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History of Google

History of Google

History of Google | Friends, in today's article we are going to talk about a website ruling the internet which has made our life very easy. There is such a website on which the answer to every question of the people is found in a pinch.

Today we are going to talk about Google, which is called the world's largest search engine, about the history of Google, and some interesting things related to Google.

What is google (Google is 1 search engine) It is known to everyone but do you know about the history of Google? When was Google founded? Who founded Google? Who is the founder of Google? Today I am going to tell you about all these.

If you also want to know how Google became such a big company, then you must read this article till its completion. So let's get started.

history of google

Google company was established on 4 September 1998. Do you know who founded the Google company (founders of Google in Hindi)?

Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded Google company. Both of them are the founders of Google. Both Larry Page's mother and father taught computer science at a university. Because of this, computer-related books and resources were lying at Larry Page's house, and because of that Larry Page's attraction to computers increased.

Sergey Brin's father was a professor of mathematics and his mother was a researcher at NASA. Larry Page and Sergey Brin met each other for the first time at Stanford University. And rightly so, both of them started Google.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin were building search engines when they named them Backrub. And later he named that search engine google.

The word Google is placed above the word Googol. That search engine was named google due to the wrong spelling of the word googol. The word googol means 0 (hundred zero after 1) behind one.

Together they wanted to create such a search engine that people could get a lot of information and because of this they wanted to name that search engine googol but due to wrong spelling, its name became google.

Initially, the Google website was run under the website of Stanford University under the name And going further, on 15 September 1997, Google registered its own domain

This company was started on 4th September 1997 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in the garage of a girl named Susan Wojcicki. Susan was the first employee of Google company and now she is the CEO of Youtube.

Google's headquarter is in mountain view, California and it is also known as Googleplex and the interesting thing was that the Yahoo search engine was very popular in the market at that time and all the people were using the same.

Once Google's founder Larry Page and Sergey Brin went to Yahoo to sell Google's search engine algorithm for 1 million dollars. Because at that time he felt that he should not do business and should focus on his studies at Stanford University.

But the yahoo company turned down that offer to buy Google. In 2002, yahoo once again got a chance to buy Google for 5 billion dollars, but yahoo was not ready to give more than 3 billion dollars. That's why he didn't buy Google. And this mistake proved to be Yahoo's biggest mistake. Because today the wealth of that Google company is more than $ 800 billion and is the most used search engine in the world.

Due to the increasing popularity of the Google search engine, people started using Google and the use of yahoo started decreasing.

Google got the first funding of $ 100,000 from the co-founder of Sun Microsystems.

And after that in 1998, Jeff Bezos, the founder of and a science professor at Stanford University, also invested in Google.

On 19 August 2004, Google made its company public on the public stock exchange for the first time. That is, now anyone could buy the shares of this company and become a shareholder of that company.

Along with being a search engine, Google is also a platform for advertising, which is the main source of Google's total income.

In April 2003, Google bought a company called Applied semantics and that company specializes in creating software related to online promotion. Google Adsense technology was also created through applied semantics.

In July 2005, Google bought the world's most mobile operating system (OS) android for $ 50 million. Then on 13 November 2006, Google bought YouTube for $ 1.65 billion. Which is the world's number one video-sharing website today. Similarly, Google has also bought other companies in the world.

Google's software:

There are many software like YouTube, Chrome, Google Drive, Google contacts, play store, Google Classroom, Google Adsense and Adwords, Google news, Google Assistant, Google admin, Google pay (Tez), and Google map. And we use all this software in our day-to-day process.

In August 2015, Google announced that it would run all its business under the name of a new company Alphabet. This company came into existence on 2 October 2015 and it is the parent company of Google. Larry Page is the CEO and Sergey Brin is the President. In which more than 80000 employees work at present.

At the time when Larry Page left the position of CEO of Google and took over as the CEO of Alphabet, at the same time the new CEO of Google became Sundar Pichai of India.

Today Sundar Pichai is also the CEO of Alphabet.

Google's parent company Alphabet has also made an electric car that can be driven without a driver and Alphabet has also tested that car. In the coming few years, we will see such cars plying on the roads.

In 2010, Google launched its own mobile Nexus One. Most mobiles have an Android operating system and it is Google's operating system, which Google's software is already installed in all those mobiles.

Every software made by Google is useful for us. And among them, Youtube is wonderful software. Because of YouTube, millions of students can take online education. People also earn by making videos and uploading them on youtube.

YouTube is my favorite software. Which software made by Google do you like the most? Do let us know through comment.


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