit organization.

If I talk about different platforms, then Telegram was launched for iOS on 14 August 2013 and for Android Phones on 20 October 2013. It has been liked more by Android users than iOS.

Telegram App belongs to which country?

There was a time when a lot of people were being asked the question of which country the Telegram App belongs to. Because at that time someone ran a nasty campaign on Whatsapp that "Whatsapp" is not an Indian App and Indians should use Telegram Messenger because Telegram is completely Indian.

People accepted this news without thinking and started uninstalling Whatsapp and installing Telegram in its place. Later it came to light that it was a well-thought-out conspiracy to destroy Whatsapp. As a result, Telegram became more popular in India in a very short time.

Now let's know the true story of Telegram in India. Telegram's team (Office) is currently located in Dubai, but Telegram App is from Russia. The Telegram team had to leave Russia due to some local It rules. Before moving to Dubai, he tried hard to visit many places including Berlin, London, and Singapore.

At the same time, for your information, let us tell you that even though both of those brothers are from Russia, but still both of them made their non-profit company in Germany, so it is officially a German company.

Some Security Features of the Telegram App

As I have already told you about some features of the Telegram App, let us know about some other important security features of it. With this, you will know why Telegram Messanger is such a secure app.

1. Secret Chat: - It has the facility of secret chat, where you can destroy your chats when your conversation ends and if you want, you can also delete them automatically, for which you have to set a time. It happens.

2. Encryption: - Where other messaging apps have only 2 layers of encryption, Telegram has 3 layers of encryption which makes it more secure than others.

3. Password:- You can set a password on this app here.

4. Protocol: - Telegram uses the MTProto protocol to encrypt the data of its users.

5. It can be used simultaneously on multiple devices.

6. Apart from this, it has many other features such as cloud data storage and end-to-end encryption by request, etc.

How to Download Telegram App?

Do you have to download Telegram Messenger? If you want to download Telegram Messenger on your mobile or system, then first you have to understand on which platform this app is available. By the way, it is Android, iOS, and Windows. Wherein below we have provided Telegram App Direct Download Link.

There are web versions, Linux, Desktop, etc.

Mobile app – Talking about Mobile Versions, then you can download the Telegram app from Android's Playstore, iOS's AppStore, and Windows Apps.

Telegram for Windows phone

Telegram for Android phone

Telegram for iOS phone

Desktop App – In Desktop also you can download software for Windows, Mac, and Linux very easily by visiting its official website. Let us now know how to download telegram download for pc.

Telegram Web - If I talk about web browsers, then you can download and use the web version of any browser. Telegram Web Version.

One of its great features is that you can use it on multiple devices simultaneously.

If you want to create your Telegram Account, then you can create it according to the steps given below.

Open your mobile's App Store like Android's Google Play Store.

Now you search by typing Telegram.

After the search is complete, install Telegram.

Once installed, open Telegram.

After opening Telegram, click on Start Messaging.

After that select Country (India) and type your mobile number from which you want to create your account and click on the right tick.

After that, a message will come on the mobile number you wrote, in which a code will be written.

Now write that code and click on the Done tick.

After that type your full name and click on the Done tick.

Now your Telegram Account has been created.

If you want to create your Telegram Account from Pc, then first you go to Telegram's website. Then according to the Operating System of your Pc, download the Native App by selecting it and then create your account according to the steps given above.

what is a telegram channel?

Like other applications, Telegram Channels are a very important reason why most people download and use Telegram.

With these channels, all users can easily read news, watch analytics, learn investing strategies and get good information.

Nowadays Telegram Channels have become a very good place to get more and more information on a particular topic. It is better than the internet, Facebook pages, and even Instagram pages in terms of knowledge.

Because here you get the researched information in abridged form. For which you do not have to waste much time on research. This is why Telegram Channels are a very good feature of Telegram Messenger.

How many types of channels are there in Telegram?

Telegram Channels are mainly divided into two types according to their user's database:-

Public Channels

Private Channels

Public Channels are called those channels which have a username. Anyone can search for them on the Internet and can also join.

Private Channels are called those channels which are not generally open to the public. These are often closed societies. That's why it is impossible to find them on the internet and can join them only by invite link or if the admin wants.

Features of Telegram Channels

By the way, there are many features of Telegram Channels, so I have categorized them well so that you will be able to understand them easily.

Channel Icon and Description

It helps you to set a square image like a channel icon which helps to identify a Telegram channel. You can also add descriptions to your channel. You can also add a link in this description section.

Whenever you want, you can easily change the icon and its description by going to the channel setting.

Public or Private Channels

There are two types of channels in Telegram Messenger; Public and Private.

Public Channels are called those which have a username. Anyone can get them by searching in telegram and can also join. They can also be easily searched on the internet.

Whereas Private Channels are called those channels which are not open to everyone. Often these channels are of closed societies. Here you can join only if you add the creator or you get an invite link to join.

Unlimited Members

There is no restriction when members join here. Anyone can join your channel with the help of public or private links. Telegram will never warn you about member counts.

If a new member joins your channel then he/she can easily read all the messages that you or any admin posted from the beginning of the channel.


By default, all the members get notifications when you publish some post on the channel. And if you do not want to disturb your members then you can enable silent broadcasting while broadcasting by tapping the notification bell.

Share large-size files

In a channel, you can share files such as images, and videos. Documents, compressed files – ZIP, RAR, EXE, etc. You can share large file sizes up to 1.5GB.

Pinning Post

If you want to show any important message to your new as well as old members then you can pin that post for this.

With this, that pinned message will always be displayed at the top of your channel. Often announcements or important updates are pinned on the channel.

What is the Advantage of Joining Telegram Channels?

Since Telegram Channels have been categorized according to their niche, so by joining them, you get information only on the same interesting niches.

Here I will provide you people with information about some advantages when you join any Telegram Channels:

With this, you can share your knowledge and ideas with others.

With this, you also get to learn a lot of new things.

Since there are no ads here, you do not get anything other than the content.

You do not need to waste your precious time and you get information on the topic you want.

This is also good for advertisers as they get targeted people in one place.

For Business Promotion.

You can interact with many people and learn a lot from them.

This is productive for small companies, where they can discuss their ideas and future plans.

With this, even big companies can know the opinions about their products.

It can be used for fun purposes.

what is a telegram group?

Like any other group, Telegram Groups are a great tool to create communities. Where group members can communicate with each other.

For example, members of family groups can share their photos, videos, gifs, documents, etc., and can also communicate with it. Official groups of companies can discuss their plans, business, and other necessary things with their team members and boards so that they can comfortably coordinate for their work.

The best thing in this is that you can create a group with up to 100,000 members.

Nowadays, these Telegram groups are a great place to get information and knowledge. Because there are some experts here who definitely help you when you ask questions.

Types of Groups in Telegram

Here Telegram groups are mainly divided into two parts according to their members :-

Basic Group


Basic groups are called those groups where the maximum number of members can live only up to 200. It is very ideal for small small teams, family groups because here they can easily share anything with their friends, family and other team members.

Telegram in Hindi also has the facility of group chats. And by default anyone can add anyone and change the group name and photo.

Supergroups are called those groups where the maximum number of members can live up to 100,000. From its member size, you can guess that it is suitable only for large communities.

Supergroups are designed and optimized to host large online communities so that they can be loaded easily and quickly, even if you miss some messages, you can read them later. They provide more advanced admin tools to admins and other members.

Hint: If you want to do something very interesting and also want to make it popular as soon as possible, then I would like to advise you to create a Channel in place of Groups. This is because Channels are a great tool to broadcast a public message to a large audience, and its biggest feature is that you can join unlimited subscribers, which is not possible even in SuperGroup.

Features of Telegram Groups

Although there are many features of Telegram Groups, but I have categorized them to explain you properly.


If you have to reply to a specific message in group chat, then for this you have to simply swipe left, type your text and then hit 'Send'.

With this you can easily respond to a specific message. Once you reply, that person will get notification about your message.


If you want more people in your group to be a part of this ongoing conversation, then you have to mention them in the message. With this, they will easily get notified about your message. When you will get new replies/mentions from the group, then you can reach them instantly and for this you just have to click on the new '@' button while you are inside the chat.

This button will disappear automatically when you read all the relevant messages at once.

Pinned Messages

If a Supergroup admin has to make all his members aware of some important news, then for this they just have to pinned that message.

The message that has been pinned with this will be displayed at the top of the chat screen. By doing this once, all the members will get notification about that message.

How to Create Telegram Groups

If you really want to create a Telegram group in which you want to provide good and useful content to the people, then you have to follow some steps to create a group, about which you will know further.

Since telegram messenger is available in all platforms, so I am going to provide you information about all platforms.

Android Phone

If you want to create a group in an Android phone, then you have to first click on the Telegram app of your phone, then click on the circular icon which has a pencil and it is located at the bottom right corner.

After this you have to go to the new group and you can make your favorite group.

Apart from this, you can also use the menu icon which is present in the top left corner and on clicking it, you can see the option of “new group”. You can create a group by clicking it.

iOS & iPhone

If you want to create a new group on your iOS device then you have to first go to Chats then click on that icon which is located on the top right corner of the phone.

With this you can start a new message. After this you have to go to new group and click on create a group.

windows phone

If you want to create a new group on your Windows Phone, then for this you have to open Telegram App first and page down. After this you will see a “+” button on the bottom bar.

This button has to be clicked and on clicking it, you will see the option of “new group”, which you can click to create a new group.

If you follow all these steps properly then you can easily create a new Telegram group. After this you can add new members and start group chat.

What is Telegram Stickers?

All of you must have used Emojis before. But due to lack of innovation in emojis, emojis could not become more popular. Whereas Stickers are more advanced and innovative than that.

This is because by using stickers, users can show their emotions better, where it is difficult to express those emotions in words.

Telegram Stickers are also cloud based. Like other text messaging apps, Telegram in Hindi also has multiple images which are called Telegram Stickers. By using them, users can show their exact expressions better.

Telegram stickers are always available in one and more sets. With this, users can also send multiple stickers simultaneously. Apart from this, a default sticker also comes with the app which users can use.

Or they can also download third party stickers. Once it is installed on the client, this set of stickers becomes available to all other clients as well.

Talking technically, Telegram Stickers is designed to be a WebP format. These formats are the most lightweight formats in the present time. Along with this, Telegram also allows custom stickers to be uploaded, and also assigns them to some emojis.

Stickers can also be assigned a relevant emoji, so that it appears in the tooltip of the emoji.

According to Telegram Officials, all the stickers are completely free and will remain so. With this, users can also create their own stickers and can also share.

What are the types of Telegram Stickers?

Telegram stickers are mainly divided according to their emotions. But I have categorized here to understand them.










In these categories, stickers can be divided once and according to their emotions. It is rightly said that with the help of stickers, any facial expression can be said easily.

What is Telegram Bots?

According to the official website, Telegram Bots are third-party applications that run within Telegram. Here users send messages, commands and other inline requests to them to interact with these bots.

Apart from this, if you want to control it more, then for this you have to send HTTPS requests to the official bot API.

As we already know that Telegram is completely Free and Open App. Due to which its code is open to everyone, along with its API.

Telegram is the first app in the entire Internet that introduced the botstore to the people and with it, people liked it very much. Not only did it stop, but it launched a bot API so that any third-party developers can now create bots using this platform.

By which developers can create custom bots according to their requirements.

Pros and Cons of Whatsapp and Telegram Apps :-

Here we will get more information about the pros and cons of Whatsapp and Telegram Apps.

Pros and Cons of WhatsApp


can make calls

You can easily backup your chats

Their user base is the highest compared to all the existing messengers.

Here all the chats are end to end encrypted


With this you can do limited file sharing, that too there are some restrictions in file size.

It does not have more rich features than Telegram App.

Telegram's Pros and Cons


It has a richer feature than all messengers.

It has new features like Bots and has great file sharing facility.

Has better platform compatibility


There is no facility of calls support and chat backup at the moment.

Its user base is increasing slowly, at present it is very less than whatsapp.

Advantages of Telegram Messenger

So let's know about the advantages of Telegram Messenger.

This is the most secure messenger compared to the rest of Messenger.

It has the feature of secret chat which uses encryption technique.

In this you can send many types of files, that too large size files up to 1Gb.

It is completely free and advertising will never come in it, says the company.

It provides Unlimited Storage and stores all the data in the cloud itself.

It is available in all platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows.

There are features like self destruct in this.

This is a very stable and reliable messenger.

Disadvantages of Telegram Messenger

So let's know about some disadvantages of Telegram Messenger.

It does not have the facility of voice messages.

There is no facility to download after selecting multiple files simultaneously.

In this you cannot find out about the status of the contact.

Their user data base is less than other competitors.

Telegram is more feature-rich whereas WhatsApp has more users

As we can notice that WhatsApp is now adopting many features of Telegram and due to their large user base, they are able to grow very soon. At the same time, Telegram is also engaged in increasing its user base but it is nothing in front of WhatsApp.

Still, if we only talk about features, then Telegram is at the forefront of these two. If you think that we have not discussed any direction in this article, then definitely tell us in the comments.


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