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Kids Birds Stories

Kids Birds Stories

Birds Stories:- Here I'm sharing with you the top Birds Stories which are really amazing and awesome these Birds Stories will teach you lots of things and give you an awesome experience. You can share them with your friends and family and these moral stories will be very useful for your children or younger siblings.

Titihari and the sea

A pair of Titihri lived in a place on the edge of a sea. A few days later Tatti (female-Titihari) conceived. When the time of her delivery came near, she said to her husband - 'Swami! My delivery time is over.

You find a place that is safe and where I can lay my egg in peace." Hearing Tittimi, Tittim (Titihara) said - 'Dear! This part of the sea is very beautiful.

In my opinion, this place will be suitable for your delivery. Even big elephants get swept away in it. So we should move away from here to some other place.'

'How are you talking dear? What's the use of the sea to take away my children? You are sure to deliver here. If his mother considers herself to be a daughter-in-law after giving birth to a creature who abandons her place in fear of defeat or reproach, then who will be called barren?' The ocean heard Tittim's words.

He began to think, 'How proud has this little bird become. Hanging towards the sky, it sleeps because it will stop the falling sky at its feet, for curiosity, its power should also be seen.

Its eggs should be kidnapped, then let's see what it does? What was it then, when Tittimi laid the eggs and leaving the eggs unprotected, when both went out in search of food, the sea kidnapped their eggs on the pretext of the waves.

  When Tittimi did not see her eggs on her return, she started mourning and saying to her husband - 'I had already said that the waves of the sea would destroy my eggs, but because of your foolishness and pride, you did not listen to me.

Someone has rightly said that the person who does not pay attention to the words of his friends and well-wishers, because of his foolishness, is destroyed in the same way as he was a foolish tortoise.

crow's cleverness

There was a huge banyan tree in a forest region. A crow and a crow lived by making a nest on that tree. A black snake lived in a burrow under the tree.

He used to eat the small children of Nag Lok even before their wings came out. Both were very sad about this. In the end, both of them narrated their sorrow to a jackal living under the tree and also asked him what to do now.

The jackal said - 'It is easier to conquer the enemy by means. Once a heron was tempted by eating many good, medium, inferior fish and was killed by a crab by means of a method.

heron bhagat

There was a huge lake in a forest region. Various types of water bodies lived in it. Near him lived a heron who was completely unable to kill the fish.

Finding no remedy for his hunger, one day the heron sat on the bank of the lake and started shed tears. Seeing him crying like this, a crab came near him and said - 'Mama! Whats up,

Today, by not arranging food, are you making such a tear-flow?' Heron said - 'Watts! I have committed many sins in my life. Now that I have come to know about this, I have decided that I should sacrifice my life, so I am not even catching the fish that have come near.

I was born near this pond, grew up here and have aged here. I have heard that there is going to be a drought of twelve years soon.

Hearing this from the mouth of the heron, the crab informed all the other aquatics about the future accident, then all the creatures of the reservoir, fishes, turtles, etc., reached the heron and started asking him- 'Mama! Is there any way we can be saved?

The heron said - 'A little far from here is a reservoir filled with abundant water. It is so big that even if there is a drought for twenty four years, it does not dry up. If you reach there sitting on my back, you will be safe."

Hearing this, all the fish, turtles and other aquatic creatures surrounded the heron calling him brother, uncle, uncle and started shouting 'First me, first me'. The heron was evil by nature,

He would carry any one of them on his back and go a short distance from that pond and eat it by slamming it on a stone. He would rest there and come back and say that he has been taken to the place.

  Thus his life was passing happily. Due to getting enough food, now he had become fat too. One day the same crab reached the heron and said - 'Mama! I met you first.

But you are leaving me and taking others away, today take me only.' Thus he took the cloth and reached near the stone, where he used to beat the fish by slamming it.

Seeing the pile of bones from afar, the crab got suspicious. He asked the heron - 'Mama! Where is that lake?' The heron understood that the crab cannot do anything now, so it must be told the reality.

So he said - 'Oh fool! what kind of lake This is what I have done for my food. Now remember your presiding deity, because I am soon going to throw you on this rock.'

  The heron said so much that the crab dented his neck so hard that the heron lost his life. Somehow Ya-Hara came back to his lake with the crab's neck.

Seeing him, the watermen of the reservoir started asking in surprise - 'Oh Kulirak! Why have you come back? There is no other lake anywhere.

That evil heron has deceived and eaten all the waterfowl by slamming it on a boulder located a little far from here. Due to the remaining age, I understood the meaning of that treacherous and after killing him I have brought his neck here.

There's nothing to be afraid of. After narrating this story, the jackal said - 'That's why I say that by means of a small crab, a small crab had put an end to that heron.'

'But how and how can this evil snake be killed, please tell me the way, dear?' The crow asked. The jackal said - 'You go to some city where the king resides. Going there somehow the king,

As soon as he finds his minister or any rich person inattentive, take away his necklace or any valuable ornament. And take that necklace or ornament and put it in the snake's bill.'

According to the advice of the jackal, both the crow and the crow flew towards the city. Going to the bank of a pond, the crow saw that the queens of a king were playing water sports by taking off their precious ornaments on the banks of the water.

The crow picked up one of them and flew away with it. When the queens raised the noise, the king's servants ran after him with sticks. The crow took that necklace and put it in the snake's bill.

When the servants reached there, when they saw the necklace near a snake's bill, they tried to lift it. Hearing the footsteps, the snake came out and spread its hood and sat on the necklace, hitting the coil.

The Rajasevaks immediately killed the poisoner with sticks and returned with a necklace. Ending this story, Damanak said - 'Therefore I say that the work which can be done by means cannot be done by might.

It has also been said that he who has intelligence, he also has strength. It was on the strength of intelligence that a small rabbit had killed a mighty lion.


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