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What is cloud storage?

What is cloud storage?

what is cloud storage

Currently the most important is data. Its security and storage are also important tasks. There are many ways to store data. Data is stored in the device like pen drive, DVD, memory card, hard disk etc. These are all offline methods and you must have that device to access the data. Cloud storage technology has come in the age of internet which is very easy to use.

Cloud storage is a type of memory that is available on an online platform. Data is stored on online servers. Data or information can be easily backed up in cloud storage. You can also store it back if needed. Cloud is a virtual means of data storage. This storage is not physically present with you. Data hosting company does data management.

Internet is required to store data on cloud storage. Cloud service cannot be used without internet. Data is easily managed from cloud storage. Not many people know about cloud storage. Few online users are aware of this. Slowly this service is becoming popular.

use of cloud storage

Image, PDF, Word, Excel, PPT, Audio, Video etc. can be uploaded to all types of files on cloud storage. Even your mobile contact number can be uploaded and saved. These files can also be downloaded at any time.

To use cloud storage, it is necessary to have an account on the websites that provide cloud storage. After creating an account, you get a user ID and password from which the account can be accessed at any time. The most popular cloud service for common users is Google Drive, which requires a Gmail account. Cloud storage service can be free or paid or both. Google Drive, One Drive is a popular free service.

Its best advantage is that the data can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Only internet and smartphone are needed to access. Earlier necessary document data or information was stored in computer or mobile but advanced technology of cloud storage has changed everything. Data can be corrupted or deleted in mobile or computer. Online data is more secure.

Before using Cloud Storage website, it should be secure whether the website is trusted or not. Your data is important to you, so cloud storage security is essential. Using the wrong data storage can result in the loss of your data.

types of cloud storage

Personal Cloud Storage – This is a personal account. The user has the authority to access this account. It is a kind of public storage. Platforms like Drop Box, Google Drive are Personal Cloud Storage. This type of cloud storage is limited.

Public Cloud Storage – This type of cloud storage cannot be used by common Internet users. Companies large and small use the public cloud. The cloud service provider manages this data.

Private Cloud Storage – In this type of cloud service, the service provider is in the company itself. This is an expensive service that costs more.

main free cloud storage

1. Google Drive

Google Drive is a product of Google company. You need to have a Gmail account to access it. You can easily upload images, audios, videos, documents, etc. to Google Drive. The Google Drive application is pre-installed in Android mobiles. Google Drive provides 15 GB of space. This is an absolutely free service.

2. Drop Box

This is also an example of cloud storage. You must also have an email id and password to access the drop box. Its application is available for Android mobile. The application can be downloaded from Play Store.

3. One Drive

Microsoft started the One Drive service. Its application window is for both operating system and Android system. You can login to One Drive with Microsoft MSN account. It gets up to 10 GB of space.

4. Amazon Cloud Storage

It is just like other cloud storage. In this web hosting is also available on cloud storage. You can login with the account of Amazon Shopping website.

5. Apple iCloud

This is a cloud service provided by the Apple company. It has an application in the iPhone so that it can be used. 5 GB of storage is available for free.


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