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How to increase followers on Instagram?

How to increase followers on Instagram?

With the advent of the Internet, there has been a great revolution in the field of information technology. It has molded the world into a virtual dimension.

Now millions of people in the world are using the internet. Social media on the Internet has created a digital environment where you can interact with each other virtually.

Currently, there are millions of users of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Photo sharing app Instagram is very popular especially among the youth and celebrities. Everyone wants to increase the number of followers on Instagram. But how to increase followers on Instagram? For this you should take some measures:

If you also want to increase followers on your Instagram account, first of all, you should create such reels and videos on Instagram account that people are likely to like a lot.

Today, Instagram's video feature reels, known as Tiktok, are becoming increasingly popular. People spend hours watching Reels videos on Instagram. You have to catch the trend in the reels and upload the reels and videos on Instagram.

Make your Instagram account profile attractive. This attracts other people on Instagram and makes them more likely to follow you. Make and upload reels or videos on your Instagram regularly.

When uploading videos or reels to Instagram, make sure to use hashtags. By doing this, you will get more number of reels or video views. Also, the possibility of video trending also increases.

Apart from this, you should select a trending topic to reach more people with your Instagram videos or reels. People watch more videos related to trending topics. If you follow the above mentioned methods on Instagram, the number of followers on your Instagram account will increase significantly.

How to add link to Instagram story?

Instagram, a very popular social media platform especially among the youth and celebrities, has provided users with the facility to add various weblinks to its Stories feature.

Whether it is a business account or a normal Instagram account for a common user, even if you have a small number of followers on Instagram, you can add a link to your Instagram story.

This feature was previously only available to those who had more than 10,000 followers. The feature called Swipe Up on Instagram allowed various brands and celebrities to add links to their Instagram stories through which they could attract more followers. Replacing the same feature, Instagram has introduced a link sticker feature, which allows users to add external links to their Instagram stories.

How to add links to Instagram stories?

· Tap the plus icon in the Instagram app

· Then select Story option

· Upload as Instagram Stories by taking a photo or selecting a photo from your mobile.

· Select the Sticker tool in the navigation bar

· Select the link sticker in the sticker tray on Instagram Story

· Paste the link you want in the link panel. By clicking on the link sticker, the color of the letter can be changed and the size can also be reduced.

How to see the most complete comments of your Instagram?

Recently, there is a trend among Instagram users to share their most complete comments on Instagram.

Along with this, users are creating Instagram Reels and Tik Tok videos by creating videos including their most complete Instagram comments.

In fact, searching for the first comment you made on any social media seems to be a very difficult task. But in reality it is very simple. Instagram has recently introduced a new feature that helps users to easily delete their posts, comments and other activities on the social media platform.

This feature of Instagram is in Your Activity section. Through this, Instagram users can monitor, delete or archive their Instagram posts, stories, IGTV and Reels videos at once.

You can also delete or archive your comments, likes, story sticker reactions, etc. In the meantime, what was the first comment you made on Instagram? If you want to know that, you can use the following method:

 Login to Instagram account on your smartphone

Then go to your profile by tapping on the profile picture on the right side of the page

Tap the triangle icon at the top right of the screen

Tap on the Your Activity option in the menu

Click on the Interactions option

Click on Comments and then click on Sort and Filter then click on Oldest to Newest option and finally click on Apply button.

After doing this, the comments you made on Instagram will appear in order from the most complete to the newest.

Russia replaces Instagram with Rosegram

Amid Russia's attack on Ukraine, social media platform Facebook and its parent company Meta adopted a strict policy against Russia, and Russia also banned Facebook and Instagram in Russia. Instagram has been banned in Russia since two weeks ago.

After banning the photo sharing app Instagram, which has 80 million users, Russia is looking for a new option. A similar social media app Rosgram is being prepared as an alternative to Instagram in Russia.

Russian photo sharing app Rosegram not only has a name similar to Instagram but its design and layout are also said to be similar to Instagram.

According to the Russian app developers, the Rosegram app will be available for download from Monday, March 28. Rosegram will also have some new features that Instagram doesn't have, including crowdfunding and paying a fee to view certain content.

Aleksandr Sobov, director of Rosgram's public relations department, says - My partner Kirill Filinov and our Depalpers group have completed all the preparations. Since Instagram is loved by everyone, we have decided to prepare its Russian version.

He says that it is a copy of Instagram in terms of design and work.

Instagram and its parent company Meta have not commented on the fact that a similar Russian app has been created by imitating Instagram.

On March 14, Russia's government communications regulatory agency, Roskomnager, banned Instagram in Russia.

Russia has banned Facebook and Instagram, with Meta allowing posts such as 'Death to Russian attackers' to be posted on the Facebook and Instagram platforms.

According to Meta, this discount is only applied to Ukrainian users.

Nepali songs played on Facebook and Instagram will get royalty

From now on, artists and creators of Nepali songs played on Facebook and Instagram will get royalties. On March 16, a 'Music Licensing and Publishing' agreement was signed between the Music Royalty Collection Society and Facebook's Mau company Meta.

According to the agreement, artists and creators of Nepali songs posted on Meta's platform will get royalties.

The agreement was reached between Michael King, who oversees Meta's music strategy campaign department, and Mangesh Dutt, chief information technology officer on behalf of the society. "From now on, royalties will come if Nepali songs are used on all platforms of Meta, including Facebook and Instagram," Dutt told Onlinekhabar.

"Royalty comes from songs that are uploaded to all features of Facebook and Instagram, from stories, timelines, reels," he said.

The society has also entered into a royalty agreement with apps like Indian music platform Gana, Sawan. Dutt, who is also the CEO of Beats Music, a Nepali music distribution company, said that such agreements are being made with Tiktok, Spotify and YouTube from April to May.

Under Dutt's leadership, the society is currently discussing with Tiktok. In order to get royalty, the creator has to register the song in the royalty collection society.

According to him, the most royalty-free Nepali song so far is 'Phulbutte Sari'. which has received a royalty of Rs.10 lakhs. "Recently, creators have started to be aware of royalties," Dutt said, "Nepali songs have also started getting royalties."

Bits, the distribution company of which Dutt is the CEO, is now taking initiatives to provide royalties to Nepali songs. "This is a very big market," Dutt said, "even if we only go for royalty, we don't need to look for another market for music."


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