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Psychological Problems Associated With Children

Psychological Problems Associated With Children

'Child is the father of man' means that a complete human being is hidden inside the mind of a child. If we wish for a peaceful and developing society, then it becomes our responsibility to save the mind of children from being disturbed. A survey conducted by psychologists found that most of the parents who abused their children badly were those who were neglected and victimized by their parents in their childhood. 

There are many psychological problems related to children, such as academic mental problems, physical mental problems, any deficiency in the body, lack of concentration, irritability, etc. In such a situation, it should be seen whether the necessary vitamins like B12 and B3 are sufficient in the child or whether there is a lack of hemoglobin or not. If we look at it from a psychological point of view, today children have a mixed form of mixed problems i.e. mental, academic, psychological, and physical.

academic problems

Considerable changes were made in the government education policy given the problems faced by children regarding studies, such as stress, fear, guilt/suicidal tendencies of failure, etc. But despite this, some mental problems still remain regarding the education of children between the age of six to twelve years, especially the struggle to meet the expectations of their parents and teachers.

* 10 to 20% of children read so much due to competition that their social life becomes zero. Such children are always in tension. Regarding his performance, especially the child who is coming first for many years, then there is pressure on him to maintain it. It is not necessary that the child who has been coming first in class I-II, he should come first in the ninth also. Brilliant students also go through ups and downs.

* Parents of such children should encourage them to be social. You should be encouraged to meet relatives and friends.

* Give some space to the children for other things besides studies.

* It is a good thing to make a timetable, but more than half the time should be for studies and some time for entertainment, it is not right. * Education is very important for the child, it is only necessary that interest and attachment should be created in the heart and mind of the children.

* In many schools, classes and programs are organized for children related to problems like Behavior Problems, Academic Problems, Slow learners, etc.

Don't Ignore Physical Problems

Children who are weak in reading, they have to listen to the taunts of parents, due to which they also suffer from stress and inferiority complex. The child may have a learning disability or ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) or ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). Parents-teachers should try to understand this problem of the child.

* Autism disease is also associated with the brain system. The sensory system of the child suffering from this is disorganized, due to which he does not live like normal children. These children also need special care, love, and encouragement.

* Asperger's, is a minor problem of autism itself. In this, the child keeps less eye contact, talks, and listens less. Only yes-no talks more. Sometimes it is not known for life, due to which parents are not able to get any treatment. But its treatment is possible if known in time. Yet very few people understand this problem.

* There has been a change in the puberty period of girls with time. Now girls start having periods by the time they reach class 6-7. In such a situation, it becomes challenging for the parents to deal with it. Girls also get stressed and frustrated at times due to this change in their bodies.

* Parents of daughters, especially mothers, tell and explain to them about basic hormonal changes, reasons for having periods and care, safe maintenance, etc. Explain to the daughters that the more easily they take these things, the more they will be relaxed and stress-free.

Behavior issue has become the biggest psychological problem among children today. There was a time when there were many children and their elder siblings also used to be role models for the younger ones, but now the trend of the nuclear family and single-child raising has changed a lot.

Aggressive behavior of children: For children, aggressive behavior is a means of fulfilling their wishes. They lack patience. Teach the child to control his impulses and get him to express his feelings in words instead of physical means. Explain to him that in this way his friends will also become more.

Talk to the child patiently and try to find out the reasons for his unusual behavior. He may be feeling insecure. Your loving-kindness will soothe his mental anguish.

* If you have a hyper child, take it out of the house, to the garden, or to the playground every day. Where he can play freely, he can run.

Persuasion: Make the children aware of your situation. Explain to them moral values ​​from the beginning, because this is the foundation of a good personality. When the children are very young, then parents go on fulfilling every right and wrong demand of the children due to hobbies and happiness, do not do this. When he is a little older than this, he gets encouragement and he starts taking the help of stubbornness to get his point made.

Lying: Talk to the child's teachers about his habit of lying. Somewhere the child is not lying because of the fear of harshness and beatings from the parents or teachers. Instead of punishing the child for lying, try to know about the reasons for lying out of love. If parents give an open and healthy environment to the children, then the children hardly lie.

Being timid and submissive: Children are often shown fear of ghosts, dark, etc. in childhood by parents. All these things get deep inside his conscience somewhere. They do not know that by doing so knowingly or unknowingly they are weakening the confidence of their child. Don't do this. It would be better if parents play games full of adventures with children. Tell stories of brave and inspirational great people. If needed, don't hesitate to take the help of a personality improvement class or even a counselor.

Stealing or lifting things without being told: To pick up things without asking, i.e. stealing indirectly, etc. Many children do this unknowingly. This is called Keto Mania. In this the child doesn't need to only pick up valuables, he can also pick up a lot of pens and pencils, etc.

When the child steals for the first time, be calm. Assess and find the cause of theft. Understanding the mental state of the child, by handling good examples and lovingly, the child will surely rectify his mistakes.

In today's era children are growing up in unsafe environments, flight of higher ambitions, fatigue, stress, etc. New video games and play station have also reduced their outdoor activities, outdoor games, etc. They are also involved in different classes related to studies on it and their personality. In such a situation, children do not learn to live easily but are trained all the time for rivalry, and competition to get and move forward. Due to all this, the child does not have many friends and he continues to struggle with loneliness. In this way, from a psychological point of view, such children are unable to learn to be tolerant and in harmony with others. If parents bring a little change in their attitude, it can help a lot. Parents should encourage the qualities present in their child instead of comparing them with other children, by showering their unconditional love and affection, then surely the children will become confident and will face every challenge in life. Along with this, you will also be able to become a physically, mentally, and emotionally happy person.

Sexual problems emerging from exposure

These days, problems like viewing pornographic things on the Internet have also started emerging in the children of class V-VI. Admittedly, surfing the net, computers, etc. has become an integral part of children's lives due to the demands of studies and time, but in this, where some children see 25 things for work, then the 26th is also wrong and obscene. Many times, watching pornography increases the desire to experiment in them. Learning disabilities thrive. In such a situation, sex education becomes necessary. Along with this, children should also be explained what is acceptable and what is not. Counselors say that they have come across cases of children in the third-fourth years, who go to the toilet in school more, where they play with their private parts. Do masturbation etc. If a six-month-old baby plays with his penis, it is normal. But if a child of 7-8 years is done, then it is considered abnormal. Therefore, parents should also keep a close watch on the behavior of their children, because at such times they desperately need the right guidance of their loved ones, so that their development regarding sex is normal, wrong things and glands do not grow in the mind.


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