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What is an email id?

 What is an email id?

You know this, now know what is an email id? Currently, there are many online websites that allow to open an email account. Sites like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Rediff Mail, Hotmail etc. provide free email facility. Email address, internet, smartphone or computer is required to send email.

The first thing to do to send an email is to open an email account. For this, we sign in to the email account. To sign in, you have to type email id and password. By the way, you have to come online to send an email.

It is not necessary to come online to receive e-mails. After this the email is sent by knowing in the “Compose” tab. SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) protocol is required to send and receive email.

Email ID is used to send email. This ID has to be created on the website of the online email provider. For example, Gmail is an email provider service. You have to create a Gmail account to use it. Email ID should be of both sender and receiver. Email ID is also called Email Address in simple language.

Example of Email ID –

[email protected] – Email ID consists of two parts. One before @ and the other after @.

The part before the @ sign is called the username. In this Kdbloghindi is a username. The username is unique in the email ID.

Gmail.Com is the email provider or domain name. This is the part after the @ sign. The @ sign is mandatory in the email ID and there is no space in it. Now you must have come to know that further information about the tabs of the email id has been given.

Email ID Functions

1. Compose – To make an email, it has to be composed.

Compose tab options –

From – Here is the address of the sender. But there is no need to write the address here, the address comes automatically.

To – Here you have to type the address of the recipient of the email. That is, to whom the message is to be sent.

Cc and Bcc – Use Cc or Bcc to send email to more than one person. You can also send a copy of your email message to other receivers.

Subject – In this option, the subject of the message has to be written.

Compose Email - Your message comes in this. This is the body of the message.

Send – On clicking on this option, the email gets sent.

Attachment – ​​Using this option, pdf, image, documents etc. can be sent with email.

When you send an email message, this message is saved in your sent box. It is saved in the Inbox with the receiver.

2. Inbox – Email received in this option is saved.

3. Sent – ​​In this tab the mails that have been sent come.

4. Draft – Those emails come in the draft which have not been sent after composing.

5. Spam – Unwanted emails are saved in the spam box.

6. Trash – Deleted emails are in this box.

Benefits of Email ID

1. Email is used in places like business, office, school etc.

2. Through this service the message can be sent in few seconds. The receiver also responds to you by receiving the message immediately.

3. In the email messaging service, files can also be sent by attaching them with the message. You can easily send files like Image, PDF, Word, Excel, PPT etc.

4. This letter does not remain with you after sending the message on paper. The letter goes to the receiver. This is not the case with email service. The message is saved safely with both the sender and the receiver.

5. Email service is free. The email provider does not have to pay any kind of fee for its use. Internet charges only for emailing.

6. Currently email service is used by almost everyone who is familiar with the Internet. Whether the message is official or unofficial, any type of message can be done with the help of email.

7. Replying to received emails is also easy. The received email can also be forwarded to another user.

8. It is mandatory to create an email id in the smartphone. Smartphones cannot be used without an email address.

9. Email address is mandatory to create an account on any websites. Be it Naukri.Com for job or Amazon.Com for online shopping, there should be an email ID to open an account.

10. Nowadays email id is sought everywhere. If you want to give an interview in any company, then it is necessary to have an email address. Email ID is asked in the job application form.

11. Email ID is also asked for creating an account on social media sites. While signing up the account on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, they ask for email ID.

12. Email can be sent at any time. It is a 24×7 service which can be used anytime of the day and night.

13. Email messages can be sent to more than one user. Sending email is easy and secure.

Email service also has some limitations. If you do not have internet facility, you cannot send email. The email provider does not allow large size files to be sent. Many spam mails also come which are likely to lead to cybercrime.

Frequently Asked Question About Email:-

Q.1 Who invented email?

Ans. Ray Tomlinson

Q.2 What is the full form of Email?

Ans. Electronic Mail

Q.3 What is the name of the email protocol?

Ans. SMTP and POP3 are the two main email protocols.


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