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What is the importance of child psychology?

What is the importance of child psychology?

Child psychology is a specialized branch of general psychology that focuses on the development and behavior of children. Child psychology is the study of children from birth to adolescence. Child psychology also includes the study of educational psychology which studies the physical, emotional, cognitive, and social development of school-going children. It also focuses on how the environment and external motivation affect learning.

Research in the field of the brain (such as brain-based learning etc.) is also being used in the field of child psychology and education so that the knowledge and understanding of the 21st century can be used to understand children at the grassroots level more than scientific thinking. Can bring you closer It also aims to challenge the traditional concepts about children so that people do not think of children as a clay pots or toys, but try to understand their personalities and see their behavior with personality.

importance of child psychology

Child psychology gives credible solutions to various problems related to the behavior of children. For example, if a child is unable to concentrate on studies, or if a child is too active, problems such as depression, hesitation, and bed-wetting are also studied in child psychology. In child psychology, whether physical and mental development is taking place according to age or not, is also studied. Along with this, the stages related to emotional and cognitive development in childhood are also studied.

Child psychology helps you as a parent to understand your child. Understanding the child studying in his school or class proves to be very useful for a teacher as well in planning a teaching strategy. Psychologists say that the easiest way to understand your child is by observing their sleeping, eating, and playing habits. Try to identify the strengths that show consistency. Like some children are always ahead in the game. The participation of other children is slightly less. Or there is an initial level of hesitation about participation in them, which later goes away after a little cooperation.

We can also see that it is easier for them to adjust themselves to the change in a new situation or they take time to adjust themselves to the change.

how to understand your kids

The easiest way for children to understand is to talk to them about everyday experiences. Talk to the kids about how their day at school was. What did they like the most? What did he like about sporting events? Which teacher does he like the most? What things do they like etc? For parents who spend more time with their children, it is easier for them to understand the children.

Children studying in a government school in India. Children studying in government schools show their writing.

Self-esteem is the key to being successful in life. In such a situation, it is necessary to develop a positive self-concept in children, so that children's childhood and adolescence are full of happiness. A good parent-child relationship builds a positive self-image of the child himself and the child tries to understand other people positively.

Generally, children want time with their parents, it is quite natural. This makes children feel special. This makes children feel that people care about them. Pay attention to them. We are ready to meet their needs.

Take time to play with kids

Parents should take regular play time with their children. It is considered very good for the emotional development of children. If you are a single parent, invite your friends over at home or take the child with you to a friend's house so that the children can get along with other children and people.

Clay toys, Toddler's play, Village life, How children learn Children making clay toys.

Social skills are also developed in the course of the natural development of children. But some children do not develop social skills as easily as other children. In such a situation, we must support such children in the development of social skills, for example, a child makes a lot of noise at home. If something is not in his mind, then Rokar tries to get his point across.

This child, studying in the fifth grade, is completely silent in school. He wants to share his point with someone. Sometimes he shares his point with his younger sister who is a year behind him in class. She has an elder brother, who is in class X. He wants to be equal to her. So he compares himself to her in everything while not thinking much of the other kids in his class and that he should mingle with them so that he can adjust to school with ease and move on.

Social skills development is essential

As parents, we should take decisions keeping in mind the long-term future of our children. This allows us to help children develop and adjust social skills more systematically. The child should be encouraged in new endeavors. Whereas even after being behind in a competition, children should be encouraged that I do not win every time. We have to try our best to keep ourselves in the competition and get success in it.

During the transition period from childhood to adolescence, parents find it difficult to understand and explain to their children. Constant communication with the children and constantly asking the teachers about their progress can prove to be very helpful in this direction. The study of child psychology in school education helps in striving toward solutions in the above situations. It is equally extremely useful for a teacher as well as parents. 


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