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Games that teach a lot – best Learning Games for Kids

Games that teach a lot – best Learning Games for Kids

It is not that every game is made just for fun. Rather, some sports can also teach children a lot. Young children can learn quickly through play. Let us know about some such games or games which help in the development of our children.

Games are not just for the entertainment of children. From this, we can teach many things to children every day. I did the same thing with my daughter. When she was 2 years old, she explained to her about fruits and different shapes through puzzles, and ever since she started her schooling, how many games like memory games, and business helped her a lot in teaching her something or the other Is.

Every sport teaches something, it is just necessary to understand that game well and teach it to your child. Let us know, which games are better for the mental and educational development of children.

Best games for kids

1. Uno

Uno is like a card game found in the market, but it has some other cards along with the numbers. The premise of the game is that you have to play cards of the same color or the same number and try to eliminate all the cards in your hand.

This game is very interesting for children because it is very fun to reduce your cards along with the competition. But children can learn a lot from this game, such as being the first to recognize numbers and colors. The child then learns to strategize when to play which of the wild cards. Also because the Uno has wild cards of +2 or +4 cards, it learns to collect.

2. Business / Business / Monopoly

This board game has been played by children from generation to generation for many decades. Once we played and today our children are playing. If you want your child to make good friends with numbers then this can be a fun game to teach your child about deposit and subtraction and money transactions.

Along with this, you can also teach the child about the priority of buying something while buying the city card through this game. There may be some minor changes in the rules of this game, but the premise of this game is to travel across the country, with which you can also tell the child about the different capitals of our country and their states.

3. Puzzle

Usually, puzzle games are definitely present in all homes. Through these, children not only get an opportunity to learn about a subject, object, or character, but they also learn to find reason and reason here. As the child places a wrong block, he learns that the shape was not the right one for that block, that is, he learns to reason on it himself while helping him find the reason why he put the other block helps. Along with this, the child is also familiar with different shapes, forms, and colors.

4. Memory Games

In this game, you put different cards in one place and those cards will be opened one by one and if that card matches with any card placed upside down then he has to pick up that reversed card without looking. This game is a great option to increase the memory power of children. In this, children will have to see and then remember those cards, so that they can match those cards with other cards without opening them. Also, which category these cards are based on, will give you the right opportunity to inform the child about them.

5. Dart Game

To aim with a dart in the middle of a large sphere. It looks like a completely fun game, but a child can learn a lot from it. To hit the dart right, the child must show complete concentration. Also, the child learns to calculate the marks given here. That is, if he has got his darts on 10, 20, and 40 in the three chances he got, then he can also be taught to add these numbers here.

6. Sudoku

Sudoku is the best game for brain health and learning maths. The child can play this game alone. But for this, you must first explain its rules to the child, as it is going to be played in 81 boxes, in which the number from 1 to 9 should not be repeated anywhere in any straight or lying line. Also, this game is divided into 9 small boxes of 9-9, in them the points from 1 to 9 should not be repeated. If your child is 5 years old then you can start him with the easiest level of this and you can also increase the level for him as he starts taking interest in it.

A different form can also be seen for older children or adults, in which the numbers are written in it by multiplying and subtracting. If you want, you can play this game with your teenage kids.

7. Tambola (Housie)

It is considered a very popular game because the rewards in this game range from 1 to 90 points. In some places, people also get cash prizes in this. The beauty of this game is that it can be played by any number of people. You can also play it easily at home with your child, in which the points are deducted in the slip when spoken and all the points are deducted, while the winner of this game is also declared.

If we talk about what our children can learn from Tambola, then the first place in it is the recognition of numbers. While it is difficult for us to identify the numbers to our children under 3 years of age, with Tambola we can help our children to identify them by speaking aloud about the tokens at designated places on the board. Apart from this their concept through the top, bottom, and middle row and corner or first five digits on the tombola slip can also be easily learned here.

Most of the games are played by children with others, so this not only helps the children to play and behave in groups, but they also learn to play in a team spirit.


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