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A trend that makes married life miserable

A trend that makes married life miserable

Atmamugdha means the tendency to be absorbed in oneself. Let's say, what if one of the couple has this kind of tendency? Is their family life juicy and tight? Or funny?

What is narcissism?

The concept of narcissism started in the 17th century. With the increase in self-centered thinking and not thinking about others, it was viewed with human egoism. It is believed that the word narcissism originated from the research done on the extent of a person's ego.

Narcissism is the tendency not to think about the family, to ignore the needs of the family, to put oneself in the center.

What kind of people are they?

The dialogue of such people is only one-way, they only talk about themselves and do not listen to others. Such people do not have patience in listening to others.

They don't even try to understand others. Because they don't pay attention to other people's things, they make their own view of these tendencies. They do not try to accept the different point of view of others.

They think that a rule is not made for me, but for others. Thus, narcissism (narcissism) may be a mental illness for a person who tries to win only with his own things.

Strengths and weaknesses

Being a self-absorbed mental illness, it cannot be said to be strong. Because people with such diseases do not care about others, they also consider themselves as happy people. Such people are also successful. Because they make self-centered decisions, they reach their goals quickly.

But because money and power alone cannot be considered as success, this trend is not good socially.

Effects of narcissism on marital life

In a marriage relationship, two people exist. Marital life can proceed smoothly only if both accept each other's existence. But if one of the two has a self-centered tendency, it will bring problems in married life. If this tendency or disease is not treated in time, the marital relationship itself can be destroyed.

Self-centered tendencies weaken the relationship, and trust in it is lost.

How can the solution be done?

The best treatment for a person with narcissistic nature is consultation with a psychiatrist. Also, marriage counselors and cuff counselors can also be consulted.

In addition to discussing with family members, you should develop the habit of reviewing your own nature. Once a week or 15 days you should discuss your nature and behavior. Although it is difficult to insist on listening to others, you should make a habit of listening. Although it is very difficult in the beginning, it can be made easier with counseling and therapy.


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