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Names of Indoor Games for Kids

Names of Indoor Games for Kids

These days the whole world is battling the coronavirus. During this Corona period, whether children, whether elderly, and youth, everyone is forced to stay at home. However, in such times everyone is spending their time in some way or the other, but the most troubled is the children. Exams are over, schools are closed, cannot go out to play and it is not right to watch TV and mobile all the time. Now, what do children do in such a situation? We have come up with a unique solution to this problem. This is the right time to connect the children with the traditional sports of India. These games are such, that which can be played easily at home. Not only during the lockdown but even after that children can play with them.

Names of games played indoors

Here we are giving the names of about such sports, which do not require many frills. Just need some friends. Therefore, it would be better if parents become partners with their children and motivate them to play this game. Not only will this deepen your bond with your own children, but you will be able to relive your childhood once again. Come, and let us know about these 30 games in detail.

1. Raja Minister Chor Sepoy

King minister thief soldier


One of the many games played for young children is Raja Chor Mantri Sipahi. It is a character-based game played by four people. In this, there are kings, ministers, soldiers, and thieves. In this game, these names are written on four chits, and numbers are given accordingly. The one who gets the higher number is called the king, then the minister, then the soldier, and the lesser number is called the thief.

how to play:

Four players are needed for this.

Each player takes on the role of a king, thief, minister, or soldier.

According to the chit he has, he has his role.

There are numbers according to the name of the character written on each chit.

Then this chit is folded so that what is written in the chit is not known.

Then it is thrown in the hand by shaking it well.

Then one by one they pick up the chit.

Its minister has to guess the identity of the thief.

After that, who has got which chit, it has to be told?

Then their chit number is written on a paper.

After playing a few games those numbers are added up.

Then the one who has the highest number in it comes the king, then the minister, the soldier, and the thief.

 2. Bird Fly

bird fly


This is a very fun game. The finger is used to play it. Together some birds, animals, and objects are named. According to the name, the fingers have to be kept above or on the ground. For example, the finger has to be raised in the name of a flying creature or object and the finger has to be kept on the ground in the nanimal's name

how to play:

First of all, sit in a circular circle. Multiple people can play it simultaneously.

Then keep each of your fingers on the ground.

Now one will take the name of a bird, animal, or object and accordingly everyone else has to raise their finger in the air.

If someone points a finger in the air at a name that does not fly, he can be punished for singing, dancing, or doing something else.

3. Snake-ladder

Snake ladder


It is an exciting game played with the help of a board, pieces and dice. Numbers from 1 to 100 are marked on this board and from 1 to 6 in the dice, with pictures of snakes in between. On playing this, the number of dice that comes, the number of pieces in the box has to be moved. On reaching the box containing the snake's mouth, the piece goes back down to the box where the snake's tail is. At the same time, when the ladder comes, the piece goes up.

how to play:

Multiple people can play in it at the same time.

Place the pieces on the snake-ladder board and have each player take a turn to shake the dice and throw it down.

The box opens even if the number 6 appears in the beginning.

After this, the number of numbers that come after throwing the dice, he has to move as many column pieces.

Whose piece reaches the first hundred. He wins the game.

4. Carrom



Two or four people play this game together. It is played on a carrom board. The size of the board can be small or large. It can be played by people of any age. Children also enjoy this game a lot. It has 9-9 pieces of two colors, which are black-yellow or black-white. There is also a red colored piece in it, which is called Ran i.e. Queen. A striker is used to play this game.

how to play:

First make a team of two.

Both the team members will sit face to face and all the pieces will be decorated and placed exactly in the middle of the carrom. Lal Goti i.e. Queen will remain in the middle of all these pieces.

Place the striker on the striker line of the board, but as per the rules the striker is touching both lines. If someone's striker is touching the same line, it is considered a foul.

Then aim the piece and hit the striker with the finger, but make sure that no part of your hand or finger is touching the board during this time, otherwise it will also be considered a foul.

If the piece goes inside the box on the board after being hit by the striker, you play again. If not, members of the other team will play.

At the same time, immediately after putting the red piece in the board's food, it is necessary to put another piece in the food. If no pieces are scored after the red piece, the queen is removed and placed back in the middle of the board.

The team that removes the most pieces and queens first, that team wins.

5. Poshampa



In this game, two children make a chain by holding their hands together. Also sings the song "Poshampa Bhai Poshampa, what happened in the Red Fort, stole a watch of hundred rupees, now you will have to go to jail, have to eat jail bread, drink jail water, now you will have to come to jail". During this, the children pass through that chain. As soon as the song ends, the child passing by is caught. Whoever is caught is out of the game.

how to play:

Have two children stand facing each other.

Then by holding each other's hands, make a chain and raise the hands up.

After that start singing the song.

At the same time, the rest of the children will cross that chain from the line.

6. Musical Chair

musical chair


The game of running for music and chair is a lot of fun. Music is mainly used during this game. One chair is kept less than the number of participants in it. As the music stops. Everyone has to sit in a chair, the one who does not get the chair is out of the game.

how to play:

Make a circle of chairs. Keep in mind that there should be a place for sitting in the chair.

Then play songs in the music system and ask the children to walk in circles behind the chair.

Tell them in advance that they have to sit on the chair when the music stops.

At the end of each round, the person who is unable to sit on the chair is out and one chair is also reduced.

This way in the end there is only one chair and only 2 players left. Of these, the one who sits on the chair as soon as the music stops, wins.

7. hide and seek

hide and seek


Hide and seek is a very popular game. Parents, as well as children, enjoy this game. Children sometimes hide in places where they are difficult to find.

how to play:

Those who are looking for them have to close their eyes and say the count till 1-10 for some time.

During that count, everyone else hides and let the child find it.

So that the baby doesn't get bored, you hide in a place that is easy for him to find.

In this way, whoever is found first, will be his turn in the next round.

8. Ludo



There is no better game than Ludo in free time. Nowadays it is also being played online. You can play it on mobile with your friend while sitting in your home. There are many apps available for this. It can be played by two, three, or four people.

how to play:

It requires a Ludo board.

Each player has four pieces. Each player has to move all his pieces to the middle of the board.

It is played with dice. Each piece opens with the number 6. After this, the number of numbers that appear on the dice, the piece moves forward as many boxes.

Any player can cut another player's piece that gets in the way. An extra trick is earned when a piece is cut, any piece reaches the middle of the board and the number 6 is reached.

The player whose all pieces reach the middle of the board first is the winner.

If you don't have a Ludo board, then you can play it on Tab or Mobile.

9. Stone-Paper-Caesar



It is also known as rock-paper-caesar. It is a one-handed game, usually played between two people. In this, each player has to choose one of the three figures together and make the same hand.

how to play:

First, the two players should stand facing each other.

Then while moving your hand say stone-paper-caesar.

In this, the Caesar-shaped maker wins over the paper-shaped one.

10. Tambola



Tambola is an exciting and entertaining game. It can be played by children, old and young. It is a numbers game that can be played by many people at once. Every sheet used for this has 15-15 numbers between 1 and 90. At the same time, there are coupons from 1 to 90 numbers in a pouch. The person who gets the most marks on the sheet gets a prize. Also, the biggest reward is given for deducting full numbers from the sheet.

how to play:

For this, a tombola kit is required.

That kit contains several sheets of different numbers and all the numbers from 1 to 90 are written on a separate sheet.

Give a sheet each to all the players who play.

Some numbers are written on those sheets. At the same time, a player will take out the coupon from the bag and say the number. The one on whose sheet all the numbers in one line cut horizontally or vertically first, is the winner.

At the same time, the one who gets all the numbers on the sheet first, will be the winner of the game.

The rules and methods of playing this game are also given in the Tambola kit.

11. Word Puzzle Game

Word puzzle game


This is a fun alphabet game that can be played by up to four people. It requires a board to play. In this game, the spelling is made from the alphabet, and points are awarded based on that. Whoever gets the most points is the winner of the game. By playing it, children will not only be able to learn new words, but their minds will also be sharp. It can be played by two or more children.

how to play:

This kit consists of a word puzzle board and alphabets from A to Z.

Any player will make a word using these alphabets. After that, the other players will make new words one by one on the top-down or right-left side of that word.

The one who keeps making words till the end, he will win.

The rules and methods of playing it are given in its kit. Teach children to play it by reading it.

12. Puzzle



The puzzle is completely different from the word puzzle game. It consists of several fragments of a single photo. All these pieces have to be combined to make a photo. In this, it is necessary to understand the clue given in that photo. This develops the thinking ability of the children.

how to play:

This requires a puzzle board or a photo cut into parts.

The puzzle has to be corrected by putting the part of those photos in the right place.

Children play it alone, but you can sit with them and tell them some clues.

13. Cards



Many types of games can be played with cards. Rummy is also one of those games, which is quite popular. This is an easy-to-understand game. In this game, all the cards have to be dealt in a set or sequence of three. Joker or wild card is used to complete the set. A wild card is a special card that is determined during the game. The cards must be of the same number, color, and sequence to complete the sequence. Whoever gets the order first wins the game.

how to play:

A pack of 2 cards is used for this game.

Every pack must have at least one joker.

The numbers of these cards are from bottom to top, such as – Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Ghulam, Begum, and Badshah.

Aces are placed first when forming a set of cards.

In this game, there are 10 points of aces, which is the important card, and then come the slave, begum, and king in order.

14. Zero-cut

Zero cut


This game is also known as Tic Tac Toe. To play this game we need a pen and paper. It can help in increasing the brain capacity of the kids, as it is necessary to think in the right way to win this game.

how to play:

To play this game, two horizontal and two vertical lines are drawn on the paper intersecting each other. In this way, a total of 9 boxes are formed.

Now 2 players are needed to play this game.

Any player can start the game by making a zero or a cut in any of the boxes.

The other player has to make the reverse mark from him.

The player who makes a zero or a cut mark in a row, wins.

15. Tippy Tippy Top

 Tipi tipi top


Colors play an important role in this game, it can be played by four to five children together. It also takes good physical activity, as the game involves touching of colors. When a color is not near, the child has to find and touch that color.

how to play:

In this, first of all, a player has to say Tippi Tippy Top Wat Color You Want.

At the same time, the other player has to speak a color.

The player who cannot touch the color spoken is out.

The fun of this game is to say a color that is not around.

16. Stapu



Stapp is a popular game played in the homes of India. This game is known by different names in many different states of India. It is also known as Chippi and Langdi Tongue. Two to four kids can play it. Not only this, but it can also be played alone. This game is played with one leg, it can develop the balance power of children.

how to play:

To play it, first, make 8 grooves on the ground with chalk. The first 3 have one groove each, the next two grooves, then one, and finally two grooves.

After this, a small piece of stone is thrown into the first food. Make sure that the stone is not touching any line. If the stone touches the line, the player is out.

After this, leaving the stone house with one foot, one has to go to the other groves. In the place of two grooves, you will keep both the feet in separate grooves.

On reaching the last groove, you will have to come back to one leg. Even while coming back, both feet have to be kept on the two grooves. In between this coming and going, no line should touch the foot.

Then, after stopping in the groove in which the stone is, the stone has to be thrown out of the hand while bending over.

Then jump or touch on that stone from that groove.

One such stone has to be thrown in the grooves one after the other so that a round is not completed. The one who completes the most rounds is the winner of the game.

Every sport definitely benefits children in some way or the other. Similarly, this game inculcates patience in children, which is necessary for every child.

how to play:

It is quite easy to play. For this, they have to go in front of the children and call them a statue.

The position in which the children are becomes the statue in that position. The one who doesn't make it gets out.

To normalize the statue, a move has to be said.

18. Claw Fighting

Arm wrestling


The winner of this game is the one who has more power. This game is played between two people. Keep in mind that both the children playing should be of the same age. Children can also play it with their parents.

how to play:

First of all, both the children should sit facing a table.

Then put your right hand on the table and hold each other's paws.

After this, try to tilt the hand on the front towards the table.

The one whose hand bows first, loses.

19. Chess



It takes a lot of brains to play this game. There can be no better game for the mental development of children than this and not everyone is an expert in this game. A chess board and 36 pieces are required to play this game. Half of these pieces are white and the other half is black. Both players get 9-9 soldiers, 2-2 elephants, horses, and camels and 1-1 vizier and king. Only two people can play it at a time.

how to play:

Both are given their pieces, which are white and black.

At the start of the game, their pieces are placed on their side.

Then both the players play one by one.

In this, the king's move is a house. He can walk left, right, back, and forth.

The Vizier is the most powerful in this game. He can walk like everyone else except a horse. This means that he can wstepback and forth and left and right like an elephant. At the same time, like a camel, several houses can walk simultaneously.

The camel always walks diagonally. He can walk to one or more houses at a time. Yes, one thing to note is that the camels with black and white furrows do not go to the other colored furrows.

A horse can walk two and a half houses in any direction.

The elephant can move one or more houses back and forth and left and right.

The pawn can move two straight houses in its initial move, after that it can only move one step straight. Yes, if the piece in front is to die, a move can be made diagonally.

In this game, the player who checks and defeats the king of the opposite player is the winner. Sometimes the game is even a draw.

20. Dictionary



This game serves to enhance the art of children. This game is played between three or more people. A board and pencil or marker are used in this. It would be nice to use a separate board and pencil for each. If this is not possible, everyone can play in turn on the same board.

how to play:

In this, they are called the name of some object or creature, for which they have to make a picture.

The one who makes the best picture is the winner of the game.

21. Antakshari



Antakshari is one of the many entertaining games. There is more fun and music in it than victory or defeat. In this game, a letter is spoken, and the player in front has to sing a song starting with that letter. He who cannot sing loses.

how to play:

It is very easy to play it. First, make two or more teams.

Now, first of all, while pointing to each team, say, "Some work has to be done to pass the time, start taking the name of the Lord with Antakshari".

Now the team on which the letter "M" will appear will have to start singing from this. Now the letter on which this team will end the song, the next team will start singing with the same Akshara. This will continue for all the teams.

The team that stays in the game till the end will win.

22. Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt


You must have seen many movies with Treasure Hunt, but never experienced it. In such a situation, you can allow your children to experience it. For this, you have to hide any item and give a hint for it, so that they can find it.

how to play:

Hide your kid's favorite game or anything else.

Tell him that the item is in the house itself. Just need to find them.

Give them some clue about this.

Also, ask the children to reward them for finding the object, so that they show interest in searching for that object.

23. Marbles



In childhood, everyone definitely plays with marbles. It is a popular Indian game. Marbles are balls of marbles. To play one has to hit the bullet from one bullet to another. This increases the ability of children to focus and mark.

how to play:

Place the marbles on a flat spot and aim at the other marbles one by one from a distance.

Whoever hits the target more often wins the game.

There are many other ways to play marbles. You can also play it in any new and unique way.

24. Chaupar



This game has historical importance, and is associated with Mahabharata. It requires a chopping board or a cloth embroidered in the shape of a cross. Each part of this cross is divided into three columns and each column is divided into eight sections. There are seven shells on its dice. Its dice are mostly made of wood. Four men are needed to play it. It looks a bit like Ludo.

how to play:

Four children can play this game. It has four pieces each. The color of all the pieces is different.

It consists of teams of two players, who face each other.

Then it is started playing with six-pocket dice. The mouth of these cowries is open in a way.

Then all the dice are thrown. If one dice has an open face and the rest closed, it scores 10 points. Then he gets a chance to play one more time.

If 2 faces are open and 4 are closed, then 2 points are given. Similarly, if 3 opens and 3 closes, then 3 points, 4 open and 2 close, then 4 points, 5 open and 1 close, there are 5 points.

If all the dice are face up, 6 points are given and there is a chance to throw the dice again.

If all face-down dice are drawn, this gives 25 points and a chance to throw the dice again.

25. Uch-Neech Ka Papaya

High-heeled pada


This is a fun game. It requires high and low places to play. For this, you can choose the floor, sofa or bed of the house.

how to play:

In this, a member says, “Uch-neech ka papada, unch mangi or neech.”

If the rest of the players choose higher, they have to be on the higher side.

Players standing in the high place occasionally come to the low place to tease or harass him.

If in the meantime the player standing already down touches one, then he is out and it is his turn to speak up and down.

26. Dumb Shard

Dumb shard


It is also an art to explain things to others with just your gestures and this art can be developed by playing a game like Dumb Shard. Be it, kids or adults, this game is loved by everyone. Four people have not gathered that they feel like playing it. In this, a movie or song is identified with the help of gestures. At the same time, talking children, can play this game with their favorite cartoon.

how to play:

First, make two teams.

After that one team will say the name of the cartoon in the ear of one member of the other team.

Now he has to tell his team members about that cartoon without speaking, acting or gestures.

The team that gives the most correct answers in this game, that team will win.

27. Eyeballs

Eye Michaeli


The hearing ability is used the most in this game, as it is played blindfolded. Parents can also play it with kids. It can be played by both or more people together.

how to play:

First, blindfold one of the players. Tie the bandage in such a way that nothing should be visible to it.

Then leave it in the middle. Now he will try to catch them after hearing the voices of other players.

When everyone is out one by one, it is the turn of the other player.

28. House to house

House to house


Young children enjoy this game the most. Children make a house for themselves in the room with the sheets and other things kept in their house, which they also use to hide many times. Many times, by making these houses army bunkers, they attack other houses with fake pistols.

how to play:

Make two teams and keep the toy pistol in hand.

Then attack with bullets from these other's camps themselves. Children also make the sound of bullets and bombs during this attack.

29. Business



To play it requires a kit, which consists of some business coins and aboard. During the game, one trader may have to give his coins to another, who has more coins at the end of the game. He wins the game.

how to play:

This game requires a business board and its coins, which come with its kit. These coins are of many different colors.

Two dice and pieces for this game also come with the kit.

First, you will take two different colored houses and throw the dice. As many columns as the number come to the house. If income tax is written in that column, then in the rule paper that came with the pest, you will have to check how much money to pay income tax. Accordingly, those whose income tax column is there, will have to pay the same number of coins.

Similarly, the other pieces also have to move.

Whoever has the most money, in the end, wins the game.

30. Stupid



Many children can participate in this game. In this, along with the use of hands, the song Akad Bakkar Bambe Bo is also used. Whoever holds the song leaves the game and the one who survives the last one wins the game.

how to play:

To play this game both hands have to be kept on the ground.

Then it is called Stupid Bakkad i.e. "Bombe-bombo, 80 90, 100 100, 100 thread the thief ran away, the thief's wife was like this, she sat dressed, tea hot, coffee hot, drinker shameless. Stupid Bombay Bo, 80 90 whole 100, 100 cats in 100, the cat ran to Delhi, cat very well, he ate fish, fish had a thorn in it, mother scolded him.

Along with this Rayam, a child moves the finger over everyone's hand.

By the time that finger moves, the last hand is not left.

Now whether it is a lockdown or a long vacation, children need not be bored at home, because all these indoor games are so much fun. These games will not only entertain the children, but they will also be mentally strong, and intellectual ability will also develop. Along with the new relationship between parents and children, they are different. We hope that this article of ours will prove useful to you.


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